On a summer of 1957, on the Beach, Italy, a policeman in uniform was issuing a ticket to a woman wearing a bikinis. This was reasonable at the time because the Italian government stipulated that women could not wear such exposed swimsuits to the beach.

Marilyn Monroe is wearing a swimsuit.

Since the birth of swimwear, it has been controversial. Compared with other clothing wearing in public, the swimsuit has removed all social masks, placing a person’s body in a public place, and encounters the attention of others.

Dr. Christine Boydel, who studied the 20th century costume, said: “The swimsuit is not only reflected in the fashion trend, but also the entire 20th century men and women’s attitude towards the change of cautious dress and boldly revealing.”

The swimwear reflects not only the fashion trend, but also the attitude of cautiously dressing and boldly exposed by men and women throughout the 20th century. /Picture · Unsplash

A fashion gallery in Paris showed the history of changing women’s swimwear through photos. The photo records the history of swimwear in Europe from the 1940s to the 1960s, and compares with the concept of dressing now. This makes people realize that you are not only wearing some tailored fabrics, but also reflect the decades of scientific and technological breakthroughs and social development.

Behind the bikini is the freedom of dress that women have won in 200 years

Swimsuit first appeared in the 18th century and was a “sweatshirt -style” clothing used by noble women to take a bath. During this period, the swimwear was basically robe -like, and the materials were very thick. Even if it was wet, it would not change the “see -through outfit”; the lead block was hidden in the skirt to ensure that the skirt would not float in the water. For women in the Victorian period, nothing is more important than maintaining dignity -even if this will make women face the danger of drowning.

In the 19th century, loose swimwear became fit and complex. In addition to wool or cotton swimsuit with lantern pants and stockings, women also wear hats to maintain their dignified and fair skin tone. The swimsuit still looked official at that time.

In the last century, women’s dresses took the fundamental purpose. /Picture · Unsplah


Swimming collector Joan Gini said: “At that time, the swimwear from head to toe was imitated daily clothing, and they could only be worn in the water. If you wore it on the beach, you would be regarded as an unspeakable system.” Many people think that women walk on the beach in wet clothes, so Bathing Machine (a carriage with a small house) appeared. When women go to the beach to play, they must first get on the car and wait until the depth of the water jump in to avoid exposure to the public vision.


In 1930, European women actively struggled in order to dress freely, and the style of swimsuit began to change: Although it was still strict, it could have exposed their arms and legs, and even a fine shoulder strap design appeared. This was a big breakthrough at the time. Women put on thin shoulder straps, back -back, waist hollow swimsuits, and flat -angle pants. The swimsuit began to become a sexy symbol.

In 1930, European women actively struggled to dress freely, and the style of swimwear began to change.

Since then, there are fewer and fewer fabrics used in swimsuits, the split swimwear appeared, and the patterns on the swimsuit have become rich. However, the waistline of the flat -angle shorts was very high to cover the belly button.

On July 5, 1946, a strip dancer faced many cameras in a swimming pool in Paris and showed people a bikini swimsuit for the first time. The next day, the French “Figaro” commented: “Four small triangles, connect with thin ropes, can women wear less than this?”


French “Figaro” has published a comment: “Four small triangles, connecting with thin ropes, can women wear less than this?” /Picture · Unsplash

July 5th is World Bikini Day, and this year is the 75th anniversary of the birth of bikinis. In 2020, in order to celebrate the birth of bikinis, Germany specialized in the Bikini Art Museum, with about 1,200 exhibits, telling the history of bikinis. At the opening ceremony of the museum, swimsuit models wearing designers Lewis Read designed the first bikini designed in 1953 to show the audience. It is said that at the first bikini conference, no girl dared to wear bikinis, and Red had to find a stripper to be a model.

When a bikini first invented, there were very few people who dared to wear them. Some people have a hollow yarn or shawl on a bikini jacket to shape the effect of semi -cover. Read never thought that his invention experience was still in the fashion industry for more than half a century.

Bikini began to be popular after 1952, and Big Bato starred in the movie “Girls in Bikini” that year. In the film, her bold exposure performance has increased her popularity, and her sexy symbol of Western popular culture with Marilyn Monroe is regarded as one of the representatives of sexual liberation.

The movie “Wearing a Bikini Girl”

With the blessings of female stars and magazines such as “Playboy”, sexy bikinis entered the mainstream market.

By the 1960s, bikinis became a symbol of sexual liberation, independence and strength, and the fashion circle responded. Retro Funken Master Rudy Jane Lesh launched a female swimsuit Monokini — a swimsuit consisting of thin band hanging necks and high waist pants. As a result, the bikini that was not accepted before became explosive, and the design was more beautiful. Cross -band swimwear and thong swimwear are constantly impacting people’s visual experience.


Marilyn Monroe has a classic photo wearing a bikini, and is now hanging in the Berkelin Art Museum in New York. The photo was taken in 1949, named “Marilyn on the Beach”. Since then, Bikini has become a sexy symbol of a beautiful beauty of the figure.

The bikini that was not accepted before became explosive, and the design was more beautiful. /Picture · Unsplash

Modern beauty pageants have a close relationship with swimwear. In the first “Miss America” ​​competition, 1,000 girls participating in the beauty pageant wore swimwear to show their figure, which attracted 150,000 viewers to watch. In the financial empire created by capital, beauty can be measured by commercial value. Since then, the beauty pageant is indispensable.

In the 1980s, swimwear became more and more diversified. The deep V of the conjoined swimsuit is opened to the navel eye, and the high slit can be opened to the position of the cheekbone. In terms of color, fluorescent and color -fighting design is also applied to swimwear. The explosion at the time included the red conjoined high slit swimsuit.

With the economic recovery after the Second World War, the black skin is no longer a symbol of labor, but a symbol of rich and leisure. Women also start wearing short skirts and swimsuits to enjoy the summer beach.


Sports conservative swimwear popular, physical liberation under consumerism

The underwear brand “Victoria’s Secret” has ruled the mainstream aesthetics of the past decades with sexy and beautiful. Today, with the suspension of the “Victoria’s Secret” show, capital aware that the pursuit of sexy aesthetic routes is no longer popular. The “Millennium” no longer takes sexy as beauty, or at least it is no longer considered sexy is the only criterion for beauty. The advancement of technology materials has promoted the evolution of swimwear. The fabrics of the swimsuit have developed from the earliest hard states and water that will become heavy to improve the speed of swimming and improve the body.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Annite Kateler from Australia broke the rules of women’s cannot wear a swimsuit. At first, Kateler practiced swimming in order to treat the disease, and put on a flexible personal swimsuit.


At the beginning of the 20th century, Annite Kateler from Australia broke the rules of women’s cannot wear a swimsuit. /Picture · Unsplash

At the age of 17, Kateler broke the record of Australia’s swimming and diving. It was not only invited to perform for the British royal family, but also called the “Australian Mermaid” by the Daily Mirror. She went to the French player to play and won the third place. However, people pay more attention to the swimwear she wear than she achieved, because she is always wearing men’s exclusive jackets swimwear.

Kateler will certainly not allow public opinion. After she was famous, she made a movie and wrote for the magazine. She called on women to take off my tight corset and shape the perfect body curve in a healthier way, and slowly transformed the attitude of society to women’s participation in swimming. Her “men’s” swimwear has also become a catalyst that changes modern women’s swimsuits.

Today, everyone prefers sports and bodybuilding swimwear.

At present, there are many black technologies related to swimwear. There are swimsuits with an inflatable technology to achieve the “breast enhancement” effect; there are also many styles, including deep V tube tops, sexy half -hip hips, sports underwear. Some people even wear the swimsuit as the top of the top and add daily wear.

Some people even wear the swimsuit as the top of the top and add daily wear. /Visual China

In China, the swimwear market really erupted after 2018, and ordinary buyers’ acceptance of swimwear has become higher. Xiaofan, who has operated on Taobao for 8 years, said: “Taobao buyers’ requirements for swimwear can be worn on the beach to take pictures. Therefore, the swimsuit sold on Taobao will put a small skirt outside the bikini, add a thin shawl or a thin shawl or a thin shawl or The hood, it looks no different from the holiday style skirt. The swimsuits that should be covered and look good are the best selling. “

Swimwear designer Aimi said: “Today, diversified swimwear design will take into account the needs of people of different figures. If you want to show large breasts, you can choose swimwear with froons, exaggerated prints, and large lace decorations; worry that the chest is too hot to be too hot Opin, you can choose steel rings and wide shoulder straps; if you want to show long legs, you can choose high -waisted swimming trunks; if you don’t like too exposed, you can match your boyfriend’s white shirt, tullers, or a simple one outside the swimsuit. T -shirt. “

Who cares more than a woman herself?

In 2021, in the European Cup European Cup, the Norwegian women’s beach hand team was fined 1,500 euros by the European Federation for refusing to wear a bikini, because it was “improper dress.” The members of the Norwegian women’s beach team team chose to wear four -corner shorts in the game of the Spanish team instead of the traditional, bikini -like triangular shorts.

According to the official dressing requirements of the beach handball game, male athletes can wear vests and shorts without 4 inches above the knee. Female athletes must wear navel tops and “tight tight cutting, tailoring on the root of the legs”, and the maximum width of 4 inches is 4 inches. Bikinis swimming trunks.


Although the Tokyo Olympics has ended, the discussion about women’s freedom has just begun. Gender discrimination, female physical fitness, and who has the right to decide what clothing “suitable” in sports competitions, etc., becoming the focus of attention.

In addition to the Norwegian women’s beach hand team, German women’s gymnasts participating in the Tokyo Olympics also support the changes in women’s sports costumes through their own actions. The German women’s gymnastics team chose to wear the same body conjoined clothes as male gymnasts, instead of becoming a “standard” tight -fitting pants since 1930. The German Gymnastics Association said that clothing is a statement of “protest gymnasticism”.

Regarding the controversy of athletes, it has begun a hundred years ago. /tu · unsplash

In fact, the dispute over the athletes had begun a hundred years ago.

In 1907, Annte Kateler wore a slim -fitting swimsuit, paired with high -collar circle and knee shorts, appeared on the beach of Massachusetts, and was quickly arrested for obscenity and exposure. In Washington, USA, a police officer measured the distance from the women’s swimsuit to the knee at the entrance of the seaside. Women will be arrested by police because of too many exposed parts of their legs.

In 2016, 30 coastal cities in France announced that women were prohibited from wearing Burkini by the seaside in order to ensure public order.


Bikini is a type of swimsuit. Its design concept is the opposite of bikini. It is a conservative swimsuit that only reveals the front end of the face, hands and feet. Later, it became a common name for the Islamic women’s swimsuit in similar forms. Due to too much controversy, the Bagini ban in France was stopped within a few months.

For a long time, the authority of men as the main body has been formulating rules for women’s clothing in formal or informal ways. Women’s dressing always seems to be more social than men. The New York Times published an article discussing many controversy caused by women’s swimwear and women’s clothing in history.

Women’s dressing always seems to be more social than men. /Picture · Unsplash

This article wrote: “On the one hand, our era is an era of unprecedented indulgence; on the other hand, it is also an era of unprecedented control of body control.”


Xiao Fan said: “Some customers come to choose a swimsuit, and they will not dare to choose the styles they really like because of their boyfriend or husband’s views. They are always informed by the men around them. Isn’t we deciding what to wear? If a person wants to be exposed or almost naked, or is it covered from head to toe, isn’t this a personal choice? “

Daldeli Clemens, a professor of history at the University of Nevada, who studies women’s dress rules, said: “People who formulate rules are” justice ‘in the slogan of “we implement these rules”. Yes, women cannot manage their own instruments. Women are women. Whether they are athletes or not, we all want to dress comfortably, look beautiful, and experience the feeling of being a woman. “