What to buy in spring?

Sisters who have no idea come over! Spring and summer

The best item must be -shirt

The upper body only needs a simple piece, which can be effortlessly fashionable.

Korean drama that burst into fire in the first two years

“Secretary Gold” brought various shirts with its own power! Intersection


Add a small design on the shirt to completely solve the shortcomings of the shirt monotonous.

The weather is still a bit cold now,

Put it in a small suit and a windbreaker to wear, and it is as beautiful as bubbling.

Seeing this, did the sisters get the idea of ​​buying in spring?

Shirt! There must be one! Intersection in spite of

Tongtong and dating are available to enhance your temperament and high -level weapon! Intersection

Especially the silk satin shirt, a photo feels its high -level atmosphere



This wave of spring is new, and what we find the first time is the shirt:

Want satin! Also a bit of a small design!


Have a sense of advanced! It’s cheap!

Is it difficult to think about it? but! Our boss has something to do


French light luxury brand Sand*O, M*JE foundries,

Direct supply, no middle business difference, beautiful clothes and good prices, not buying at a loss! Intersection

[Halvin Dourly French shirt]

First of all, you have to know that SAND*O, M*JE is all at this price ↓


Many celebrities are in its house

Their foundry, imagine, in terms of version, fabric, quality,

Quality export quality! Intersection

Only two styles are not fun? Today, I also dedicated another big -name brand to the sisters.

Imprionismo chiffon series shirt

It is a proper quality of thousands of yuan. Today, the price of blood vomiting is only 99! Intersection


Never! Hesitating may be gone. This wave is that our boss uses his own personal relationship before he is coming with the boss





The price is over low!

But there are not many quantities, so the sisters who are fancy, persuade you to start! Intersection

5 classic French shirts

Thousand yuan quality, silk smooth texture

The original price was 199 yuan, and it was reduced by 100 yuan!


Only 99 yuan!

Click the picture below and buy it immediately


All of this

The silky material, the upper body is soft and soft.

The point is to lift the gas! Intersection

The material of the shirt, cotton, hemp … all, but women must have a satin! Lift the qi.

See a comparison,

On the left is cotton, the right is satin ↓

The temperament of the upper body is really different! Intersection Silk texture, better texture, full of material falling,

It looks high -level and superior.

Several styles I do, let me talk to my sisters one by one.

Halvin Diary White New Jet Model:

This one can be said to be the most satisfied dress in the beginning of spring this year. It has its own small design inside.

The cross -knot design of the neckline, don’t be too unique



The sense of layering is clear, elegant and temperament.

V -word collar, the opening size is just right,

I won’t go away, and the clavicle is exposed again,

It also extended the line of lines around the neck. Let’s say that the face of the face and the swan neck are all available.

As if it is

The model is equipped with a small necklace,

Proper beauty!

I made a slightly wrinkled bubble sleeve,


It is equivalent to a small shoulder pad, hiding worship, can also make the shoulder lines straight up,

Wearing a right -angle shoulder that everyone is envious;

Snise fabric,

Soft with the hands, the feeling of good drooping,


Looking at it is very shiny and textured, making you more expensive.

In the lower body clothes, there is a little more capable and exquisite sense; and directly put it down, it is also full of lazy wind,


The degree of freedom is absolutely abrupt!

Halvin Dour not to pick up shirts:

This design is also rare in the market. It is very handsome, and because of the soft fabric, the tenderness of women is not lost.

In recent years, women’s consciousness has been awakened more and more.

I hope that every girl with such a shirt can become a gentle and powerful new era woman, which is the original intention of the designer and the meaning of giving it.

The long -green scarf design combines it with the shirt.

The silk scarves are gentle and elegant, with their own beauty.


The height of the neckline is one -third of the neck, and there is a small opening at the scarf on the scarf

Irregular V, neck like a swan neck.

As the saying goes:

Three points back, ten pounds thin.

The position of the shoulder line is just right,

It will not look width or uncomfortable wear,

The back is thin.

The court wind of the lantern bubble sleeves, retro and covering meat,


Covering the excess fat of the arm, the whole person is light and gentle.

Add pearls

Hardware buttons embellishment, showing temperament.

Im Pressionismo chiffon bow shirt

There are also be careful at the neckline, as well as a butterfly settlement; simple but not diminishing,


The ribbon element has always been an elegant template

The entire garment has a ribbon element, which looks soft and layered.

There are a few pieces of clothes


The ribbon is more retro and expensive

The ribbon is essentially the variant of a scarf.

You must know that as early as the 17th to 18th centuries, scarves are clothing accessories that noble men and women wear. Later, with the development of the times and fashion trends, the scarf has also evolved into different dressing details.

No wonder whether it is the royal nobleman or the celebrities, both the ribbon elements.

Im PRangismo’s neckline is exquisite,

Both fashion and intellectual; while exposing the neck of the swan, it will not be excessively exposed.

Take the sense of signs to be properly pinched.

The cuff fold design is not too gorgeous like lantern sleeves, but the details are also exquisite and elegant in daily wear.

Regarding the ribbon system, fashionable sisters must be as precisely.

Im PressISMO French V -neck model



Deep V’s neckline is full of French style, highlighting the looming collarbone. Visually stretching the neck lines, making the whole person look a lot tall ~


Shoulder fold design, you can hide your shoulders and flesh, unlike ordinary shirts.

In fact, this one is also very suitable for girls with a bit flesh, and the upper body will be more stylish. Its version is just the right elegance, and the effect of matching this silky fabric has a lot of surprises.

Imprionismo professional temperament

Unlike other conventional workplace models, the moderators of Im PRangismo will fine -tune the version. Slightly loose version+Shoulder design: While saving retro and lazy temperament, you can also hide your arms.

It will not be too formal, work and life can be worn, the clothes are moderate, and almost cover the position of the hips. Sisters who are particularly suitable for pear -shaped figures with thick thighs are super thin.


Wearing it, as if every inch of skin felt a gentle touch, every place was deeply nourished.

The real classic durability is not easy to be out of date even after a long time.


To buy very “expensive” clothes

The satin fabric is skinned, the details are all good quality

I have always believed that a good dress must be particularly precious on the materials.

These shirts

The satin material is used, the gloss itself is very good, smooth and soft, and the texture is high.

Use it made of clothes,

The upper body comes with noble qi.


Super soft, very silky, stroke every inch of skin.

Sliding down directly ↓

Breathable and light, and it will not be half sultry in spring and summer.

The water vapor passes for a second, and it is not left on the clothes at all.

Don’t look at its fabric is very silky and soft, but because it adds spandex, it is also flexible enough to take care of it.


There is no hair and hook silk with a knife directly


One or two years of wearing a piece is completely no problem, and the price is higher than the thief.

1 piece = 4 season

Just make 100 styles

The reason to make me think it should be recommended to you,

It can wear four seasons.


In the bloated winter of everyone,

Use a silky shirt to make a bottom, weaken the expansion vision,


From the first floor, he won with lightness and thinness.


Wind coat, or suit, requires a white shirt to balance.

So in the season of winter and spring, a white shirt with careful thinking is directly sealed as


The god of transition items.


Slightly worn in spring and summer, no matter wearing skirts or pants, it is full of gentleness.

I like shirts, but I am afraid of its unchanged? The 5 models recommended for you today will definitely meet the various needs of your gathering/workplace/leisure.


The size watch is here,


You can determine according to your body ↓


A lot of clothes can lack a lot of clothes in a woman’s wardrobe, but this elegant French shirt must be included in the pocket! And today it is still super super preferential benefits: the original price was 199 yuan, and now it is reduced by 100! It only costs 99 yuan for a limited time! Come and change the beauty together!


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Don’t worry, there are more news of customer service. We are dealing with urgently. I hope everyone will wait patiently and will reply after seeing it.

Group buying is a special channel. Many goods sometimes explode the orders, and the delivery will not be so fast. Please understand!

In short, if you can do a good job in group purchase, everything must be attributed to everyone’s trust. Thank you very much. We will try our best to give back to everyone.

5 classic French shirts

5 classic French shirts

Thousand yuan quality, silk smooth texture


Thousand yuan quality, silk smooth texture


The original price was 199 yuan, and it was reduced by 100 yuan!


The original price was 199 yuan, and it was reduced by 100 yuan!

Only 99 yuan!

Only 99 yuan!

Click the picture below and buy it immediately

Click the picture below and buy it immediately