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Rainbow circle is a kind of toy who is happy, formerly known as the ghost, also called the magic pole, and is also known as a wonderful circle in Taiwan, and more people collect it as a spring ring. There are a lot of names, but the game is more than the name, I believe that many people can list a variety of different gameplay. Today, Koba tried a new game, fixed a steel ball in both ends of the spring ring (it was a real steel ball), and after the vertical sound, the wonderful scene appeared in an instant: steel ball actually hanging Stopped in the air! What is the reason? Laboratic video unlock the mystery with dads ~


Spring ring, steel ball (pair), rainbow circle

Experimental steps

1. Secure a steel ball at one end of the spring ring.

2. A homogeneous steel ball is also fixed at the other end of the spring ring.

3. After pinching the steel ball and the ground is vertical, loosen the hand, let it fall, observe the motion of the two balls.


Phenomenon and principle analysis


Through the above experiments we found: After loosening, the upper steel ball is dropped vertically vertically, and the lower steel ball is almost hard. As the spring is contracted, the lower steel ball is until the upper side of the steel ball is left until the fall. In other words, the lower steel ball has hovered in the air for a while. This is still the case.

Steel ball loading process

Rainbow ring drop process

Why does this magical scene? It turned out that the lower steel ball was dropped by gravity, and the steel ball pinched on the upper end caused the spring to be stretched.

Before you let go, the tension and gravity in the spring ring are balanced.


After the spring is released, the force at the upper end changes, but does not instantly reach the springs, but is transmitted in the form of an elastic wave.

The respective springs are balanced before the elastic wave. Since the elastic wave rents the lower steel ball, there is a time difference, and then the magical phenomenon of the steel ball is hovering.

Take 5 cents

The rainbow circle initially appeared in people’s horizons just a small puzzle toy, which seems a simple spring structure, but the game can be changed, you can exercise the coordination ability of your eyes, and there are even many enthusiasts in the work. All are suitable.

But do you know that the Rainbow circle is actually invented by a Navy?

In 1943, an naval engineer in the United States did an experiment in a shipyard. In order to develop the best insulating earthquake parts, a spring with an excellent elasticity was selected. In the experiment, he accidentally touched a spring, and the spring slowly “walking” from the shelf with the resilience.


This small accident caused his great attention, so he took this spring home and let the wife with wisdom to see the elastic mystery existed. But I have never thought, in the process of developing the spring elastic mystery, Betty has turned the spring into toys. This is the original rainbow circle.

Later, after constant improvement, the rainbow circle gradually evolved into today, and it was popular around the world.

The core principle of the Rainbow circle is that the spiral spring, the color is just an attachment. The spring is a mechanical part that uses the elastic degradation, and there is a deformation under external force, and the progenitor is removed and then restored. There are specific applications in industrial production, national defense research, military fields, aerospace technology, and usual people.

Cerebral time

If the spring is long enough, can the steel ball in this experiment hover a minute in the air? Welcome to the message area, let us see it!


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