Summer is indispensable, shirt skirts, tea break skirts, fairy skirts, etc. are dazzling. Each skirt has its unique charm, representing different attitudes and styles. It is better to start a “cheongsam skirt”, fashionable and temperament, star trendy people have been on.

After the “First Love Skirt” and “Born Flower Skirt”, a skirt was hot -cheongsam skirt. The cheongsam skirt is a skirt after the improvement of traditional Chinese clothing cheongsam, which is more modernized in both styles and color. The requirements are not high, suitable for most figures. Today, I will talk to you about the “cheongsam skirt” of temperament.

Pay attention to the dress of cheongsam skirt


Key points 1: Measured tailoring

①St thick thighs, thin legs

Although the cheongsam skirt has made some improvements, the overall version is still preferred. Everyone should choose the one that suits them according to their figure. Most of the cheongsam skirts are split skirts, but different height split skirts have different effects. Women with thick thighs and small legs are more suitable for cheongsam skirts with longer skirts and lower split. The tube -shaped skirt can cover the fat of the thigh.

② Smart skeleton and short

Pay special attention to the short women’s dress, and the length above the knee is the highest. To avoid skirts in the knee position, it is easy to five or five. Most women with short and small skeletons give people a petite and cute feeling. Wearing short cheongsam skirts will be more vibrant.


③ Short neck

The biggest difference between the cheongsam skirt and other style skirts is the design of the neckline. The small collar + plate buckle is significantly higher. Half -high collar is the most suitable woman with short necks. It exposes a neck, extending the curve of the neck, and the collar is straight or bent, showing the elegance and charm of women. In addition, whether it is a round neck or a square collar, it must be

Pay attention to the details of the details, add some roller or plate buckle, which will make the cheongsam skirt more stylish.

④ slightly fat woman

The relatively spoiled women, a few women wear cheongsam skirts to be more charm. The cheongsam skirt is a single item with a beautiful line. The plump woman can support the cheongsam skirt and highlight the charming curve of women.


Point 2: Grasp the mystery of color

The color of the cheongsam skirt is very beautiful, and the color of the cheongsam skirt is largely decided. The colorful color is more fresh and fresh, and the color is more mature and elegant. In addition, if the cheongsam skirt is in black as the main color, the bright pattern will be more decent to avoid the overall dullness.


The white cheongsam skirt is a must -have style. It is full of people, and at the same time, it is full of money, like a rich family. White skin tone and white temperament. When you match it, it is best to use the same color to wear the same color to maximize the advantages of white. Women with dull complexion can choose apricots and rice white with lower saturation, which will not reflect, and can brighten the skin color well.

The simple temperament of solid color cheongsam skirt is easier to wear. For example, the red cheongsam skirt worn by Reba, the design of the skirt is particularly simple, the neckline and cuffs are the style of the cheongsam, and the skirt is more biased towards the princess skirt, and the overall is full of vitality. The highly saturated solid color cheongsam skirt is more temperamental. You can try treasure blue, dark green, etc., white and advanced. Essence


Cheongsam skirt skills wearing skills

1. The slim style outlines the s curve


Qi Wei’s cheongsam skirt is short and delicate, perfectly showing her thin waist hips and long legs, and the cheongsam skirt that chooses to fit her body is more eye -catching. If the legs are slender, you must try it. Test short -tested cheongsam skirts, highlighting waist and hip ratios, more sexy and charming.

The tailoring of the cheongsam skirt is also very important. The tailoring of the skirt and cuffs should be more neat and neat, and it looks more textured. The waist and chest should pay attention to the wiring. The delicate cheongsam skirts are more advanced. For example, this red cheongsam skirt worn by Yang Mi is perfect for the upper body, which highlights the curve of the upper body.

2. Appropriate makeup to draw the finishing touch

Makeup is the fastest way to improve the face value. Appropriate makeup will make the whole person more energetic. Light -colored cheongsam skirts are more suitable for nude makeup, light makeup, light makeup, and naturally, it can also highlight the freshness and grace of light -colored cheongsam skirts. Dark -colored cheongsam skirts with retro thick makeup are more charm of mature women. Essence

In addition to the overall makeup effect, eyebrows are also the key. The slender willow eyebrows like Zeng Li have a classic beauty. The overall temperament is more fit with the cheongsam skirt. Wearing a cheongsam skirt at will and holding a group fan, it seems like Classical beauties came slowly from the painting. Even if there is no willow -leaf eyebrows, it will be more gentle and softer to repair the eyebrows.


3. Hairstyle shows the sense of atmosphere

When wearing a cheongsam skirt, you must put your hair up. Not only do you have a lot of hair, it is also particularly conducive to concave type. For example, this printing cheongsam skirt worn by Song Yi is bright and charming. The big wave rolled up, and the whole person was full of nobleness. Female with short hair is still very good with Song Yi’s hairstyle, and you can also match one or two pearl hair accessories or buns.

Long curly hair is also a very good choice. For example, Yang Mi’s cheongsam skirt, the pattern chooses a more modern star, which is less elegant than printing, more vitality, and more young to wear. A thick long curly hair lined with a small face, making the whole look less retro charm and more fashionable and foreign.

Demonstration of dressing of cheongsam skirt


① Cute and sweet style


Women who like cute and sweet wind can try the grid cheongsam skirt. The checkered pattern is very simple. Compared with the printing pattern, it is much age reduction. Young women have no pressure to wear. In addition, the gap between the grid patterns is small, giving a very dense feeling. Choosing the stitching design is lighter to wear.

② Gentle and intellectual style

The black cheongsam skirt is the most temperament. Without too much design, the simple and atmospheric style is easier to wear a sense of high -level. Black is thick enough, so the color and patterns should be subtracted, such as the ancient Chinese style ink painting, which is more classic and dignified to wear. It should be noted that the length of the black cheongsam skirt must not be too long, otherwise it is easy to press.

③ Elegant temperament


I believe that many people are convinced of the elegance and temperament of cheongsam skirts. Both styles and color are sufficient ancient style and ancient charm. Simply wear it to give people an elegant and noble feeling. Printing cheongsam skirts are the most elegant. The dignified flowers are all over the skirt. The fabric materials fit the body to highlight the female curve.

Today, I shared with you the tips of “cheongsam skirt”. Have you learned?