Recently, four Japanese tires have announced sales performance in 2021.

Plish Group

In 2021, the operating income reached US $ 28.98 billion, a year -on -year increase of 20%; the profit after adjustment was 3.52 billion US dollars, a year -on -year increase of 90%; the profit before tax reached 3.37 billion US dollars; The year is a net loss.

The operating income of Pulitito in 2021 is as follows: Japan 873 billion yen, 1454.6 billion yen in North America, 693 billion yen in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, 386.9 billion yen in Asia Pacific, 66.4 billion other regions in other regions, 66.4 billion in other regions Jenjia, it can be seen that North America is still the most important market for Prieston.

Sumitomo Rubber Company

The performance report of 2021 was disclosed. Sales were US $ 8.35 billion, a year -on -year increase of 18.4%. Business profit reached $ 430 million, an increase of 27%year -on -year.

Tire business sales were $ 8 billion, an increase of 16.9%year -on -year. Despite the decline in the original tire market, the demand for markets such as the United States and Europe, and the sales situation of winter tires is very good. In 2022, the resident plan plans to expand the European high -end automobile supporting market.

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.


The sales and revenue of the fiscal year in 2021 were announced, and the operating profit increased by 132.4%to $ 761.4 million. The sales increased by 21.7%to $ 6.11 billion, and the operating rate was 12.5%. Net profit increased by nearly 150% to $ 596.5 million. All sales and income indicators exceed the indicators of the 2019 report.

The operating profit of Hengbin Tire Business Report increased by 78%to US $ 218.4 million, with sales increased by 17.7%to $ 4.28 billion, and the operating rate was 6%. Tire business has achieved sales growth in the Asian market outside North America, Europe and Japan. The company’s non -road tire ATG department has achieved double -digit growth in terms of sales revenue and business profits, with sales increased by 64.8% to US $ 977.2 billion Essence

Since fiscal 2022, Yokohama will merge the tire and ATG business department into a department, accounting for 86%of the company’s annual sales.

Toyo Tire Company

According to the report, the operating income and sales of fiscal year in 2021 have achieved steady growth, and the performance of business in North America is better than other regions. Toyo ’s operating profit before the tax report increased by 46.1%to US $ 483 million, and sales increased by 14.5%to US $ 3.59 billion, and the operating ratio increased by 3%to 13.5%.

Toyo tire business, which accounts for 90%of the company’s sales, is better than the automotive parts of the automotive parts. The operating profit increased by 12.5%to $ 501.7 million, and the operating income increased by 15.7%to $ 3.23 billion.