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Although the ring is small, it contains a lot of cultural and meaning, seeing a beautiful ring, Xiaobian cat’s eyes will be as moving, today I will share it with a small ring, but it is a world. ” “, Beautiful, this craft is unhappy!

Most of the ring is in the men’s wedding instrument in men, so many people think that it is because of the transformation of Western Western weddings, the product of foreign.

In fact, the ring is recorded in ancient times, in the ancient palace, the Three palace six hospitals, the hometown is more than 3,000 people, but it will not help each Jiali will have a few days or pregnant, so the palace In order to identify the moon and the method of pregnancy, the female official, I deliberately distribute the gold ring to the left hand, you can easily recognize it, you can don’t have to accompany the emperor.

In the Tang Dynasty, the ring was circulating in the folk. In the late Tang Dynasty, the ring gave the meaning of love and marriage. When the men and women engaged, the two sides could use the ring as a payroll, and they have been circulating, and the rings specifically refer to the beautiful wishes of both men and women on love.

The ring can not only be used as ornaments, beautify your fingers, improve the value. If you have a pair of perfect hands, it is painted with bright nail polish, high-end warm jade bracelets, and wear a diamond ring representing a lifetime. Which boys don’t move for you.

Today, I will share a group of small flower grass into the ring through special crafts to the ring, it looks like agate glazed, very dream!


Tips White Purple Glass

White glass crystal transparent, purple petals are not expensive, elegant, seem to tell people the world outside the petals, and the story that happened, perhaps a gorgeous chartered past event, perhaps a marriage.


This purple matched is suitable for women with elegance, doctors, and civil servants can echo. Second, the matching of the costume is based on rice white, gray, deep cleaning, and more fashionable and noble.

Tips green glazed

Green large leaves and dry branches represent the vibrant vitality, in this spring more sunshine, maybe glass and green are the most color, related to the young, related to vitality.


If you are young, the green leaf inlaid glazed ring is your great choice, let you look at young and beautiful.

Tips beige pink

The beige pink is filled out of the ancient memories, the beige small flower buds, with pink petals that have flowered, intertwined, entangled. A small ring has already told the life of a seed, starting from a small life, to the long-collected bud, and then flowers, the result.

Let us see the growth process of life. In fact, everything is life, let us treat life.

Wearing rings should also pay attention to the correct way, avoid accidentally wearing a mistake.

The left hand wearing a ring is generally related to love. If you are still unmarried, you want to look for the other half, you can wear the ring on the left hand. A group of special people represented by unknown fingers: unmarried people, can also be called unmarried.


The left hand is very formal, that is, engagement, has passed a simple ritual, and the parties have witnessed your love. Because in accordance with the tradition of China, the general proposal is that boys are wearing a middle finger, representing this relationship, it is already determined.


The right hand wearing a ring is generally related to the love. Similarly, the right hand index finger represents a single symbol, and if wearing in the middle finger, representative this girl has been famous, and it is forbidden to harass. There is no name independent of the right hand of foreign countries, and the two sides are in dancing. At this time, the boy who knows is generally not to confess the girl with a ringless ring.

The small ring is hidden so much, do you have a wrong ring?

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