The bathroom is free of hole tissue boxes, and the installation is easy to install

The last time I experienced ORICO’s car mobile phone bracket, saying that he was a cross -border work, anyway, he was also stained with his mobile phone. The toilet -free tissue standing racks that have experienced this time are really a real cross -border product, and it is completely non -edge with the main digital products that ORICO. Perhaps the only place where the tissue stands and the digital products are stained, that is, the short opportunity of the user put down the mobile phone in the bathroom.


However, who says that the production of digital products cannot produce daily necessities? is not it? Xiaomi also became a department store from a mobile phone dealer! What’s more, Orico is still a manufacturer with physical foundry! The production of a small paper tissue box was not caught in hand. Let’s take a look at the true face of Lushan in this paper towel box!

Orico products have always printed packaging style, green and white packaging carton, which is in line with this very life -like product. The rendering on the packaging has basically been able to understand the general appearance of the product.


The paper towel box has two styles: sky blue and light gray. The difference is a embedded ribbon in the upper part to distinguish. Except for the differences in color, the shape and function are exactly the same, but it just depends on personal preferences.


The paper tissue box uses ABS engineering plastic to make raw materials for raw materials without harmful substances, odorless, and durable, and has no harm to the human body. You can use it safely in the home environment.

The installation of the paper towel box is very simple, free of punching design, tear off the rubber strip protective film, directly paste the backplane of the rubber strip to the location that needs to be installed, and properly press the air in the rubber bar, so that the back plate is fully pasted in the wall tiles. Later, the paper tissue box was buckled into the back panel and installed. And it can be reused, it is very convenient to install and disassemble, and there is no need to destroy the hygiene wall.

You don’t have to be careful of his firmness. The official data shows that it can carry 5kg. Think about the bathroom environment and put a facial cleanser toothpaste.


There are two large and small spaces in the tissue box. The small spaces are used for garbage bags. The large spaces can be carried out of the rolls, paper, and long rolls of paper towels, which are quite practical.

The upper cover is safe and waterproof, and the upper lid is designed to be designed with a rack. The small fragmentation of the bathroom can be stored on it. It is not easy to drop. Waterproofing design, the stagnant water on the upper cover will not flow into the inside of the tissue box. The small and simple design is very perfect.


ORICO’s cross -border work has once again interpreted simple and practical principles. Such simple, simple, and ordinary paper towel boxes have been given more functions and played an important role in the bathroom. For a pursuit of perfection, you do not want to destroy the bathroom walls, and if you want to install the rack, ORICO’s model’s model I think the product is a good choice.

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