Whenever the season changes, there is a problem that plagues all the fairies: even though the clothes have filled the closet, I don’t know which one should be selected to meet all their needs.


In fact, the fairy can catch the tail of summer and arrange their favorite suspended vests. You only need to add a thin coat to enjoy the appropriate temperature, fashionableness and fashion, fashion, fashion and fashion. The temperament is remarkable ~

Matching ideas 1: temperamental commute wind

In fact, the suspender vest is more sexy in the impression of most fairies, and the style of wear will be slightly limited. I do n’t know that this idea is actually a bit rigid. If you want to change the overall display style, you only need to try to use it to use Other items can be modified.

For those fairy who wants to show the unique personality and temperament in the workplace, the cousin recommends that you must not miss the “combination of heaven” of a suit jacket and suspender vest, and can become the most popular Girl in the office in minutes!


When the seemingly “sexy” daily items collide with a suit jacket with their own temperament attributes, a little “hot girl” style will be weakened to a certain extent, and it is better to make people instantly. A bright temperament and unique charm.


Especially when your suspender vest and a suit jacket are used black, not only can it be further enhanced your own sense of charm, but it can also be found to set off the skin more white and delicate. Remember immediately.

As for the lower body, you can arrange a ultra -short denim shorts with ultra -high waistline. On the one hand, the ultra -high waistline design can increase the visual proportion of the lower body to the greatest extent. On the other hand, it can further outline it. A perfect waist and hip curve.

Some fairies may think that the exposed legs will be cold in autumn, but more fairies will ignore the temperature in order to show their perfect figure. You can consider that the upper body is slightly warmer.啦 ~

Matching ideas 2: Noble goddess style

It is worth mentioning that the combination of the camisole and a suit jacket is still very easy to wear a goddess style. After all, most of the fairy who dare to challenge such a combination of the combination have a good figure that makes people look at it at a glance. Instantly, you can gather the eyes of others.


If you want to expose your figure curve to the greatest extent, the cousin suggested that you best arrange a knitted camisole for yourself. On the one hand, the knitted fabric can reveal a little moving gentle attribute.


On the other hand, you can also use your own tightening attributes to outline your sloppy posture, especially when your chest curve is high enough, the ability and visual impact of the whole person can be said to have reached a certain height to a certain height Essence

Maybe many fairies will encounter a problem when wearing a suspender vest, that is, I do n’t know how to choose underwear. In fact, it is very capable that whether you choose the shoulder -free belt BRA or the basic BRA. If you want to become fashionable, you want to become fashionable If you, you may try to wear the exposed shoulder -to -shoulder -to -shoulder -to -wear method.


As for the color matching, it is recommended that you try more color with Moni Blue or smog blue, which can not only echo the lower -body denim blue far, but also enlarge the overall dressing texture without reservation, exquisitely exquisite It is also advanced.


If you think that the suspender vest and any suit jacket can wear a goddess, then you are very wrong. You must know that the most important thing to become a goddess is to wear a different sense of charm, so at this time , The more difficult white suit jacket is undoubtedly a better choice, the fairy may wish to try more ~


Matching ideas 3: Charming lady style

When it comes to the moving figure curve, I believe that many people think that this is a manifestation of charm, but more people’s minds are still shrouded in a small sexy atmosphere. Essence

After all, under normal circumstances, charm and ladies are two very different styles, but as long as you choose the right coat, you can inadvertently focus on the same girl. Don’t people love it?

Undoubtedly, the only artifact that allows the charming charm to perfectly undertake the flavor of the lady’s taste is the knitted cardigan. The knitted cardigan is not only a gentle and elegant synonym, but also a powerful guarantee for the charm.


Especially when knitting cardigan is matched with knitted camisole with the same color system, it can inspire the elegant characteristics of knitted fabrics to the greatest extent, and it can leave an extremely good impression without effort.

As for the lower body, if your body curve is obvious enough, the cousin recommends that you should arrange a more slim white pants for yourself, and you can collide with the knitted suit of the upper body. Better outline the sloppy curve.

The most important thing is that for such a set of combinations that are neither picking people nor a occasion, whether you use it as a commutation or daily match, even if you are used to create a travel installation. Is it very nice?

If you are also a loyal fan of a suspender vest, you may wish to wear your favorite suspender vest with your favorite suspender vest, just add a coat to make you bloom in this season. Different beauty ~

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