I do n’t know if you have been hot some time ago, do you have any online celebrities ’s celebrities? I have entered it at the point of taking pictures. I only felt that I bought it very well at 179 yuan.

I was not popular until I watched the largest “design Shanghai” exhibition in Asia last week

The design behind the Internet celebrity explosion -it is plagiarized.


My sunset light is purchased in a certain treasure

The full name of the genuine sunset is called Halo Editation. It is a precise optical system developed by Milan product design studio to “comfort people’s emotions”. It is the product of art and design. The original price is more than 1W.

179pk 10,000 yuan, to be honest, the price is a bit big, and I really can’t afford it.

But after this exhibition, my biggest feeling is that China also has many beautiful and practical original design products, but why is it almost impossible to see in the house of ordinary people.

This is a huge embarrassment-

No one buys good things


Genuine setting sunlight, comes from the Internet

Recently, Living Fan’er has been recommending good products with cost -effectiveness through the “Big Factory Trace Source and Exploration Factory” series. We have said more than once, here

Cost -effective

It is not only pursuing cheap, but paying for the practical functions and value of it.

After all, a penny is a penny.

After visiting the exhibition, I want to be here

Add a layer after cost -effectiveness, [Chinese original design]

Today this article will also be different from the past.

I want to talk to you through the phenomenon I saw at the exhibition


[Practical, beautiful Chinese original design]


This matter

What does it have to do with us

Content more communication and sharing.

If you don’t buy original, you have to spend more expensive money to buy imported brands

In recent years, our living standards are really getting better and better, and their aesthetics have become more and more picky.



Let’s spend tens of thousands of to buy a high -value art or a master designed furniture, ordinary people can really not bear it.

Take the designer brand we saw this time to “Design Shanghai” exhibition, regardless of imports or foreign brands, large-piece furniture, such as a single chair, is generally 6000-30000.

Good -looking is really good -looking, but it is really expensive, and generally comparison, the same type of original design products,


The import price is more than three times more expensive than domestic.

Seed desian


I asked for a circle. At the exhibition, the Nordic collection furniture brands TRADITIN, Italy’s design lamp brand FLOS, Swiss high -end kitchen appliance brand Asko and other imported brands.

They have the following common characteristics:

Product value

High design sense is good,


Very layered

No matter how you set up, you are very grade

brand history


Basically between 50-100 years

Single brand

There is your own in technology or design


Core competitiveness

Make a product for specialty and fine


Pure import mode

, Putting up to the assembly link in China

This is why they sell expensive,



In design, research and development

Brand premium


Go on


And the cycle of their polishing products is also more than 1 year; the color matching, fabric style, and material environmental performance of the color we care about are the focus of their research.

FLOS Italian furniture is plagiarized

Look back and look at the domestic one

Original design furniture

Is it not good? No, of course not, yes,

It takes time

This is the opposite of Made in China that we know.

Chinese original furniture design has only a history of more than 20 years of development

, Consolidate the design at most, let’s say that the first two years in home improvement

New Chinese style

It was also born some good


Design brand

U+new Chinese products


They have explored their own methods in production and manufacturing, and they also have very strict quality control.


For example, I saw at this exhibition

U+, up and down

There are also some siblings, Susu, Twelve o’clock, Su Yuan, etc. Although there are generally only 6 years of brand history, there are already some channel layouts online and offline.

U+furniture design details


Most of these brands face users in first -tier and second -tier cities, and they do not really enter ordinary people like us, so

Everyone’s cognition and acceptance are also very limited

This does not mean that they are not good, but they have not been widely recognized. In other words, when we have the ability to pay, we must consider more domestic brands.


Otherwise, most of the money you pay in the future will pay for the premium and tariffs of imported brands. From a cost -effective perspective, it is not cost -effective.

If you buy domestic original furniture, you can only pay for the basic production design and manufacturing.

Once the domestic furniture is measured, the price can be reduced

Here, and


The rise of domestic goods is no longer a empty words

Conflict of original design: Mass production and craftsmanship


Earlier, we talked about the gap between it and imported furniture. This party, we go back to the source and talk about the original

Why is it so expensive to create design furniture

Where is it difficult?

Probably the following reasons:


Furniture is too niche


Can’t achieve mass production

, Little is even a computing unit

The production cost is high,


Most young designers do not understand craftsmanship

, And the master

The cost of production and communication is too high


, Basically starting at 10W

The cycle of the formation is long,


Time -consuming

No factory is willing to pick up orders

Incomplete channels

The products made very much

Easily plagiarized

It is also the reason that the cost of domestic original design furniture is high, and the development is slow. Relatively speaking, the brand premium is low;


TALENTS Design Test Brand Yann

But on the contrary, this process is also the process

Forced the designer to do it yourself

It opened the distance between the designer furniture and the general furniture in the face value, production details, and quality control. These are not copied by plagiarism.

For example ~

The shaw

The manager Liu Xiao, after the 80s, began to design furniture and join the production of production around 170 years.

Its brand booth is designed in Shanghai a relatively hidden small corner,

At first glance, the product has nothing to do with practicality, nor is it a traditional design we understand


It is mainly adopted

Stainless steel for art device lamps

, Sitting with product design and production, very personal and expensive, except for the design itself,

Materials and artificial prices rise

It is also the main factor for her high pricing.

At the exhibition, the cheapest wall lamp currently costs more than 6,000. This is still the price after the drop. The original price is more than 8,000, and the price can be reduced by 2000.

It was because they found the right factory in the later period. In the area of ​​Foshan, Guangzhou, relatively speaking


Solving the problem of production difficulties

In addition, this wall lamp is square, and the mold is handmade.

This is a stainless steel facade light. At first glance, it looks like a whip, but it is a lamp stitching from multiple cubes.

Liu Xiao said that it was copied on a treasure, and found that after being copied, she took the initiative to contact the merchant, asked to get off the shelves, and resorted to the lawyer’s right to defend their rights, but did not expect to enter a long communication tug -of -war. Now, this light is still still. Hanging on the idle fish.

Difficulty in infringement, original plagiarism


THESHAW is currently not opening online stores for this reason, and there are only eight agency shops under the connection.

The Shaw Authorized Store

In fact, the product like The Shaw is not a cost -effectiveness recommended by Fan Er, nor is it in the aesthetic scope of our ordinary people.

It is a brand new art category, and it is even more niche in original design, but it is indeed part of Chinese original design;


It needs everyone’s support. They are still very small and struggle on the line of life and death, but it is them that they may take Chinese design to the world.

But the current thing in front of it is that mass production and plagiarism are really serious.

If the price cannot be mass -produced, the price cannot be reduced, and the plagiarism will make the original dare not let go of the design.

To change the status quo, this part depends on the designer itself, and it is also closely related to us.

Only with our more support, supporting original design, distinguishing plagiarism, and improving aesthetics can we allow design and markets to enter a virtuous circle, and the rise of domestic goods is not a empty words.

Some people may say that the price of original and plagiarism is really too big.

No moral abduction

, Just in this article

I hope everyone is capable,

Priority support

Good original design must pursue classic

Refusing to explode design

Regarding Internet celebrity explosive products, Fan’er’s attitude has always been cautious,

It is recommended to buy rationally

Look at the practical first, then the face value

The common feature of Internet celebrity explosive products is high value, small parts

, The unit price is below 200 yuan, and another level between 200-500 yuan is another grade.

Most of the small appliances, kitchenware, lamp products are the main


Fatal disadvantage

that is

Easy to be outdated, the frequency available is relatively low

Quality control and quality are not guaranteed.

The chicken ribs of net red small appliances live in Fan’er self -taking

This is the best way to use a product of fast experiments and make money, but this method is not optimistic about this method in design.

Through the Western design system,

Design is a systematic engineering


, Need to be polished slowly

They slowly spend on the fine manufacturing of color, materials, and craftsmanship. It is precisely because of their professional attitude towards design that many classic furniture products are still fashionable and easy to use.

Twelve o’clock slow

The boss and designer Zeng Qiang has always agreed with this. A good design must pursue the classics. According to the life cycle of the furniture,

He settled the classic product period at least 10 years

His design style is completely different from Liu Xiao,

At the beginning of the product, user research will be conducted

Then adjust some details of the product based on the survey. The advantage is that the product does take into account the dual effects of practicality and good -looking.

Such as the following


When people are always occasionally touched the table below when the legs of Li Erlang, the knee touched red and swollen.

Slide rail

Sliding rail move drawer movement

You can sit comfortably at any time, taking into account the needs of storage and people’s use habits.

Intimately, the internal of the product has reserved the contraction and expansion space of solid wood at different seasons.

There is also a combination of solid wood and weaving. The special place is that it extends from behind the table legs.

Small chair


, I sat down, just to the waist, this pair


Lumbar spine, cervical spine

Bad people are a treasure benefit.

There are still a lot of such similar attempts. He feels not enough, and he needs to improve it to have classic design.

Near the end, give you some designer brand stores with relatively good cost performance, you need to take yourself:

Fisherman Light 5700 yuan Tmall is available for sale

Prime element

Single sofa: 8500 yuan (top)

Glass and coffee table: 17500 yuan (right)


Lost and found

The solid wood armrest chair is 3300 yuan after folding

Retro bucket cabinet fold 4690

Write at the end


To be honest, the topic of respect for original design has plagued the industry for nearly ten years, but this problem has always been put on hold by intermittent, and has not made progress in the industry.

As consumers, we may not have an intuitive feeling, but

Living Fan’er, as a content platform that has precipitated in the industry for 6 years,

Links the industry and consumers

We always feel,

An industry and a good product formed not only the efforts of the designer,

It is also necessary to the market for experiments and trials,

Consumer experience is a very important part

The rise of domestic goods is really not so easy. We really hope that everyone can choose to support originality within the scope of power.

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