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There are many types of hooded cap, models, mainly flared, straight, circular, and some tribe, some use color silk as a streamer. In the Lhasa National Store, there is a hooded counter, and the hats sold are more in style, colorful. Among them, there is a feather cap, a fan-shaped fairy cap, a bronze cap, a vine-like hat, a wooden hat, a beast cap, and so on.

When the horse racing, the adult rider wore a yellow robe, surrounded by a jet, or called “Su Xia”, meaning Mongolian king’s hat. When the male boy rider wears the white felt hat, red symbolizes the sun, this hat is the avatar of Tang Lushan God, so that the rider looks handsome.

Beautifully pattern of golden hat


Golden Hat, Tibetan “Xia Mo Jiayai”



It means “Han Dynasty Golden Silver Hat”. Men’s Golden Hat said “Xiayu Jia”; women’s golden hood is more late, approximately from 1940.

According to the Tibetan history, Tubo Zambu is called “Chamise”, which is a red silk into the shape of a pagoda in his head. In the mural “Tubo Zamu Map”, there is a new golden hat with a person. During the Yuan Dynasty, Tibetan wearing a golden hat was quite common. In the “Zi Mi”, there is a description of “Hat, Pleasant, Robe Wear, Sword Bomb”. So, the towel of Tubozapeg is the prototype of the golden flower hat.


Golden Hat with gold silk satin, golden ribbon and silver silk satin as decorated, use the local production of 氆氇 and fur, with the felt as a cap, the hat is covered with a variety of gold satin, edge decoration Take the gold wire, the cap is 4, the front and rear wings are large, and the left and right wings are smaller. Putting the cap to block the sun, let go of the cap. Most of the young people exhibited only the front wings, appeared to Handsome; the elderly liked the four-wing, it is like a golden phoenix head, and the two wings are flying from the top of the head. The hat is still in the gap, and it is beautiful!

Soft and luxurious fox


A complete bucket-style fox skin, head before, the body is in the cap, the long tail is dragged behind, it looks like only living fox lying on the head of herders. There are several red, yellow, gray, flowers, both majestic and beautiful.

It is said that the fox leather cap has been giving a captive that has been defeated. According to the “Langshu family history”, when Yuan Dynasty, the big rules

(1302-1364, founders of Pashu local regime)


When the Sakya Dynasty was taken back to the hidden, “the jailers brought some columns, cut into a circle, picking two cattle eyes into my mouth, bundle the mouth with a square towel, in the brain After the knotted, I took me to the West Gate of Nanjie Hall. I put it on the West Gate. I put it on the hat in the fox tail. I shaken it to the water ditch; in the upper part of the village, I put it again. Insert a fox tail, I shaken it to throw it on the cliff. On the gaga, it is a hood, and the jet rope of the hat, I only have to wear the Ji Xing place. ” It can be seen that wearing fox skin is insulting.

However, the fox leather hat is beautiful, and people finally broke through the customs of the custom, and wear the fox leather hat. Winter riding a car and put on the fox, when putting down the hat, it is very light and warm; turn it over the cap, the red fox flame, it is like a big red flower or a pot of fire, he is full!


The cochor is popular in Linzhi Biyi District, Milin County and Tiebu Jiangda County. The men’s hat is called “Jiaxia”, a woman’s hat called “Yuxia”. Elderly woman wearing a circular winger, middle-aged woman wearing a binned wingship.

The cap is sewn, the hat is decorated with damask, the gold, the silver line is striped, the rich and brilliant; the hat is extended, the two wings are like a swallow, and the two tails in the hat, the double-tailed Damask is also After the nation, it is seen that the hat is inversely, and it is thus called “Delivery Reverse Hat”, which is unique.

Herd of the heroic fan


In the summer, the hat wearing the north of Tibet has a cradle, a felt hat, a hat, a long cap, a short hat, a red hat, a cool hat. Some places also use the purple red silk, Tibetan, “Alti”, is said to be the bouting of the Pakistani Gorge.


The woman rarely wears a hat, just put a hooded coat of a white felt or white woven in the rain, Tibetan saying “fruit show.” In winter, men and women wear fox shoes or lamby caps, some are also lamb scarves. When the man is in dressed, the man wears a hat, the iron ring and a hats that are similar to the red dragonfly are said to be a head of Tang Lushan god. The woman likes to wear the longevity gold silk satin. When the gift is fitted, men and women wear a hat or a fox herk.


In addition, the most characteristic of “four-edge red sneakers” in Ando is “fruit”, and the work materials are very particular, usually made with fox skin or wait for lambs, men and women like. Southern, the warehouse, etc., it is very unique, called “Sang Jie Xi Zhong”, meaning “colorful Buddha”, for the cylindrical shape, in the lamb, red and green, Embroidered multicolored flowers and auspicious patterns, very beautiful.


Elegant Mi Mei Kangba Hat

Kangba pays attention to wearing a hat, Baotou. Kangba Hat is roughly divided into gold felt hat, fox skin hat, felt hat, sun visor, etc.


The gold felt hat, the Kangba dialect called “Langxi Xia Mo”, meaning “four ear hat”. In the past, the black felt in India was produced, the cap is 15 ~ 18 cm, the cylindrical shape, the lower edge is symmetrical, the ear wings are black, the inscription is black fur, the cartridge is gold Roller, tangible, curl, water corrugated. The men’s hat tube is high, the curved decoration is net, and the four ear is turned over, elegant is expensive.

There are two kinds of fox leather caps: one is to use the whole skin to make a hat, and the head is covered with the head. The head is connected to the back of the back, and it is quite like a live fox to the head. People are afraid of three points; can also make a bib, beautiful and majestic. The other is to use a fox skin to do two caps, the fabric is generally used with gold satin, a cylindrical pork, and the fork is behind. This hats are suitable, but the men’s forklet is a streamer.

The felt bag, with white hairy, tapered, waterproof, cold, mainly popular in halfgrower and semi-animal husbandry.


The visor is also known as the “doctoral hat” for spring, summer time, loves to Kangba.

In addition, women in Changdu, Baitang, etc.


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