Recommended reason: light thin style, soft fabric, comfortable skin, very suitable for summer wear! Antarctic summer thin men’s casual pants, original price 218 yuan, current Tmall special 49 yuan package, new history, with other Tmall shop 79 yuan. Netizen evaluation: The pants have received very satisfied, very good quality, it is very good, buy a few more, the price is very cheap! Product details: After 18 years of growth, Antarctic people have been in underwear, maternal and baby, clothing, bedding & cloth, kitchen, shoes, apparel accessories, outdoor, home appliances, etc. 55 categories of product lines It has achieved highlights, signing the national daughter-in-law Haiqing, bringing the “All-Category Consumer Kingdom” to the Chinese, and strive to create products that make users scream, create the ultimate user experience. Antarctic summer thin men’s casual pants, high-quality 100% polyester fabric, soft feel, comfortable, thin and thick, very suitable for summer wear. The front pocket traces are all smooth, highlighting the quality. Durable, there will be no drop or other embarrassment. Double-layer pressing trousers, so that the punctual pendant is strong, and the version is topped.

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Light breathable! Antarctic summer thin men’s casual pants