As soon as my parents divorced, I have been deceiving myself, and I always feel that my dad loves me. Even if he does too much, I will forgive it until I get it on the day of my marriage. Can’t find it. I grew up with my grandparents from a young age and my grandmother. I did n’t even know what my parents grew up when I was a child. Because it was a girl, the grandparents in the countryside were serious. Grandma is older. From the beginning of junior high school, I have learned to wash clothes, do housework, cook, etc. I have learned to wash clothes with my grandparents in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Bringing a big grandfather has never complained, but his grandparents died one after another when he was in high school. The days later were incredible. At first, the parents had not divorced, and the family was still in harmony. Parents bought a house in the county seat. I use the winter vacation and summer vacation in the county seat to find a job in the county seat. I have to work to make money to subsidize the living expenses of the student. When he went home once a week in high school, he did not let me go back to the county’s house, and let me return to my hometown alone. Grandpa and grandma died in my hometown. I went home for a week and stayed alone for two days to plant potatoes, plant vegetables, pickle, pickle Put the pickled vegetables to the county. If I encounter a long holiday, my mother will go to the wholesale market and let me sell it at the door of his work. Anyway, I must not let me be idle. After two years, my mother derailed. Dad found that I did n’t let me return to the county’s house because I had grown up. I understand such love. In order to not let me know these things, since these things are ruthless, I live in my hometown alone. The neighbor of a village see me poor, you give me some things, or I buy a few steamed buns or instant noodles for two days to solve it on the weekend. Then there is divorce. When I remember the notors, they both were very selfish and had ghosts. As soon as I wrote my mother, my mother said that my dad was not good. During the divorce, I was chased out of the house twice during the divorce. It was very unpleasant. I spent all kinds of curses and curses. The whole year of high school spent in their quarrels. As long as they quarreled, they called me to go back to my teacher. I scolded me as soon as I returned. Finally graduated from the third year of high school to divorce. The divorce was divorced through the court, just to earn a family property, for the family to produce my mother that she had no daughter, only my son, that is, my brother, that is, my grandparents mentioned earlier. Essence Because I have a bad grade, I have taken a junior high school. I did n’t want to read it. If I do n’t read it, I will quickly marry someone. After all, I also want to receive a part of the high gift for my parents. The true face performance is full, and all kinds of abuse curses call. In order to not get married early, I went to the local enrollment loan direct loan to study. My dad was willing to live a living fee. I solved the tuition fee. I shouldn’t let my dad pay for my own living expenses and I can’t survive it. After three years, I spent my dad 22,000 yuan for living expenses. I am a variety of examination fees in the middle school. Gao divorced my dad and found an aunt. At first, my dad was good to me. My dad asked me to accept my aunt. Since I told me that the aunt was with him, I didn’t need to repay the loan. How could I be embarrassed to ask me to read a loan, good guy, I did n’t believe it, and I did n’t have much hope. It ’s the same as that they were married as soon as they got married. But everything happened later made me surprised. The university can take a driver’s license. I think that the school has time to learn the car at the school to make two thousand, and the driving school tuition is 4,000. I think my dad will not give me me. Tell him to borrow two thousand, I called him, and before I said the money was borrowed, he refused, saying that he had his own family, had no money, and did not find him in the future. I was particularly sad. I cried for a night in the bedroom. I vowed that this generation must not ask him to borrow a penny, so that I would not be able to speak to him in the lack of money. I also understand that he has a family. I told me to borrow a thousand driving school fees, my friend borrowed a thousand, and then I worked outside the winter vacation. I did n’t go back in the New Year. I survived it. I took my driver ’s license. My dad actually had a face to take me with me. Driving the driver’s license, my dad broke my living expenses before the university, that is, I spent only 22,000 yuan in three years. I started internships before graduating. I have never borrowed a dime from him. I will pay my dad and the aunt for red envelopes every year. Even if I do n’t pay back to the loan, I ’m wrapped and the bag will be the same. I can understand it because my dad said that he wants to treat it equally. After all, my aunt will quarrel with him differently. I played a boyfriend later. This time, my dad has all kinds of dislikes, because I have abandoned my boyfriend’s family without money, and the family conditions are not good. For me, my male man My friend is my current husband’s family harmony, my parents are loving, and there is a mortgage house in Chongqing. The parents give the money to decorate. His parents like me and distress. I feel that I am not easy to live in this family. The aunt asked me to borrow money. I didn’t say that I would borrow all the money, and I had no money and asked me to borrow money and borrow him. He has never repaid the money. I missed a good store. After that, he returned the money. He came to borrow it in less than a month. The second borrowed money would not be said to be back. I ca n’t get back, I said I said urgent money I can wait until I borrow him next month, and I can still say that the money is still not available in the second month. I may know that I do n’t want to borrow it. My family visited. During this period, my dad scolded me to break up, just because his family could not give much gifts. As I got older, my dad failed to separate us. Everything is good, everything is good, all kinds of requirements are all mentioned. Please eat the best restaurants in the county seat. Then my dad and the aunt always put on a high posture. Generally, I am married with my daughter, and the family will subsidize the dowry extra, but I do n’t ask for it. I just hope that my dad can consider that I can live a better life in my in -laws. After all, I pay for my own time. The marriage quarrel for a few months, and the mother who did not contact during the period of the period jumped out and said that the gift was half half of the gift. I couldn’t bear it. I thought that I would like to get married. On the day of the wedding Compassion, after all, the wedding money male friend friendly cigarette good wine bought everything. The wedding money was transferred to him to buy clothes. My dad also instilled everything he did for me. I also believe that after all, Grandpa Grandma died. He is the only person I can believe. From the end, I will not allow anyone to say that my dad is not included in my boyfriend, because there are many small things in the middle. My boyfriend told me that my dad did not love me so much. I have never believed it. I have always respected my dad that I did n’t return a gift on the day of my wedding. I married the ten beds (sent by relatives of the six beds), one rice cooker, two tea bottles, and two sets of bowls. After the gift, I will go back with the dowry. My dad did not return it. Instead, I deducted some of my friends money. On that day, he exposed him at a glance. After the wedding, my relatives gave the man a gift at home and smiled so happily, so that I did n’t know if I left, but my dad said that the marriage with the dowry was so small for me. If I gave me, I took it with my husband and divorced nothing. God, what logic, I left overnight at the end of the wedding, but my dad called and said that I was a pig’s brain. Okay, he planned everything since I got married. On the day of getting married, I finally understood it. Not all parents called parents, not everyone. If you treat him, he will really treat you. Maybe he has already planned everything. From then on, I just hope that my parents will be healthy and healthy. In the future Every day, I may not enjoy the scenes of their children and grandchildren in their lives. After all, they have not really loved their children and cared for them. They have been calculated for more than 20 years. I sold me when I got married. I did n’t forget that the grandeur said to me for my good. When you divorced it, at least the money. Your dad is useless to use your husband.