Yale Helios S smart door lock evaluation: new method of “sterile unlock” in the post -epidemic era

Since the birth of the smart door lock, it has been extremely powerful in terms of function. Various switching methods and powerful security have almost become the standard of high -end smart door locks. After the function of the door lock itself goes to the bottleneck, major manufacturers must think: how to “unlock” more user needs and open up new development directions.

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

As a door lock brand born in 1840, Yale has been committed to protecting home security. Today, Yale has also taken the door lock intelligent road, bringing many smart door lock products. How did Yale break through performance and improve the smart door lock experience? Zhongguancun started online, the just released Yaleos S smart door lock, and found its unique slim, antibacterial, and safety characteristics. New products and new products, how many surprises will Yale Helios S smart door locks born in the post -epidemic era? Look at today’s evaluation, you will know!

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01 Breaking the “heavy” cage! To Bo to Beauty, it is integrated

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

Large and heavy, maybe your inherent impression of traditional smart door locks. Limited to component design, it is difficult to achieve the word “thin” in traditional smart door locks, so it is slightly lacking. But Yale Helios S smart door lock brought us a lot of surprises when the author got started. It is as good as bamboo and hard steel? If you look at the picture, you know!

The Yaleos S smart door locks that ZOL got this time is a reddish copper -colored aluminum alloy version. It is elegant and calm, suitable for matching with various dark wooden doors. In order to meet different user groups and decoration styles, Yale Helios S smart door locks also provide different colors such as night sky black and champagne gold, which fully adapt to different needs.

In terms of appearance, Yale Helios S smart door lock is also more rounded. The rounded rectangular design, the R horn is slightly larger, the feel is cold and soft. In addition, Yale HELIOS S is more slim than other smart door locks. According to measurement, the thinnest part of the outer lock body is only 12mm, which can be better integrated with the door body, making the door more overall.

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

Today, in order to avoid cross -infection such as “public products” such as bacteria through door locks, Yale Helios S smart door locks use Biosecure ™ antibacterial coating technology. On the basis of not affecting the feel and appearance, the silver ions on the coating can stick to the cell wall to block the transmission of substances, enter the cells inside the cells to prevent the production of bacteria, destroy the cell DNA to prevent cell replication and reproduce, and achieve “3 -step antibacterial”. In laboratory testing, Biosecure ™ antibacterial coating technology can effectively antibacterial 99.9%, and truly contact with sterile!

In terms of functions, the outside of Yale Helios S smart door locks from top to bottom is smart touch screen, RF card unlocking area, fingerprint unlocking and door handle, key unlocking area. On the inside of the lock, you can see the Bluetooth module and battery compartment after opening the back cover, and below the handle handle and safety knob. On the whole, Yale Helios S smart door lock function is clear and simple. The follow -up author will show you a more detailed operation method.

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

Yale Helios S smart door lock outside

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

Yale Helios S smart door lock inner side

Yale Helios S smart door lock comes with mechanical lock key and RF card. Users can choose the Bluetooth module, Yale network bridge and additional RF cards to enjoy more diverse unlocking methods.

02 Diverse unlocking, convenient and fast. Locked easily, worry -free at home

In terms of unlocking method, Yale HELIOS S smart door lock also supports six most common unlocking methods of fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlock, remote APP unlocking, password unlocking, RF card unlock, key unlocking. At the same time, this product also added Baidu Smart Home to support small voice control! Next, please follow the author to see how the actual unlocking effect is!

Fingerprint Unlock -Live semiconductor recognition, precise unlocking continuously

Fingerprint unlocking is the simplest and convenient unlocking method, which has long been loved by various users. However, other fingerprint locks on the market have more or less fingerprint unlocking and inadequate recognition. What is the fingerprint recognition efficiency of Yale Helios S smart door lock? Just look at the picture below!

The unlocking speed of Yale Helios S smart door lock is beyond the imagination of the author. The unlocking process is almost stopped, and the unlocking is very convenient. Due to the use of live semiconductor recognition technology, whether the thumb is dipped in water or dry or whether it is scratched, Yaleoos S smart door locks can be effectively identified and unlocked quickly. Of course, in order to achieve a good unlocking effect, the author recommends that you can enter the fingerprints in all directions before use, so as to achieve “unlocking no dead ends”!

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

RF card unlock -replace the key, unlock freely

As a widely used unlocking card (RF card), it has uniqueness and efficiency, which is not only difficult to be copied, but also very efficient unlocking speed. During the experience, the RF card opened the door lock at the moment when the smart door lock was close to Yaleoos S smart door lock, and the unlocking speed was completely inferior to the fingerprint unlock.

RF card unlock

Password unlock -virtual position, temporary password, security is guaranteed

The password unlocking is also the standard function of Yale Helios S smart door lock. It uses 6 -bit password unlocking, and supports virtual passwords and temporary passwords to meet the unlocking needs of different users and different scenarios. We can set the password through the mobile APP and adjust the number of passwords and use time, which is very convenient to operate.

Bluetooth, APP unlock -mobile phone control, unlocking immediately

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

Of course, Yale Helios S smart door lock also supports Bluetooth and APP unlocking, but users need to install the optional Bluetooth module or Yale wireless network bridge. After installing the corresponding module and binding in the phone, open the Yale Access to unlock one click. Of course, Yale currently supports the parts. After setting up the component, you can also unlock it quickly!

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

System component

Key Unlock -Preparation

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

Although we have various other unlocking methods, the key can still be used as a “prepared” unlocking choice. Yale Helios S smart door lock comes with 2 keys with the lock. The key cover on the front of the door lock can be opened in the reverse one, and the rotation can be unlocked gently!

Special unlocking method: intelligent mute unlock -quiet and silent

Go home in the middle of the night, afraid of opening the door to wake up the family? Don’t worry, Yale Helios S smart door lock also supports smart mute unlocking function! You only need to touch the password key for three seconds to turn on the mute mode, and then you can use the password, fingerprint or RF card to quickly unlock quickly.

03 is not easy to lock, Yale teaches you a new way of locking!

——The characteristic control method: free handle+security button, security knob, indoor and outdoor lock doors,

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

As the first barrier to block strangers, the door lock must create a complete locking method around the word “security”. Yale Helios S smart door lock inherits Yale’s consistent reliable features in the door lock field. Through the two major devices of free handle and security knobs, it shows strong security! Let’s take a look with the author.

Wandering handle+security button, farewell to the door to open the door

Worried that the “Mao Child” IQ is too good, just open the door with one claw? Fear of the bear children closed, “the portal opens” in the middle of the night? Don’t worry, the free handle+security button of Yale Helios S smart door lock makes your house safer!

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

Yale Helios S smart door lock adopts a grip design, and the security button is added at the thumb to make users lock and lock. After entering the door, press and hold the security button and lift it up quickly. Conversely, you need to press the button to turn down the handle to open the door. Such a design can effectively prevent children or pets from opening the door to avoid unnecessary risks!

Safety knob, one twist and the lock is more assured

It is not enough to travel away! Yale Helios S smart door lock also has a mechanical knob, which can also be locked gently. During the lock, unless you unlock the indoor, you cannot unlock any way from the outdoor!

Little black box attack? does not exist!

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

The small black box passed on the Internet before is said to be “forced unlocking” through overclocking the smart door lock motherboard overclocking. Can Yale Helios S smart door locks hold the small black box attack and provide higher security?

It can be seen from the figure below that in front of the small black box, Yale Helios S smart door lock is indifferent and successfully resisted the attack!

04 Diversified APP settings, free control of the door lock status

Many foreign brands’ smart door locks have the problem of “soil and soil” at the beginning of entering China. A large part of the reason is that its APP settings are too complicated, and it is difficult to make ordinary users get started quickly. How do Yale Helios S smart door locks feel? Look down!

Free settings unlocking method

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

The Yale Access APP adapted to Yale Helios S smart door lock has been very easy to use after many updates. After installing the door lock, the user can connect to its own door lock freely, and then set the door locks, door cards, fingerprints and other functions. In addition, users can also invite and set the passwords of other users and visitors through the APP, including one -time passwords, visitor passwords, etc., which is convenient for different users to switch the door lock.

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

There is a record of the switch door lock

Of course, you can also check the door lock door records in the Yale Access App. When the unlocking is normal, the unlocking information will only be recorded in the list. And if there is an abnormal unlocking information, the system will give a warning prompt to the user in the mobile phone APP!

05 Safe, reliable, sterile, the door lock in the post -epidemic era is preferred

耶鲁Helios S智能门锁评测:后疫情时代下的“无菌开锁”新方法

After the smart door lock manufacturer Yale entered China, Yaleos S smart door locks created according to the domestic market demand, and they all performed extraordinary in unlocking experience, security experience, APP experience, and other aspects. The diverse unlocking method can meet the needs of different groups, and the appearance of thin and beautiful makes it easier to integrate into different decoration styles. Of course, it also uses Biosecure ™ antibacterial coating technology, which can effectively kill bacteria on the handle and reduce the risk of virus transmission. In summary, Yale Helios S smart door lock is enough to become a benchmark in the field of smart door locks, and it should also be the object of learning by other smart door lock brands!

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