For dog -raising shovel officers, it is better to solve the problem of dog urination outdoors, but when it comes to rainy days, the dog has to let the dog go to the toilet indoors. Going to the toilet at home will not only lead to heavy odor at home, but also more likely to breed bacteria and endanger the health of dogs.

Just like cat litter used to prepare for excretion, dog raising must also prepare dog urine pads. This will not only guide the dogs to excrete fixed -point, but also reduce the troubles of the cleansing of shovel officers. So, how should dog urine pads choose? The shovel officer needs to keep in mind the following three points:

1. Size


The first criterion for choosing dog urine pads is to choose different sizes according to the size and type of dogs. The size of dog breeds is generally divided into small dogs, small and medium -sized dogs, and large dogs. The shoveling officer can choose according to the size of the dog. There are three sizes: S code, M code, and L code of Hua Dao Dan Dan Drum Dog. You should pay attention to large or small when buying. If the dog’s urine pads are small Essence

2. Water absorption

The water absorption capacity of dog urine pads is very important. If the water absorption ability is not good, then the urine will flow out or step on the feet by the dog, which makes the ground full, so that the meaning of buying urine pads is not great. Flowers with checkered mesh diversion structures can not only quickly absorb urine leakage, but also instantaneous dryness and indulgence. Essence

3. ingredients

When buying dog urine pads, shovel officers can choose dog urine pads containing inductive factors and deodorizing factors. This dog urine pad can not only prevent bacteria from breeding, eliminate the odor of excretion, keep the air clean, but also help pets to develop good fixed excretion habits while maintaining the clean and tidy interior. These ingredients will not be harmful to the dogs themselves, and the shoveling officers can use it with confidence.


After understanding this, the shoveling officers must have a good breasts for how to buy dog ​​urine pads. The one -time consumer product that is easy to carry and throw up when it is used up is definitely a must -have for dog breeders. It can easily guide and treat dogs to urinate, convenient and effort, make the sanitation of the family cleaner, and the problems of pets and excretion are all solved.