Lighting is an indispensable part of our home decoration. It not only plays a role in lighting, but also can decorate the room. In the current home decoration, the exquisite lamps have a variety of shapes, and have different modification effects on different decorative styles. So what precautions do you know about decoration lamps? For many owners who love European style, crystal crystals Lighting is the best choice of many lighting products. The crystal lighting is widely loved by everyone with its gorgeous appearance and gorgeous lighting effect. So do you know the latest offer of the restaurant crystal lamp?

What are the precautions for choosing decoration lamps

装修灯具选择有哪些注意事项 餐厅水晶灯最新报价

1. Safety performance first

For lamps, it has a lot to do with electricity, and the lamps can be turned on after power -on. Therefore, in the home improvement, the safety performance of the lamp must be considered. For lamps, there are very exquisite production, some are relatively rough, and there are differences in price.

2. Buy different lamps according to different requirements

During the decoration of the house, there must be more than only one place to install lamps. Like bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, study rooms, bathrooms, balconies, etc. are required to be installed. However, due to the different functions of these places, the installed lamps must be different.

3. When buying lamps, you should also pay attention to buying according to the size of the space.

装修灯具选择有哪些注意事项 餐厅水晶灯最新报价

If the room is relatively large, the lamps you buy can be relatively large. If the room is relatively small, the buying of the lamps is too large and it will seriously affect the beauty. Like in the living room, if the room is high, you can use a chandelier, which will look better.

Generally, it depends on the environment of your house. If the dust is large, do not buy crystal lamps. Daily cleaning is troublesome, and it is not safe. Do not buy energy -saving lamps if the voltage is unstable. If you want to buy waterproof in the bathroom, how much do you know about energy -saving lamps? Let your home lighting save electricity, save worry, but not to save warmth? Energy -saving lights are your good helper. However, many people don’t know much about it. Below, let the country. If there is a long strip in the living room, the lamp can be selected for a long square. Pay attention to the height. Don’t choose the installation, and find that people touch the lamp. The living room lights are selected from generous high level. The bedroom is selected for decorative lights, restaurant festivals. Lighting 1. Try not to install any spotlights. After so many years, I have not opened more than five knight DB. 2. Do not use red, blue, green on the lights of the living room … 3. There are also lamps, buy a lot of lampshades. If you want to buy glass, do not buy metal. The metal time is easy to rust! Lighting is full of art. It is necessary to study the hot platform to make your home lighting save electricity and save it. However, many people don’t know much about it. Below, let the national electric light source quality supervision and inspection. When home improvement lights are carried out; 1 is first of all. 2 price. 3 Quality. 4 After -sales service. 5 energy saving. The most important thing in the above five is quality. No matter how good the after -sales service is, it is not worth it. Lantern is now not just to meet the needs of life, but also an important means to beautify the living room and mediate the atmosphere. Factors that need to be considered when buying lamps 1. The goods must be compared with three, for the same style and the same.

The focus of the dining room lighting home restaurant is of course the dining table. The lights can generally be suspended chandeliers. In order to achieve the effect, the chandelier cannot be installed too high. The rectangular dining table is installed with two chandeliers or long oval chandeliers. The chandeliers must have light and dark regulators and lift functions to be used for other jobs. Chinese food pays attention to color, fragrance, taste, and shape. Often, it needs to be brighter. Warm color tone, and when enjoying Western food, if the light is slightly soft and softened, it can be camped. The decoration style, the place used, use different lights, like a kitchen, and bathrooms. These should first protect the level. There is also a brand to choose a brand. Recommend. In the style of style, there is a quality problem to choose a crystal lamp for light sources. It is best not to use incandescent lamps. Now the country is already eliminated by incandescent lamps, and the choice of lampshade needs to be light transmittance. Buy simple, the brand is right.

Latest quotation of restaurant crystal lamps

European -style chandelier living room Crystal light zinc alloy jade luxury restaurant bedroom LED lobby atmospheric simple European lamps 168 yuan

装修灯具选择有哪些注意事项 餐厅水晶灯最新报价

Qijia Modern Minimal Art LED ceiling lamp lengry chandeliers dual -use crystal lights living room light restaurant lighting lamp SD11 598 yuan

Classic Family Lighting European Chandeliers Zinc Alloy Natural Jade Chandeliers New Villa Living Room Crystal Light Restaurant 3840 yuan

Yipin Modern Simple Personality Crystal Lights American New Classical Creative Living Room bedroom Restaurant Villa 2255 yuan

装修灯具选择有哪些注意事项 餐厅水晶灯最新报价

Huadie rectangular LED crystal ceiling lamp Stainless steel living room light Multi -power modern minimalist bedroom lighting creative lamp 1016 52*52cm warm white light 259 yuan

Huadie living room lamp LED crystal ceiling lamp Modern simple stainless steel rectangular bedroom lamp room warm lamp light 8003 60*60cm white light LED remote color light 299 yuan

The above is the content of the selection of decoration lamps today about the precautions and the latest quotation of the restaurant crystal lamp. I believe that everyone has some understanding of the precautions for decoration lamps and the latest quotation of the restaurant crystal lamp. However, there are many types of lamps on the market and different quality. Consumers should be cautious when buying lamps.