In this society, there is no strange mansion in this society.


Instead, creating luxury homes for pets has become a popular nowadays.

For example, make a space in the home to make a cat -covered mansion with a cat.


Or it looks like a luxury home for dogs,

It seems that this dog is really expensive, and they are not like cats, they must be honest.

We have seen cat’s mansion and have seen dogs’ mansions,

Have you ever seen a luxury house for hamsters?

A Korean brother created a three -storey mansion for his habity Nana.

Most of the materials are used in paper shells, and the cost is not high.


It is particularly troublesome, and the younger brother has done a lot of high -tech things.

Nana walked from the exquisite stairs to the aisle to the mansion and looked very looking forward to it.

After walking down the stairs, there is a sense of aisle, and the lights lit up.

At the same time, the conveyor belt also started, transferring Nana to the door of the mansion.

This mansion can not be available for everyone, you have to do face recognition,

After recognizing Nana’s face, the door of the mansion opened.


After coming in from the door, it has to be disinfected. This step is really absolutely ~

Two small houses, the first is used for dust removal, and the second is disinfection.


So every little hamster who comes to the mansion must be clean!


The first room after coming in is the food storage room, all of which they love to eat,

And also carefully made the barrier, with ingredients on it.

In addition, there is a channel for food, which can be automatically produced.

There is also an automatic bucket next to the water. It is really a technology to change the destiny ~


The second room is a vegetable field, full of broccoli,


After walking in, the lights will be turned on automatically, and the tender western blue flowers will be too tempting!

The “STOP” next to it will also automatically lift up and enter the elevator.

From the elevator, the first room is a gym,

In addition to the large barbells, there is a row of small barbells,


But Nana didn’t seem to like this room, and soon left.

The gym is a small study next door, and it is also equipped with a comfortable red sofa.

The wall is the classic “Last Dinner” and a small bookshelf.

But this bookshelf is not simple, there is a organ in it!

After touching the organ, the wall will flip, and “The Last Dinner” is gone.

The replacement is actually a wall full of weapons! Stunning ~

Take the elevator again, it is Nana’s exclusive bar,

The dazzling is all mini small beer, and there are hanging fans,


But Nana didn’t seem to like this space very much, smashing a brunt!


The last room is Nana’s bedroom.


There is a small desk and a set of beds on the upper and lower shops, which are full of paper chips that Nana likes.

The above is the all of Nana’s luxury homes! Is it very creative?

This little brother not only did this mansion, he also made sushi restaurants and cinemas for Nana!


Next time I look at it one by one ~ Those who have a hamster at home can also try it ~

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