Perm is divided into two forms: hot and cold, but no matter what ways, the perm may hurt the hair quality. At this time, you must try to nourish the hair! So can I use conditioner after hot hair? Let’s take a look with Teacher Ji Han.


Can I use the conditioner after perm?


After the hair is hot, you can use conditioner. The chemical potion is used during perm, which is easy to damage the scalp. Coupled with electrical treatment, the hair will turn yellow, brittle, break off, easy to fall off, and easily cause a series of problems with hair. Under such circumstances, you must take your hair well, and the conditioner is even more indispensable.

Will the use of conditioner affect the effect of perm after the perm

After perm, the conditioner does not affect the perm effect. As long as it is shampoo after three days of perm, it can ensure it. If you are worried that your hair will become straight (especially the soft hair quality), it is recommended to choose a conditioner for curly hair or specifically designed. Fix the damage caused by perm to hair.

How to take care of hair after perm

1. Choose to repair nourishing hair care products. When washing your hair, use some shampoo with repair effect to supplement your hair to the loss of moisture and nutrition.

2. Dry your hair with a towel. The temperature of the hair dryer is relatively high. If you use it, the water on the hair will be blown away, so that the hair is frizzy.

3. Apply elastin when the hair is 70 % dry. When the hair reaches 70 %, we need to use elasticin to grab the curly curly curly curly. And one thing is very important, that is, do not comb your hair after your hair is dry, otherwise your hair will become straight.


4. Use your fingers to create a hairstyle. After getting up every day, use water to wet your hair, and then use the moisturizing haircut -oriented product to care for hair, and grab the hair with your fingers to get a beautiful hairstyle.

Do you remember the above methods? No matter what kind of perm, if there is no proper conditioner, it may produce side effects. Friends, Teacher Jiang Wei introduced here, and hurry up without paying attention to it. Hurry up and hurry up. Follow!