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How to come from stockings ~ (*/ω\*)

Before talking about stockings, let’s take a look at it first, so


How did the personal clothes evolved from history?


Let’s walk into this history together:

Stockings (Stockings)

, Its prototype is actually a popular costume of medieval nobles, tight colored pantyhose, and it is

Specialized for men

“Napoleon, which crosses the St. Bernard Pass of the Alps”

▲ ▲ Lightly stockings, at that time, the cost was expensive, and it was slowly popular in the aristocracy.


Liberation of women’s rights and consciousness

Women’s dress began to change significantly and began to pursue fashion. Among them, the original service and men’s pantyhose, after the birth of artificial fibers, evolved into a lower cost


Nylon stockings


It is popular with women.

Web image

Later, stockings gradually became

Professional woman


(Bank staff, flight attendant)



Part of the component has gradually further developed into a woman’s showing leg curve and enhancing women’s charm. “


How to pick stockings ~ (*/ω\*)

Let’s start with the multiple attribute dimensions of stockings and see how many options we have

After reading a picture:

1. Material:

Middle -century aristocrats are made of hair and are expensive, but their elasticity is very poor. Now stockings are basically made of synthetic fibers.

The current commonly used materials are general


Essence Because nylon (that is, nylon) is slender, high -strength, good abrasion resistance, spandex long silk is slender and elastic, and the two can make elasticity and wear -resistant and durable stockings.

2. Thickness:

First of all, we need to consider its thickness when buying stockings. Generally speaking,


Thin spring and summer, thick autumn and winter wear

(Are you nonsense?)

So how to measure the thickness of stockings?

There is a standard unit in the thickness of stockings, called


, Abbreviated as D. The larger the D value, the thicker the stockings, the thinner the more transparent

Generally speaking:


1, 5D, 10D, 15D, etc. are ultra -thin stockings, which can see the skin, which can be seen for summer wear.

2,50D, 80D, 120D, 150D, etc. are all moderate stockings, which have a slight sense of transparentness and suitable for spring and autumn.

3, 300D to 2000D, etc. are very thick and warm stockings. Many beautiful girls are worn with this type of stockings as autumn pants, which is suitable for winter.

3, length:

The earliest noble men (?) The stockings were basically stockings and pantyhose, but later, as the consumer demand continued to increase, the length of the stockings is already very rich. There are: from short to long::

· Invisible stockings

: Just limited to the stockings worn on the soles of the feet, which is the ship socks made of stockings. I can’t see it on the shoes … From my gentleman’s perspective, it is actually not stockings


· Short stockings

: The length to the ankle, similar to ordinary socks, wearing shoes will show a little bit

· Midtop stockings

: Level below the knee, the length is similar to football socks, and it will look particularly youthful when wearing it (


Having jk clothes are good


· Stockings

: Level above the knee, below the crotch, youth and sexy are one (my favorite length)

Reference map:


▲ ▲ ▲ stockings are basically too common in Japanese animation. When paired with a mini skirt,

Under the skirt and the thigh part above the socks

,is called”

Absolute field

“, Is the pursuit of countless otaku’s life


Useless gentleman knowledge get!

· Studius

: The length is consistent with the long stockings, but it has a strap and connected to the belt of the waist to ensure that the stockings will not be easy to slip.


, District 11 I like it very much

Maid costume+hanging sticks


Over time, I also think:


Starfish ~


▲ ▲ My Enlightenment (?) One of the animation

▲ ▲ If true love has color, it must be _____ (sending points)


· Pantyhose

: Like a pants made of stockings, the length is longer than long stockings. It can be directly put on. It can be said that it is the most common type of stockings, which are basically professional equipment requirements.

▲ ▲ ▲

Common teachers’ professional clothing (DOGE)

▲ ▲ thick pantyhose, the warmth effect in winter is very good

4, color:

Stockings are common in three colors: black, white, flesh -colored, of which black and flesh are more common


: It is more textured, and the effect of skinny legs is more sexy at the same time

▲ ▲ big long legs of big power ~


▲ ▲ Black hanging bars, highlight the legs of the legs, increase beauty ~

▲ ▲ Wales ecstatic (?)


: Give people a bright color, bring fresh vitality as a whole.

▲▲ Qiao Jingjing’s white stockings. This set is very special. White stockings fill the blank and enhance the overall sense.

Tang Yan big beauty


▲ ▲ My two -dimensional wife (one of)


: Low -key and sexy, in addition, meat -colored stockings can improve the color of the leg to a certain extent


Other colors are also there, but daily life is relatively rare, it is not easy to match

Blue, depression (doge)

Green, Doge

Red, passion (Doge)

5, pattern style:

The general form of stockings is solid color, but it does not mean that stockings have only a solid color.

Essence With the improvement of the preparation process and the changes in fashion trends, the current stockings style is extremely rich

I think it can be divided into

Weaving pattern style


Hollow pattern style

List some styles for your reference ~


▲ ▲ Bring text pattern


▲ ▲ With star pattern

▲ ▲ hollow pattern

▲ ▲ Gradient color system+pattern+fine net hollow

▲ ▲ ▲ big hole fishing net socks+bow (bow can be unlocked

▲▲ socks+lace lace

▲ ▲ A special hollow pattern style

▲ ▲ Cave ribbon stocking socks

▲ ▲ The same model


▲ ▲ Holding net pantyhose (fish scales)

Having said so much, choosing stockings, the most important thing is

Start from your own needs

,according to



Thickening of stockings

Daily wear style


Length, color, style

Stockings, brands, naturally you have to choose the best for yourself ~

Buy overseas famous brand stockings!

Write at the end ~ (*/ω ~*)

As a honest mature man, Brother Yao, I have a lot of



High -profile representation: “

Stockings are the best styles in history, none of them!


“And in addition to the stockings can make girls show themselves


The graceful curve of the leg

Beautiful and attractive


In addition, it can


Modify the leg shape

Improve the skin color of the legs

as well as


Keep warm

Waiting for functions.

Then this is the end of the purchase of stockings. I am Brother Yao, please see you next time ~












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