When it comes to fairy tales, we may think of foreign fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Little Red Hat, but in fact, there are many very good works in Chinese fairy tales. I will introduce to you today

Ba Jinxian

Fairy tales written to adults and children- “Long Life Tower”


Mr. Ba Jin is a well -known writer, translator, and publisher in modern Chinese and contemporary Chinese.

The conscience of contemporary Chinese intellectuals

“Mr. Ba Jin has also created a series of children’s theme works, making outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese children’s literature.

His many works have also entered the Chinese classroom of primary and secondary schools, which is well known to children.

Pakistan has created it with his hometown folklore and young life experience as the material.

“Changsheng Tower”

, Small idea, beautiful mood, long charm,

Is a masterpiece in modern Chinese fairy tales


Writer is superb content


Give children pure literary influence and moral education

Although Ba Jin’s fairy tales are written in ancient times, they all reflect reality.

“Changsheng Tower” was written in the winter of 1934. Pakistan described a violent emperor in it. If he wants to live forever, he will always be a blessing, and use force to drive the people to build a 22 -storey longevity tower for him. “We paid a huge sacrifice, built a tower for the emperor in a short time, and the tower was filled with strange treasures that were searched from various places. However, when the emperor boarded the highest level of the tower, the tower collapsed, and the Longsheng Tower became the grave of the emperor.

“Changsheng Tower” tells the principle of simple and just just as a fairy tales:

Any tyrannical and cruel rule will be destined to fail

Essence In “Long Life Tower”, the emperor seemed to be high and omnipotent, but aging and death could not make him exception; the “pariah” seemed to be very weak and slavered, but their bitter singing could make the emperor terrifying. The Changsheng Tower eventually collapsed because as what the story said: “

The platform of the sand on the sand has always been unstable


“Changsheng Tower” by describing the suffering of social reality and the bottom of the people,


Stimulate small readers to pursue truth, goodness, beauty, and teach children to be brave, kind and just


The concept of clever charm is long

Unique narrative perspective is suitable for parent -child reading

It is worth mentioning that the idea of ​​”Longevity Tower” is very clever,

Through the dialogue between my father and son, tell the story

“There was an emperor in the past,” his father always started telling stories like this.


“Emperor, you always say that emperor, what exactly is the emperor?” Sometimes I couldn’t help asking him like this, because I have never seen such things.


“The emperor was the monster sitting in the palace all day!” The father thought about it for a while before answering me like this, so he continued to tell the story.

The father and son in the story echo the parents who read the story in real life.


Following the characteristics of children’s reading.

The unique narrative perspective enhances children’s sense of substitution of the story, and helps children deeper

Feel moral power and humanistic care.


Guofeng painting childlike fun

Show a visual feast like animated movies

In order to make this classic fairy tale more vivid, we invite senior illustrators and “Children’s Literature” Gold Medal Award Outstanding Illustration Award winner

Zhao Guangyu

Draw pictures for the picture book “Longevity Tower”. He re -interpreted the classics with strong Chinese style and agile childlike pictures, showing parents and children

Visual feast like animated movies

Zhao Guangyu is good at using

Printmaking, watercolor and other hybrid techniques

Create. The pictures in the book are both strong and distinctive artistic effects, but also comic -like childlike and exaggeration.


, The picture conveys a rich amount of information,

The contrast of size, distance, virtual reality, light and dark adds the tension of the story


, Help readers understand the profound connotation of the story.

The color is bold and vivid, and the impact is strong. Each page adopts the theme color of the plot

, Make the picture more infectious and help children cultivate art aesthetics.

Ba Jin said: “I think fairy tales are a kind of art based on childlike heart, writing with childlike hearts.

Truth, sympathy, frightened power, imagination, knowledge of knowledge, love beauty, justice

Essence I thought this was not bad. Native


Fairy tales are not only written for children, but also written to adults, but also should read more.


Because this can return them to childlike heart. The reply of childlike life is the bud in the new era. “There is no doubt that” Long Life Tower “is such an excellent fairy tale for young and old and helping child heart to return.


Applying age: 4 ~ 9 years old

Bajin/Wen Zhao Guangyu/Picture

People’s Literature Publishing House Tiantian Press

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Preliminary review of the manuscript: Li Xihui

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“Changsheng Tower”