On December 16, 2021, Shenzhen – in the thousand-headed market, the product under the Vivo Y series can always be favored by users with an excellent experience. Recently, the Vivo Y series has once again ushered in updates, and Vivo Y55S has also become a new one for everyone. This machine is not only equipped with a 6000mAh battery, watching video approximately 20 hours, and the weight is controlled within 200g, ensuring exceptions of the feel, which is a new generation of thousands of long-range products.

In addition, VIVO Y55S also equipped a new generation of super-speakers customized by Vivo, with a maximum volume of 92dB. At the same time, there are three color colors of ceramic black, mirror lake, and cherry flour, combined with a new coating process, is the value of the value. 50 million pixel main photos can also help users easily light the night.

6000mAh big battery with high quality sound, chase experience uninterrupted

千元长续航5G手机vivo Y55s,还拥有音箱级影音体验

In order to meet the long life demand, Vivo Y55S directly equipped with a large battery of 6000mAh, which is also the model of Vivo’s first 6000mAh battery, with 18W flash, and charging, you can say goodbye to endurance anxiety. The standby time is about 35 days (4G single card standby), plugging in headphones to listen to music for about 160 hours, watching video can be about 20 hours.

Not only that, VIVO Y55S also adopts VEG energy daemon, under the system, application of smooth operation, through the processing strategy between system layers and core resources, the intelligent App scheduling mechanism, so that the energy consumption control of the whole machine is more reasonable. Further extending battery life.

千元长续航5G手机vivo Y55s,还拥有音箱级影音体验

Vivo Y55S is equipped with a new generation of super-speakers customized by Vivo, the volume is up to 92dB. When the system is turned on (the default is turned on), the volume can be adjusted to 200%, bringing the flagship sound experience, enhance music, Navigation, video, ringtone and other scenes of sound quality and volume. When you sway call, there is a microphone on the top and bottom of the phone, the noise reduction effect is better, and the clarity of the user calls will be higher.

50 million pixel main photos, match texture appearance, good shot and look

On the image, Vivo Y55S is more relaxed to help user photographs and Selfie through the double-pruning of the front and rear modules. It is equipped with a back 50 million pixel HD main photo, which can provide more detailed images, the addition of super night scene, and can be quickly available in dark light environments. HD pre-camera in portrait model 2.0, AI night self-portrait, pre-super night scene, fun playing, etc.

千元长续航5G手机vivo Y55s,还拥有音箱级影音体验

The VIVO Y series always pays attention to the grinding of the body process and the interpretation of the body color, which continues the advantage. The machine provides three trend colors, which are ceramic black, mirror lake blue, cherry flour meteor, with a breathing cloud design on the rear module, and the overall layering.

Among them, the ceramic black uses ceramic film coating process, which is elegant; the mirror lake blue uses high-gloss lens coating process, and it is more clean and pure; the cherry flour flow star is designed with star drill-plated process and follow-up design. The starry soup is not stained. 199.8g of the body weight, supplemented by a 3D surface rear cover, and it can also be more brought together.

6.58-inch large screen combined with Tianzhu eight-core processor, smooth experience is easy to get

千元长续航5G手机vivo Y55s,还拥有音箱级影音体验

In front of the fuselage, Vivo Y55S has a 6.58-inch large screen, supports FHD + 2408 * 1080 resolution, DCI-P3 film-level color display, excellent viewing. Equipped with 7nm Tianzhu Barn Diano Processor, and uses technologies such as memory integration to bring smooth usage experience. Five-Cold Clearance and Game Eye 2.0 and other configurations also help users get a good experience on the game.

千元长续航5G手机vivo Y55s,还拥有音箱级影音体验

As a thousand yuan 5G products, Vivo brought 6000mAh large battery, 200% large volume experience, 50 million pixel ultra-clear main photos, high-quality design, etc. select. At present, VIVO Y55S is hot in pre-sale, of which 6GB + 128GB version is priced at 1499 yuan (the first pin price is 1399 yuan), the 8GB + 128GB version is priced at 1699 yuan, will be officially opened at 10:00 on December 17 Sold. In addition, the price of 8GB + 256GB of $ 1999 (the first pin price is 1899 yuan) will be sold on December 24. It is worth mentioning that users purchased in the first phase can also enjoy equity such as Vivo Xe710 headphones, and users need to purchase platforms to Vivo official mall.