In April 2014, Bao Wenqing once again made a decision to the company again on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the establishment of the Xingguangju Brand Dream Factory of Yiji Network: the company’s core e -commerce brand incubation business was cut off, and the transformation was transformed into a self -contained There are brands. This time, he chose the black silk that made women attach and fascinated men.

As a veteran e -commerce trader, the achievements of Starlight gathered under his leadership in the past year are not rich: 6 months have made mid -to -high -end women’s shoes brands climb to Tmall Single Store NO.1 to help Taobao The successful transformation of well -known women’s clothing has completed the layout of the traditional electrical oven brand channel. From scratch, there has been a high -end high -end women’s bag project … What is the motivation to drive him to the transformation?

Stimulated and unwilling

At the end of last year, I visited a well -known stockings company in Yiwu and heard a story: this company specializing in big -name foreign orders, international brands have dropped 10,000 units, only 2,000 dual qualifications, and the other 8,000 dual foreign trade sub -trade products were put into the Mainland to the Mainland The market, the result was snatched! Some agents even said that they had never received such good goods.

To this day, there is no lack of technical equipment, production lines, and skilled technicians, and the consumption and aesthetics of Chinese people are also increasing, but in our own country, we still cannot enjoy the best products we produce! The foreign trade tail order and imitation order are in short supply in the market. We need to use the artifact to grab the big -name garbage that we can grab, but we will get the treasure.

The stimulus and sentimental of Zhejiang and his party made the idea of ​​his own brand in his bones began to emerge, so he quickly decided to register a new stockings brand -red material in early 2014. “The best concentration of the stockings factories in the country that I have found in Zhejiang, I choose the Zhejiang factory. Many bosses are unwilling to accept my new brand and also requires that it is higher than the foreign order standard, but it can also touch it. It’s like -minded. “Speaking of his unwilling excitement here, he revealed.

Make sexy and courteous politeness on the beautiful legs of Chinese women

When asked about the name of the “red small material” brand name, the unwillingness to immediately became interesting. “The inspiration of red materials comes from the Huadan of Peking Opera. Shang Xiaoyun, Meng Xiaodong, and Duan Xiaolou have interpreted the beauty of Oriental women. Red small materials draw on these beautiful souls and images to make every customer change to every customer. It’s polite and sexy. “

Bao Wenqing further explained: “Red is always auspicious color in China, with enthusiasm, life, hope, etc.; Small, is the attitude of our founding brand. The humility; the material is our pursuit of the quality of raw materials and product quality. The quality is the life line of the brand! “

Feelings cannot be the reason for customers to pay for payments

Regarding the issue of feelings entrepreneurship, he immediately said: feelings can be the driving force of entrepreneurship, but not marketing, nor can it be the reason for customers to pay, and the ultimate product that meets the needs of customers!

Different from the rapid promotion of high -ranking e -commerce brands now, the pace of red small material has taken a slow step. The product came out in April and only opened by Tmall store in August. In these 4 months, the upstream supply chain, polishing products, exercise teams, and recruitment of angel members have been continuously integrated. When talking about the progress of development, Bao Wenqing mentioned the word “craftsmanship”. Where is the pain point of the subverted place and the pain point of consumers. “

In a small office, he showed the products of red small materials proudly:

Using the fashionable 3D printing technology weave -free stockings, the introduction of equipment from Germany adopts Japanese programming, eliminating the last seam that has been unable to eliminate the birth of the stockings.

Through 1600 ° C high temperature, the color of the female grains and yarn fibers are synthesized and weaved, and the soft and comfortable skin feels the healthy and environmentally friendly color.

Increasing the pants with socks with a 3x knitted density in autumn and winter, eliminating the worries of big radish legs in the winter love girls, and the warmth effect can be 3 times. It can effectively resist the invasion of cold air and humidity in winter and prevent the calories of the legs.

Sleep stretch socks that cannot be achieved on the mainland are imported from Taiwan. They are authorized by DuPont and adopt Leica fiber. It is certified by authoritative medical institutions such as global SGS, FDA in the United States, and international GMP.

From the “nanny” of the brand agent to the “Barbie” of the red material

From the establishment of Yichang to Yiji Networks in 2008 to Yiji Networks to Taobao TOP partners, the largest overall e -commerce agency service provider in South China, and then setting up the Xingguangju brand incubation dream factory. Bao Wenqing is more clear about the “embarrassment” of the operating company than most of the operating practitioners. It is described in one sentence to “see him starting up the tall building, see his banquet guests, and see the owner’s dismissal book.”

“Raising your child and being a nanny are a different mentality.” It is difficult to involve the upstream of the product when operating on behalf of the operation, and you can only try to sell it. Now you have to worry about whether the child is steadily. growing up. Now he claims to be “the father of the red small material”. In his angel membership experience group, a group of beautiful girls also call him “small ingredients Barbie”.

“You need to play with users to understand their true needs and further provide products that are more suitable for customers.”