The clothes ordering in autumn, not received in winter

“I bought a trench coat in October. I just received it yesterday. I bought a total of 6 clothes in Double 11, and I only received 3 pieces at the end of December. Now we have snowy. Ship frozen. “A consumer Lili complained.


When asked when the customer service could be shipped, what he got was ambiguous: “We will issue it as soon as possible if the spot is available, and the factory will be arranged as soon as possible when the factory arrives.”

In this regard, some consumer dialogue shops: “The cashmere coat I bought has not been shipped for more than ten days, did you start shaving with sheep after I placed an order?”

Pre -sale is a common approach on e -commerce platforms. Among them, the field of clothing is the hardest hit area for pre -sale. Since the epidemic strategy began to start in a small range since the epidemic pre -sale strategy, more and more merchants have begun to follow suit.

Open Taobao women’s clothing stores. In 10 shops, 6 are displayed in pre -sale.

“I don’t want to buy the two words pre -sale. I was slow to ship within 72 hours before. Many products are now displayed in pre -sale. The earliest delivery is shipped within 75 days. We are not affected by this. “Lili frankly said that buying clothes on the Internet only looked at the spot.

There are more than Xiaoli who have the same ideas. In Xiaohongshu, there are many consumers who are unacceptable to pre -sale of stores. There are 5.52 million views under the topic of#讨 拥#.

The winter has arrived, but the enthusiasm of consumers has been reduced to the freezing point by the store pre -sale, and some people have turned to offline stores.


Facing the pre -sale of the store, the merchants have distress on the side, and they do not want to do it. However, the risk factor of the spot is much higher than the pre -sale.

In this pre -sale storm, no one is the real winner.

Why are there more and more pre -sale products?

Yunyun was worn by a blogger, and a woolen jacket. After the order is up to the mobile phone, she is like a courier anxiety every day. After a while, I brush the phone and see if the order is shipped.


During the period of waiting for the express delivery, she also brushed the pictures of the buyer show after trying it on, but from the merchant’s mouth, she learned that the pre -sale period was 25 days after the pre -sale period, her mood was ups and downs like a roller coaster.

However, what is even more unacceptable to consumers is that this 25 -day pre -sale period, customer service said that 25 days refer to working days, and weekends are not included on the weekend, that is, the delivery time needs to be waited for one month.

Pre -sale has become a hurdle in the clothing store that can’t be around. Do you know that consumers hate waiting? Is it intentionally hanging the appetite for the pre -sale model?

In fact, the main reason is that in order to reduce the risk of inventory backlogs, the business is not as good as before after the epidemic.

According to the “2020-2021 China Clothing Industry Development Report” compiled by the China Clothing Association, in 2020, affected by the epidemic, the growth rate of online retail sales in my country in the first quarter was -15.1%. From January to August 2020, the growth rate of online retail sales in my country was only 1.1%, which was far lower than other categories.


Secondly, merchants want to test the market by pre -sale, so as to judge which color is more popular, which version of consumers love more, and can make choices when placing an order in the factory.

Finally, it is not ruled out that this is a “hunger marketing” by the merchant’s pre -sale. According to consumer Yunyun, it is very difficult for their clothes in a women’s clothing store in a certain treasure. Last month, but the eyebrows on the order were still endless.

It is reported that there will be a batch of stocks when this women’s clothing shop is on the new product, but there are only a few hundred places. The next time it is the time for consumers to fight for speed.


Consumers who can’t grab the spot or wait -see at the new time can only wait for a pre -sale period of at least 15 days.


After this operation, the new product is squatting in this shop, and the competition speed has become a normal state of love.

However, the pre -sale strategy has consumed too much patience of consumers. They do not buy the merchant’s pre -sale models:

“Why do merchants are afraid of the backlog of inventory and need consumers to bear the consequences? This is obviously inconsistent with the rules.”


Some businesses do not go to the shelves for pre -sale. Some consumers have experienced this kind of extreme situations. An unknown consumer revealed:

“After the order was placed 15 days, the merchant notified me to refund, and the reason was that the fabric of this order was out of stock. The factory did not do it. I felt like I was playing.”

In fact, the initial pre -sale was established for the Double 11 E -commerce Festival. In this year’s Double 11, the pre -sale period lasted from October 20 to October 31. Tmall pre -sale aims to propose demand for users. Requires to produce products and provides users.

But gradually, the pre -sale has begun to taste. Whether it is encountered by e -commerce promotion or not, whether the goods they buy are high -cost production, they must be put on the word “pre -sale”, and everything can be pre -sale.

Yunyun went on to say: “I only accept special clothes such as custom cheongsam, lolita, Hanfu, and wedding dresses for pre -sale money. After all Sold, this production process is not complicated. “


There are not only consumers who are troubled by pre -sale, but also clothing factories.

According to “Leopard Change”, some foundries received orders from e -commerce production of 100 to two hundred pieces. They said that they would continue to place orders when they were sold well. Fees are also two or three hundred yuan. If foundries cannot receive large -scale production orders, their situation is also very passive.

Escape from the online store and move towards offline stores?

During the e -commerce promotion period, the 10 -day pre -sale period can mobilize the enthusiasm of consumers. Take this year’s Double 11, in fact, the most popular day is the night of the pre -sale date on October 20.

However, the pre -sale to the daily life of consumers, as the front pulls longer, will directly affect the consumer’s shopping experience.

“The quality of this dress is not worth waiting for me for so many days, and I am too disappointed with the online store.” Yun Yun complained.

But then bring a phenomenon. While the audience feels a headache for clothing pre -sale, can they bring business opportunities to physical stores?

In fact, some consumers have given up online shopping, and they have moved towards physical stores. When they look at it, they can take it directly without going through the pre -sale period of headache.

A consumer who escaped from the online store said: “Now the clothes of the online red shop are not cheap, the price of a down jacket is thousands, and a winter sweater is also three or four hundred. I decided to go to the offline brand store to visit Wandering, the quality is also guaranteed. “

Online store merchants said that if it was not for business, they would not want to make pre -sale funds.

A clothing store manager revealed: “Among the 10 people in the clothing business, eight people died in the inventory, and a hundred pieces of goods were stocked. If only half of them were sold, the remaining half of the products were facing the risk of overly. The pre -sale helps merchants improve the utilization rate of funds. How much do you want to do, pre -sale can better predict market potential. “

Perhaps pre -sale can solve the problem of merchant funds turnover and can test market potential by selling, but consumers’ shopping experience should also be valued.

In fact, consumers ‘shopping experience should not be destroyed by the “pre -sale mechanism”, and the platform should also reach out to manage it to take care of consumers’ feelings to develop this market for a long time.

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