On May 4, a netizen posted a video on Douyin that he found a very “distinctive” “autumn toilet” in the scenic area.

Jiupai journalists saw in the video that the toilet is located in the town of Meixin wine in Fuling City, Chongqing, and is the public toilet in the scenic area. Among the whole row of toilets, the “characteristic” toilet is located in the middle, and the door card is covered with the words “autumn toilet”.

After opening, you can see that there is a “autumn thousand” above the squat toilet, which is composed of a wooden board and four ropes in the middle. If someone wants to go to the toilet here, you need to block the autumn Qian aside, or simply sit on Qiu Qian.

Seeing such an unconventional toilet design, netizens couldn’t help vomiting, “This is a scanning to the toilet.”

On the door of the toilet next to the “autumn toilet”, the “Mirror Palace toilet” is written, and the curiosity of the net friend is a mirror in the toilet.

A staff member told reporters that there is indeed a “autumn toilet” in the scenic area. In addition, there is “fish tank toilet”. She said, “The fish tank toilet is decorated with a fish tank. It is the characteristic of the scenic area. “

When asked why the “autumn and thousands of toilets” and “mirror palace toilet” were built, the above -mentioned staff said that the specific reasons were unclear, but it should be to attract tourists.