At this weekend that has just passed, Andre Sistos Professor And Lie Steletz took a booth near the 5-year-old daughter, and took homemade drinks such as Lemon Juice to the London Victoria Park. The father and daughter’s small traders opened for about half an hour. The four staff members of the Hamlaz Local Parliament took their booths in the unlicensed operation, and opened a 150 pound (about 1320 yuan) ticket to them. . The little girl is crying on his father.

After this, people have criticized the law enforcement personnel. There are many businesses and agencies welcome the little girl to go to them “training”.

London’s famous food market Berle market issued a text, welcome “any age” entrepreneurs, willing to provide a booth to the little girl. Large supermarkets Morrison also invited in this tweet, Welcome Xiaos Presses in any Morrison store. There are also many event organizers invite a little girl to go to guests.

Professor Scistan wrote in the tweet: “We have received the enthusiasm and good response from people around the world.” He wanted to send them an event organizer, market and merchants to expand invitation objects. To more children, allow them to sell their own drinks, playful vegetables or artworks created by themselves

Hamlaz local parliament has revoked a ticket and sent an apology letter to the little girl. The British “Times” website invites the parliamentary statement on the 24th, “I hope that law enforcement officers have common sense, reasonable use of power.” (欧 飒) [Xinhua News Agency Micro “