Doctor Shi tells you why quartz stone prices will be higher than natural stone

Dr. Shi Shi Maintenance learned: Now we can often see stone floor tiles, stone curtain walls, etc. At the same time that people pay attention to the aesthetics, the green environmental protection requirements of decorative materials are relatively improved. As a green, environmentally friendly and radiant quartz stone, has gradually become the first choice for decorative stone. However, the price of quartz stone with good quality is also high. Many people think that quartz stone is also a type of artificial stone. Why is the price so high? Below we analyze the reasons why quartz stone is higher than the price of natural stone.


Stone maintenance

First of all, let’s look at natural stone: the density of natural stone is relatively large, the texture is hard, the scratch resistance is outstanding, the abrasion resistance is good, and the texture is very beautiful, and the cost is relatively low. However, natural stone has air bubbles, and it is easy to accumulate oil dirt; the two pieces cannot be integrated when splicing, and the gaps are easy to breed bacteria; natural stone texture is hard, but lack of elasticity. Cracks, the temperature changes sharply.

Let’s look at quartz stones: It guarantees the high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali, impact resistance, and easy cleaning of natural stone, without any radioactive elements that are harmful to the human body. Hard and environmentally friendly composite quartz plate. The surface of this plate is harder than granite. The colors are as rich as marble, and the structure is as anticorrosive and anti -pollution like glass. The excellent performance makes it occupy an irreplaceable position in the decorative stone.

The stone maintenance quartz and stone is actually a type of artificial stone. Because of its unique performance and complex craftsmanship, its price is higher than the general artificial stone and natural stone. Production technology equipment is made of new type of decorative stone formed in a vacuum high -pressure state. In the future, it will definitely become the leading materials of architectural decoration.