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玻璃罐废物利用小制作 立马变身小清新收纳罐

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玻璃罐废物利用小制作 立马变身小清新收纳罐

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玻璃罐废物利用小制作 立马变身小清新收纳罐

Make a aesthetician (origami ID: VIPZHEZHI)

There is no need for any modifications without any modifications, but it is very practical, but will it feel so simple?

Below, Liu, give you a super simple glass can small transformation, immediately become a small fresh, there is wood, regret that there are so many glass cans, o (∩_∩) o Ha!

Wash the glass jar, prepare to stickers and wrapper.

Wrap the cover of the glass jar with wrapper.

Then put the sticker in the bottle, the cute storage tank is done, I don’t like it ~

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