white label

Jan 01,2022

Shop for almost any size or shape of white label on Tradechina.com and have the perfect option to place on a product. These great items can be printed with almost any design to make them customizable. This makes them ideal for putting on food packaging, candles or other products. The white sticker labels are sold by thousands of manufacturers at shockingly, low prices. Shop now and get a great option for future business needs. 

Browse through the white label variety on Tradechina.com and pick a blank label or get one in colors such as red, yellow or blue. Most can handle many different printing techniques, including print screen, thermal transfer or Toppan. The white sticker labels can use many artwork types as well, such as PDF, EPS or Ai for added versatility. They can be purchased in set sizes or may be customized as needed. 

The white paper label selection may have a glossy or matte finish. Some also may have varnishing or lamination. The blank white labels can also be waterproof for added longevity and versatility on where they are placed. They are sold by the roll or sheet. Purchase one or buy multiple for even more discounts. Samples may be available from some manufacturers. 

The white label options on Tradechina.com offer something for everyone, all at unbelievable prices. Browse through the products now and choose from the best quality and suppliers. These ship from all over the world to quickly get to the buyer. Lead times may vary for larger or personalized orders.