I have watched “Breakfast of Tiffany”. Presumably, they must eat breakfast while Hepburn, and I was impressed by looking at the jewelry of the window with enviable eyes. seem,


Women have no immunity to jewelry.

For them, the light that flickered between the wrists and necks is like being magic, and it can have the right to become beautiful.


A high -value necklace, which brings the happiness to women, has reached 10 lipsticks.


This Tanabata is definitely extra points to send girls jewelry, but the premise is that you will pick.

For example, this one from an independent design brand

ANSEAKE’s Tarang Star Necklace

, A good shape and a beautiful design intention. The niche does not hit the money, let her fall in love at a glance, every time she is worn, she can think of you ~

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● The necklace that can be transferred is inspired by the tarot card

● Positive and negative, interpret different styles

● The versatile high value, the niche does not hit the money


● Handmade creation of demanding details perfectly

● Packing at the heart gift box, the cheap price is high -level

There is a secret of Tarot in her necklace


People are always curious about their future, so they talk about


Constellation and Tarot

Use hoping to build imagination of life. Zoe, a special designer of the ANSEAKE brand, was inspired by this Tarang star necklace.


Rather than saying it is a necklace, it is better to be a amulet -as a design element as the main body of the necklace,

Mangxing symbolizes the meaning of “guardianship” in the Tarot card.

The Eight Mangxing also symbolizes the sun, which can bring people light and warmth. The eight -mang star on the compass guides the direction of people shaking on the sea.

This Tarang star necklace,

The front is used in the relief process, and the back is displayed in two forms of hollow design.


The ingenious rotation design has the meaning of transfer. The shining stones in the middle are the light of your girlfriend in your eyes.

Lover, you are the stars, the compass, the sun, the direction. My stars, my compass, and my sun are also my direction.


Three -color rare stone is willing to dedicate to her


Of course, the Tarot secrets in the necklace are not only that, but in the choice of colors and materials, it is full of blessings. It is shown in the “Starry Sky” under the eight -mangxing, which is divided into three colors.



White represents innocence and chastity traditional

At the same time, it represents the source of everything and a single nature, because white light contains all colors.


Corresponding to this, the material is selected from the Mother, that is,


Many luxury brands have a soft spot for it. Each white sheet flashed with a unique luster. In the sun, the pink purple and white blue colorful gifted, but it brings eternal beauty. Pure is her speech.

Symbol of life, nature, richness and growth


Green is good luck and hope.



Combined with it, especially its colorful patterns, which make each piece of beauty. As early as thousands of years ago, it was considered to have the role of evil.

Black symbolizes mystery

, Represents order and universe,

Black Onyx

It is its best interpretation.

Courage, objective transcendence, promoting happiness, recruiting good luck, avoiding fear …

It has too many beautiful meanings.

The edge of the Bai Mother and the Black Agate necklace pendant is inlaid with a red rigid jade, surrounded by the stars.

The hot red also symbolizes your sincere and unwavering feelings.


“I often feel panicked and confused about loving you, because I don’t know what can be given to you, and I can’t wait for everything.”


This necklace is the best expression about love.

The versatile niche beauty is the only one

The blessing and heart are good, but the girlfriend is not so coquettish. It is the last word to wear good and good. In the sun, grab the eyeball as soon as possible.


White is fresh, black is cool, green is a maverick.

The texture of the pendant follows the clavicle spread on the chest. When leaning, the rotating design makes it look more agile.

In the purity, a little temptation is revealed,

Even more intoxicating.

The eight -mang star on both sides has two different methods and styles.

On the one hand, it is introverted, and it will be switched at random on the occasion.


Three colors, two eight stars, and six presence.


Minimal but not simplify


, Completely in line with what girls want to own


“Various models”

Definition! Whether wearing a gentle sweater, a professional shirt, or a sexy dinner, it can hold it, and the temperament is instantly up!

It has a mysterious attraction like a flash of stars,

The woman wearing it is a walking look for walking.

Blessings are sincere and ingenious

The power of blessings in the Tarot card has been created in the designer’s Tianma air in the air, and what to achieve such conceptions requires fine production and ingenuity. The production requirements for the production of Tarang Star Necklace are very detailed,


The pursuit of a perfect 360 -degree no dead end is unable to replace the machine.

For this reason, please come

Professional craftsmen with more than ten years of experience


From gem cutting, mold forging, polishing, gold -plated to assembly, they are all created by hand.


Each piece of jewelry is unique, in addition to beauty, and temperature.

Top -level sterling silver material, with 18 thickened gold -plated process,

This makes the necklace durable and shining. and

Prevent allergy

, Even the skin -sensitive little fairy can be worn with confidence ~

When the Eight Mangxing was embedded in the pendant, the Tarot’s willingness seemed to be injected. The excellence of ANSEAKE and craftsmen is not disappointed for all blessings.

The invisible necklace structure of the unique and exquisite craftsmanship is gentle and delicate if there is nothing. Also designed intimately

3 The length of the adjustment of the gear is loose and tight,


Express or cool or lazy atmosphere to adapt to various occasions.


The mysterious gift in the crystal ball is full of mystery


As a necklace with soul, Tarang Star

Even the packaging gift boxes are attentive.


The crystal clear acrylic ball, with the colorful silver silk, is like a dreamy crystal ball, and the necklace is like a treasure hidden inside ~ Only by dialing heavy clouds can you find a happy “treasure”.

Full of mystery, can fully mobilize the curiosity of girls ~

This is not the so -called girl yearning


“A sense of ritual”



The well -known brand necklaces on the market are thousands of, and the injuries are not said, and it is easy to become street models.

The price of less than one person



Create a high quality that does not lose big names, the most important thing is that the niche does not hit the money!

This Tanabata, gives her unique niche love,


Bring her full luck with the eight mangxing on the neck ~

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