Lan Weixiang



What a beautiful name

In the memory of the old Hangzhou people, there must be a breakfast shop called Youbu soy milk. This big net red of this Hangzhou breakfast is actually a low -key treasure town in Central Zhejiang —



Li Yu once said in the Qing Dynasty dramaist, the place of Lanxi “

It is not surprising to look at it, look at both eyes, and the three eyes are fascinating

If you go to the metropolis, you will use the bustling impact to develop your body and mind. Then come to Lanxi, it should be

A comfortable enjoyment journey of avoiding hustle and bustle

And all of this, only a group of Green skin from Hangzhou to Lanxi is directly to the train, and slowly start the Hangzhou end Dalan Creek. Just look at the scenery along the way and relax.


Here, you can walk around in a rush on the street that is slightly old. Take a look at the cities brought by this river. Early food culture.

More than 300 flavors that have been moisturized by time

With a strong humanistic temperament and simplicity, it is really irresistible.

Of course, the descendants of Zhuge adhered to the ancestors of the ancestors, where they cultivated health, just for the generation of traditional culture.


If you want to come to Lanxi, you can search for the official website of the Ranger: [Treasure Town · Xunwei Lanxi] and [Finding Weishan Chaoshan Lanxi Freedom]


Jiang Shuiyun came to one side food

Liangyue is hanging on the Liuwan, watching it in the middle of Yuezhong Mountain

Lanxi three days of peach blossom rain, carp came to the beach in the middle of the night

This small ancient city hidden in Jinhua City has also had “


Xiaoxiao Jinhuafu, Da Lanxi County

“The loud reputation.

Ancient Lanxi is “

Sanjiang Jiaotong, the waist of Liushui, and the seven provinces through

“It was the heavy traffic town of water transport at that time. It was the transshipment point of the tribute of all provinces in the south. It was also the water transportation center connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou.


In 1912, the British writer Luo Anyi arrived in Lanxi by boat. At that time, the shops along the river pier were lined and the people were full of people. , Daily opera, night and night songs, a bustling.

Even today, through the small town, we can still see the traces of once prosperous.

The coming and going of the Bazang businessmen has also promoted the blend of food culture in various places, and then created the amazing number of food and unique taste of Lanxi.

Morning tea supper, missing one

How did Lanxi spend it in the early morning?


The trade prosperity brought by Jiang Shui and the gathering of staff


It is the first step to shape Lanxi

The beginning of this step is the early morning of Lanxi


Morning tea is the early morning wake -up horn

When you first come to Lanxi, you will exclaim: Oh my god, my puppet is afraid that I can’t get rid of it!

Chicken ravioli, tofu dumplings, Lanxi beef noodles, swimberry cakes, water rice cakes, corner cakes …

You have to stay here for at least 3 days, 5 meals a day to barely taste the popular food here

And those niche flavors and seasonal tastes in the hidden corners, you can not check in all the year.

Because, according to Lanxi City records,

At the highest peak, there are more than 300 types of snacks in Lanxi

More longer than Guangzhou morning tea


Jiangnan No. 1 morning tea


A bowl of salted soy milk increased cake churros

Round the daily clock of Lanxi people

For foreign people, the temptation brought by Youbu morning tea street is really invincible.

The morning tea culture here has emerged due to the advantages of water transportation

The person who runs the boat is the most cherished time. Before the day, he started to go to the market. Therefore, before starting busy work, you must sit in front of the table to drink a glass of tea and eat dotted cushion. and

The wooden table has also become a place for the communication between Shang Jia and guys

Although the ships that are disappeared now, the morning of the old street is lively.

Here, the teahouse opened at 4 am, and it was peak at 6 o’clock. The old people came from their own house, and the shop owner broke off the door panel to “change” the long table.

“Old indigenous people” generally have their own fixed position

You can sit with your old friends. Talking to the parents is a morning. Those old friends with deep feelings, each other’s friendship is not tired of being tired of remembering a few times a day.

Choose one or two of the one or two in Linlang’s early, and then

Blowing the tea on the tea soup noodles, a bite of hot rough tea

The time that belongs to Youbu’s leisurely and self -procurement, just like the wind ripples.

Of course, there are not only tea here. You also drink a glass of sorghum wine with the “old indigenous people”.

However, it must be noted that the morning tea shop here is very “proud”,

Take only guests from 4 to 9 in the morning.



Crisp cake


Crisp Cake Diger Lanxi, Lanxi Crispy Port

“, Youbu’s crisp cakes can be called the absolute big coffee in the golden cake industry.

The crisp shop here is located in the streets and alleys, the most famous of which must be six -finger crisp,

Master Liu calendar who made crisp cake, born six fingers

The selected ingredients, for decades, insisted on handmade, made the six -finger crispy cake.

The busiest time, I can’t buy it at 8 o’clock


/ /


It looks simple, in fact, there are Qiankun inside, and it is extremely tested to do it.

Use chopsticks to plug the meat in the egg yolk but not destroy the overall shape of the egg

When cooking, it is also rounded to make it round.


After serving, the eggs are tender and unique.


Corner crispy

One of Youbu’s traditional crispy bread originated in the Tang Dynasty, but as the type of pastry increased, the corners that spent time and labor and no money gradually withdrew from the public’s horizons.


Almost only one left in Quanlan Creek is doing it


In addition, there are local specialties such as sauce square and winery in ancient towns.


Street snack

The perfect fusion of carbohydrate and oil

Let the people who are not afraid of gaining weight are better




“Chicken” is the name of Lanxi dialect, also known as “eggs”. To be precise, it should be called egg cake.

Its mystery is the ratio of egg liquid and green onions

, Put the meat cake on the dough, spread a thick layer of green onion, leave a small mouth after wrap it to pour the egg liquid.

Thin skin is as thin as paper, delicious meat, delicious and tender taste

It is full of mixed fragrance of eggs, meat, and green onions in one bite, which can be called the “leader” in Lanxi’s flavor food.


Tofu dumplings

The production of tofu dumplings is a detailed work.

Old tofu is tightly centered on the only meat and grains, and rolled in a round bowl full of starch.


, Gently slide into the big iron pot, wait for the oil soup in the iron pot to roll up a little.


The overall appearance of the dumplings is smooth and crystal, and the taste is delicate and smooth.


There is an old shop that has been in the south gate for 13 years,


The best tofu of Lanxi is used, and the soup base uses the ribs that have been boiled for a long time


, The boss will prepare 20 pounds of tofu every day, so that everyone can eat the most native taste of Lanxi.


Tianjin Baozi

Although it is called “Tianjin Baozi”, this kind of fried buns that are not in Tianjin and only Lanxi have, no one seems to be able to clarify the origin of its name.

In the process of making this snack, you need to pour more vegetable oil, and then fry the buns on both sides, so that the buns can become thin and crispy and not hard. people.

The small town is hidden privately

300 noodle shops


I love noodles to love in my bones

Handmade beef noodles

Lanxi, who hid more than 300 noodle restaurants, also has his own experience. It is said,

The first thing to travel home from the far away is to eat a bowl of Lanxi noodles on the top of the restaurant.

Because, in their opinion, the noodles in the field did not belong to the “strength” of their hometown and could not satisfy their taste buds.


Lanxi’s noodles must be rolled and rubbed with their hands, so the noodles are very smooth. Only when you eat it yourself, you will understand it.

Put your head and pay attention to a bowl of burning

Beef, snow, large intestine, waist flowers, thousands of pieces … As long as you like it, you can pile it inside.


Stir -fry the high heat, and when it is half -cooked, pour the broth and noodles prepared in advance, so that the three are perfectly integrated, and it has achieved the favorite flavor of the Lanxi people.

Jumping chicken intestine

In addition to “top flow” beef noodles,

Yueyue chicken intestine is also a big “net red” in the boundary of Lanxi

Essence The full of heads made the internal organs leaning at first sight, and the traditional handmade noodles made people not stop when eating noodles.

Don’t forget, except soup noodles,

In Lanxi’s breakfast team, the noodles occupying breakfast C are mixed noodles

Different from simple onion oil noodles elsewhere, Lanxi noodles are so many amazing materials. It is also a handmade noodle that tastes more powerful,

Pack with more than 5 ingredients with spoons -sour radish, sour beans, spicy cabbage, peanut rice




Cold water cable flour is the summer “savior” of Lanxi people.

Dry water milling powder is cooked, water -over, drained and then cooling through a few processes


The slippery taste of the should have gradually formed.

Immediately after making self -made sauce, add cucumber shredded cucumber, kelp, peanut rice, bean sprouts, radish diced, coriander and other cold side dishes according to personal preference. If you can eat spicy food, you can add another spoonful of chopped pepper, stir well and go down.

Tonight to the bridgehead



A part of the bone cooker is not only delicious

More friendly

Lanxi pot

“Pot” is a kind of food full of fireworks,

The Zhuangzhuang is the gathering place for this fireworks

Lanxi people are also unique to the pot. Blackfish pot, old duck pot, tube bone pot … all year round, different time, different ingredients, there are always choices suitable for the present, always have their own taste.

For most Lanxi’s old pot villages, the night falling is the time when the fireworks are the most vigorous.


A small square table, several bamboo chairs, several brothers and friends can put on a table, set up a pot of hot pot, and eat it lively.


Local talent knows niche gameplay

There are many places in the most blue stream

These places

You shouldn’t miss it

Because they are all charming


Discover in Zhuge Bagua Village

Culture and wisdom

There is a small village in Jinhua, Zhejiang, named Zhuge Bagua Village.

The largest settlement of the descendants of Zhuge Liang, which has been discovered so far

A large number of ancient houses in the Ming and Qing dynasties were preserved in the village, and the structure of the building was listed in the style of “Eight Array”. It is the only ancient cultural village in China and the world’s unparalleled ancient cultural villages.

But this village is not just an ancient building that is amazing.

The strange Confucian locks invented by Zhuge Liang’s descendants are also amazing.

It is said that Kong Mingluo was a kind of utensil invented by Zhuge Kongming during the Three Kingdoms period.

It is a traditional binding device for civil engineering fixed in ancient China, and it is also widely circulated in Chinese folk intellectual toys.

Zhuge Wencang, the owner of this small workshop, is the 51st generation of Zhuge Kongming, and is also the non -genetic inheritance of Kong Mingsuo’s craftsmanship.

If you are interested in such crafts, you may wish to experience the wisdom from ancient times and experience the culture of the ancestors.

Sit a trip to the end



Hangzhou’s green leather train

Everyone’s heart may have their own green leather trains, sitting on it, and in the process of running towards the distant destination, the scenery along the way slowly slightly over the eyelids in the sound of the train “Dang Dang”.

Now think about it, how many people are willing to buy a ticket belonging to the green leather train in this busy society pursuing speed to enjoy the slow time?

In 1932, Lanxi Station was completed. In 2009, Lanxi Station became the only foreign operation window on the Jinqian Railway.

In 2016, Lanxi Station only handled the departure from Lanxi to Hangzhou and finally to the business

Go to feel this train together

T7785/T7788 Hangzhou → Lanxi 16:08-18:50

T7786/T7787 Lanxi → Hangzhou 07:10-9:51


Return to Classical

Go to listen to a show in the mustard garden

The mustard garden is located in the foothills of Lanyin Mountains. It is built to commemorate the famous drama Li Yu in the Qing Dynasty. The overall Ming and Qing architecture with classical garden -style style.

It inherits the architectural style and titles of Nanjing’s mustard gardens. The quaint and elegant atmosphere gives people a sense of time and space. If you encounter a few people in Hanfu, you may doubt whether you really cross the past back to the past. It’s.

Although the area of ​​mustard gardens is only 10.5 acres of size, the park is all -encompassing in the garden, “there are other hills.”

There are pavilions and Quqiao fish ponds here. There are also precious flowers and trees planted in the garden to embellish. A small mood in the small and medium, and the distinctive mood in the song really makes people feel elegant and unique. in


There is a movie on the pond, looking at each other, and I seem to hear the drama on it.

Just as Feng Qiyong, the president of the “Dream of Red Mansions” in China: “

Gu Qu fine countless weng, the famous garden Xiaoshu is also a divine work; only moves to Lanxi today, it sounds good to the corner of Qiujiang


“, The unique beauty of the view can also make people feel refreshed.



Jiangnan ancient charm homestay

The landscape of Lanxi Shuimu Tsinghua shows the softness of Jiangnan to the fullest, but the charm of Jiangnan in Lanxi is even more worthy of your unique homestays ~


“Yuzhu” is located in the core scenic spot of Zhuge Bagua Village, is

A light luxury homestay converted from a hundred -year -old house rebuilt

Essence The old house built in the water was a shop, and the wooden building in the Ming and Qing dynasties has a history of more than 400 years. Now that it is transformed into a homestay, it can also make people living inside feel the heavy sense of the history of this ancient city.


On the banks of the water on the pond, pushed the wooden door of Yuzhang, and a simple atmosphere came. Walking in the ancient house of the Ming and Qing dynasties for more than 400 years, it was clear that he had nothing to do, but he had the most fulfilling pleasure.

There are 12 rooms in the homestay, each of which is very distinctive, and the room is named after twenty -four solar terms. Clean and comfortable bedding, with exquisite decoration and decoration, and the standard setting of the five -star hotel, only to allow you to pillow the beautiful feeling of Jiangnan Meijing in Lanxi.


Or walk around at will, and time is old in the reincarnation of veteran artists in the town. A moment, like the polishing of time, engraved in this ancient town.


With these roots, we know where we came from. This is the return of our heart


Lanxi · Meijing Food

A trip, beautiful scenery and food are the most basic and indispensable combinations.

The Jiangnan charm of Lanxi is hidden in the simple scenery, and of course it has also been settled in the food and traditional skills.


When you come to Lanxi, you will always get a lot of good memories in your body and mind

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