What is the front buckle branch: The first buckle bra, as the name implies, is the buttons in front of the chest and the heart of the chicken of the bra.

The front buckle bras can also be divided into: Beauty back -buckled bra, the front buckle mother model vest bra, no trace and steel ring, front buckle -type bra. The use of each front -buckled bras is also different.

1. No trace of the back of the back of the back of the braching bra

Sexy back -back breasts, novel design, beautiful back design, more fashionable and versatile. Beautiful back -buckling bras are more suitable for revealing clothing.

2. The front buckle mother style vest bray bra

The front buckle design makes you more convenient to wear and take off. The U -shaped back can effectively collect the meat and hide the fat on the back. The bottom of the lower circumcision is tightly designed, not the people.


3. No trace and steel ring front buckle bray bra

Simple design, no steel ring, no meat, U -shaped beauty back, smoothing fat, more fashionable, because the front buckle is more gathered.

The method of wearing front -buckle bras is also different:


1. Put your body forward, and then pass your arms through the shoulder straps of the bra.

2. Gently put the breasts into the cup with both hands.

3. Dress the front buckle, and then push the outer muscles of the cup into the cup.


4. Finally, adjust the bras with your hands slightly, with the most comfortable feeling as the best.

No matter what kind of underwear is suitable for people who are suitable and unsuitable, do not need to follow fashion, do not need to follow the trend. Instead, it is necessary to measure whether it is suitable for wearing underwear according to its specific chest condition and wearing needs.