Construction of the construction site, developing from the traditional hanging basket to the current gear material hoist, which is the construction freight ladder. It greatly improves safety performance, and some characteristics of single-double cage material hoist, construction freight ladder, China Construction Jianke Xiaobian is a simple introduction.

First, the range of homework is widely improved, and the types and characteristics of material hoist on materials are lower. It can not only improve the general powdered and small particulate materials, but also improve the material of high grainability, good sealing performance, small environmental pollution.

Second work reliability is better. The new material hoist uses advanced design principles to ensure the reliability of the construction freight ladder, and there is more than 20,000 hours. The hoist operation is stable and can reach a high improvement height.

Material hoist construction freight ladder main components; mainly composed of base (including columns), chassis, guide rails, hanging cages, anti-fall devices, electrical systems, etc.

In the process of material improvement, the construction freight ladder uses variable frequency speed regulation and gear rack meshing. Compared to the traditional power frequency construction elevator SC series frequency conversion speed boost speed, the start current is less than the rated current, run more Economic energy saving, steady opening, no shock, less mechanical wear, making the driven gear and the rack more durable


Construction freight ladder

The feature is:

1, no driver room: people can operate on the ground

2, single configuration in the cage: a single drive transmission device

3, built-in in the cage: in the cage is the transmission structure

4, there is a monitor inside the cage: the screen inside the whole process

5, people can pass the video operation interface below

6, automatic flat layer

Therefore, the construction material to increase the ladder elevator is a safe and efficient vertical transport machinery. Mainly used in building construction and maintenance, as a vertical transport machinery used as long-term use of TV tower, bridge, warehouse, water tower, chimney.