The spicy fish is a food in the Guangwu Mountain Tourist Scenic Spot in Nanjiang County. It is made of seabs such as small fish and green peppers in the river. This dish is called “Acacia” or “One Way” by the locals. Behind the name of the dish, there is a beautiful legend.

In the Taoyuan Scenic Area of ​​Guangwu Mountain, there is a clear and windy Hanxi River. Since ancient times, it has been rich in fish, wood leaf fish, and yellow spicy diced fish since ancient times.

At the edge of the cliff walls on the upper reaches of the two rivers of Hanxi River, there is a naturally generated small stone pillar, which is very similar to a woman, the face of the melon seeds, the willow waist, the expression of anxiety, overlooking the distance, the locals are called “Wangfu Stone”.

According to legend, there was an old couple on the banks of Hanxi River. After marrying Cheng Yuan, who was the only girl named Liu Fang, she was married to the poor talent of Qingmei bamboo horses. In order to accumulate Cheng Yuan, Liu Fang and his father were sold to the street in the Hanxi River, and the small fish that was not sold was dried. Before rushing the exam, Liu Fang dried the dried fish with fire, and then stabilized with stone mortar, mixed with chili noodles, pepper, salt and other condiments, and packed in a bamboo tube for easy carrying for Cheng Yuan to eat on the road.

Due to the long distance, Cheng Yuan missed the exam period and had to stay in Beijing to wait for the next year. It didn’t take long for him to have a lot of entanglement in the bag, he had to live on the streets to sell paintings on the streets. One day, Wu Renyou Street, an official of Beijing North Street, watched the scenery. Seeing that Cheng Yuan was rich in literary talents and strong writing, he hired Cheng Yuan to be a private gentleman for his son. Cheng Yuan was handsome and handsome, and was in the middle of Wu Ren’s daughter Wu Yuzheng. Cheng Yuan repeatedly pushed away, saying that he had a good wife and had a good wife, and fled over the wall late at night, but was caught again. Wu Yuzheng was killed and killed alive because of love and hate.

Liu Fang did not know that Cheng Yuan was killed in Beijing, and often stood on the bank of the Hanxi River and waited. Spring went to autumn, and finally turned into a stone statue standing on the cliff of Hanxi River.

Nowadays, Guangwu Mountain is made into a national 4A -level tourist attraction. This “Wangfu Stone” has also become a scenic spot in the scenic area. The spicy fish is also a local signature dish.