In Venezuela, the sex shop still has a market

Many people go to adult products stores to buy products that increase sexual blessings during sexual life. In addition, these stores also provide services for single parties and other activities.

In Venezuela, CeCilia Davila, the manager of the Sexlandia store in Las Mercedes, explained that sales have fallen, but customers still have it.


“Sales have fallen by 30%, but we are still selling. It is best to sell pills and men’s delay capsules that improve female sexual desire,” she explained.

And those sexual utensils are best to sell high -tech products: “No longer the appearance of penis and vagina, but more hidden, making them more attractive.”

She also said that there are more female customers.

“Women and customers are more than male customers. I wonder if they feel shy. Generally, female customers come to buy sexy underwear. The whip is also easy to sell, and men usually come to buy fake penis. If you buy a few things, you will never buy only one, “she said.

In another Sexymanias sex store in the Chacaito shopping mall, its manager Lorena Chutar revealed that so far, sales have fallen by more than 50%so far.

She said: “Everything has a market, but the best thing to sell is the delay agent used by men.”

As for the price, the price of the vibration rod is between 115,000 and 190,000 Bolivar, and the price of jumping eggs is as high as 192,000 Bolivar, while the price of anal chain or anal bead is between 90,000 and 140,000 Bolivar.

The most popular female clothing includes maid clothes, student clothes and nurses, while male clothing is a waiter, firefighters or police uniforms. The price of these clothing is between 250,000 and 380,000 Bolovar.

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