304L stainless steel water pipe

1. Features of stainless steel pipes:


Long service life, low comprehensive cost

The corrosion test data shows that the service life of stainless steel pipes can reach 100 years, and there is almost no need to be maintained during the life cycle. It avoids the cost and trouble of pipeline replacement. The 1/2 of the zinc pipeline is 1/4 of the high -quality PPR pipe, which is the most economical pipe.

2. Wide in use


Stainless steel pipes are suitable for municipal water supply pipeline networks, gas supply pipeline networks, pipeline direct drinking water, building cold and hot water, water supply system, food chemical, medical and health, brewing dairy industry pipeline systems.

3. Stainless steel connection

304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel water pipe

Dual card pressure, ring pressure, welding, grooves, stuck connection

Construction is simple, fast and easy to operate.

4. Stainless steel water pipes are the first choice for health

The medical grade, food -grade materials recognized nationwide, and the only material that is good for health. Medical equipment of hospitals across the country, direct drinking water is stainless steel water pipe, and the school drinking pipes are stainless steel water pipes. The body is healthier.

Product Recommendation: ASTM A270 TP304L stainless steel tube