Hello everyone, I am especially, and the longest space in the sleeping home is more than the bedroom. Today I will talk to you about how to choose the heavy mattress in the bedroom?

1. Mattress size:


Generally speaking, the width of the single bed is 90 to 140cm, the width of the compact double bed is 150cm, and the width of the loose double bed is 180 to 200cm.

Many friends have a misunderstanding of the choice of mattresses. The bigger the better, the better. Excessive beds will not only occupy valuable indoor space, but also some studies have shown that too large beds can also lead to discord of husband and wife.


Therefore, you can choose the mattress size that suits you based on the size of the above suggestions and the size and specific needs of your bedroom.

Second, mattress structure:

All good mattresses can actually be divided into three layers of design. The top is soft and soft, and the intermediate conversion layer is moisture -proof and breathable. The bottom layer is that the support layer is generally spring design.

Here is a misunderstanding that everyone buys the mattress. The more the number of layers is, the better, the design is not reasonable, but it is not breathable.

1. Comfortable layer:

The top layer is a comfortable layer. Generally speaking, the selection of materials needs to be softer, because the effect of the comfort layer is to relieve muscle fatigue. Only when it is soft enough to rebound can the muscles relax.

The selection of materials on this layer is generally the core material of the merchant, and the mattress grade can also be judged by a comfortable layer of materials. Large 10,000 yuan high -end models are generally made of natural materials such as wool, silk, and ponytails. Thousands of middle -level intermediates generally use memory cotton and latex, while low -end models are ordinary sponges.


For example, the imported mattress of my master bedroom uses two natural materials: wool and silk. In addition to soft and breathable, in fact, it is largely to pursue quality and rarity. After all, this can highlight the brand premium.

The second -bed blue box uses a non -temperature memory sponge. The main difference compared with ordinary memory sponges is that the density is greater and will not change the hard and hard due to temperature changes. It is better, and it is not like the latex of the latex.

There are a lot of silicone sponge, bamboo charcoal sponge, and even crystal capacity sponge on the market. Personally, I think IQ taxes, and there is no need to buy it.

Here is a popular science. Everyone should know that with the decline in the temperature, ordinary memory cotton is easy to harden, rather than temperature memory cotton can not be affected by temperature. Wetness and breathability.

2. Converter layer:

The intermediate conversion layer is mainly matched with the comfort layer and support layer, mainly to prevent the body’s gravity from directly contacting the third layer of support layer. If there is no gravity conversion layer, there will be a sense of uncomfortable bottoming after sleeping. Therefore, it will be uncomfortable. Therefore The breathability of this layer is very important.

For example, the cashmere material used in my master bed mattress, and the microporous high -density sponge used in the second bedroom mattress is actually to prevent moisture and ensure breathability.

It should be noted here that many mattresses will add a layer of hard coconut palm in the middle of the mattress. Once the mattress is really hard, the comfort is completely gone. It can be said that the bottom support layer is completely useless. Essence

3. Support layer:

As for the support layer, it is generally a spring. The low -end models are generally ordinary springs of the entire network. When they go to bed, people turn over, which will obviously affect the people on the other side. ring. No matter how good the material is above, it is very missing in the sleepy sleep.

At present, good mattresses use independent bags, so that the independence of each spring can not only change the soft and hardness by changing the line diameter and circle of the spring, but also not affect the people on the side. The life of the overall spring will also be longer.

There are also some foreign brands that use high hardness sponges, but domestic is basically not common, so it will not be discussed.

I have to talk about the spring partition at this time, because the role of the support layer is that your body does not sink too deep, otherwise it will cause it to be unable to turn over. The reason why many people sleep back pain in the soft bed is here.

Therefore, after using a bag of spring, the softness of the spring in different areas of the mattress can be different, so as to achieve the support of the support. force.


However, it should be noted that the three -district bag spring design is enough. The mattresses of my two bedrooms are supported by the three district support design, while tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of mattresses are generally divided into three districts.

However, in order to marketing, many brands have begun to push five or even seven districts. Personally, I don’t think it is useful. Because the width of each area in the three areas is large, it is more suitable to sleep in different heights, and if there are too many partitions, you say it is suitable for 1.8m or 1.6m.


4, fabric:

As for the fabric section, as long as it is clean, soft, and bacteriostatic. After all, everyone needs to spread sheets, and there are not many black technology. The sheets under the sheets can be washed much more convenient for our overall convenience. If you accidentally dirty the bed cover, you can also disassemble and clean the surface.

3. Brand selection:


The brand chooses imported brands to see Shuda, Jin Keer and Silian. Domestic brands can look at the blue box, Yalan and Xilinmen.

I will list a mattress brand selection in different price range. You can take a look.

Budget 1k-3K: Blue Box Sleep

Blue boxes have only one mattress in their house.


Micro -holes density Sponge breathable cooling to avoid sweltering heat

The support system of the three district clustering points provides support at the same time as soft


Three -stage soft and soft design more fit the waist and hip

Independent bags, springs with confidence, turn over with confidence


Vacuum compression packaging is convenient for entering various bedrooms


Budget 4K-10K: Kim Keer,

Jin Keer adopts Thailand’s imported latex, with 8cm thickened cushion layer to improve elasticity and comfort


Independent bag springs support for 10 years of super long quality insurance

The texture of white suede velvet circumference is also very good


Budget 1W+: Xi Mengsi, Musi

First of all, Xi Mengsi is a brand, not a mattress variety.

Each Xi Mengsi has its own factory production without foundry to be traced to ensure his independence

Independent bag spring technology can provide support more reliable


High -efficiency sponges can provide better service deep pressure

Lock tuft High -quality non -woven fabric strong and strong anti -mildew and mildew

last of the last! The mattress must be tried to know whether it is suitable for you. I personally think that the blue box is done well. It is the first to provide a 100 -day free test sleep in China. The mattress is indeed not lying in the store. If you don’t like it, everyone knows the test environment of the mall. I slept in my bedroom for a while before I knew whether I was sleeping, and I didn’t like my body.

And when I bought it last year, the mattress was compressed in a box that was not large, and it was very convenient to bounce back to the normal mattress in about a minute. It is also more suitable for LOFT, the entrance is relatively narrow. It is more convenient to move down.



Well, I will talk to you so much about the choice of mattresses. If you have any questions, please discuss any questions. Welcome to praise and collect it. Finally, thank you for your support!