A mysterious person appears every day in a supermarket in Chinese cities in South Korea. He is called “secret agent” by nearby people …

“Secret Agent” is a man in his 20s. He will come to the supermarket every day at a fixed time, see a circle along various shelves, and then pick a carefully organized product on the shelves.

He sorted out very carefully until each row was unusually neat.


After finishing the shelves, he will also wipe the dusty horns with dust.

After finishing all the shelves and cleaning all the dirty corners, he will leave quietly. Before leaving, do not take away any products or receive any compensation.

He just came to work every day, and lasted for nine years …


Because such a move is too weird and mysterious, people who are unclearly call him “secret agent”.

A local TV station unexpectedly heard this mysterious character and decided to investigate.

It turned out that the “Secret Agent” was named Gwan Yong, born in 1992. Since 2012, it has come to this supermarket to “work” every day from 2012.

When people asked him why he wanted to organize the shelf, Gwan Yong was silent, and then hurriedly got up and left the supermarket.


According to an old employee who has worked in a supermarket for many years, in his opinion, Gwan Yong’s intelligence seems to be a bit problematic, but he is not clear about what’s the case.


However, Gwan Yong’s shelves are well sorted out, and the goods are not wrong, and a person has done a job of several people. Not only that, he was full of happiness and happiness every day.

The show team followed Gwan Yong for several days, because Gwan Yong refused to speak, and never could find the answer.

One afternoon, after Gwan Yong was busy, a young woman came to him.


The show group came forward and inquired that this person was Gwan Yong’s mother.

Through Gwan Yong’s mother, the program team unlocked the secret behind Gwan Yong.


It turned out that when GWAN Yong was three years old, he was diagnosed by doctors diagnosed with developal disability. People with such defects were often accompanied by mental, intelligence, and physical organs.

At that time, the Gwan Yong’s family was very difficult, and she could not apply for medical insurance. The mother was worried about Gwan Yong’s treatment costs every day.

At the time, the medical methods could not make GWAN Yong significantly improved.

Just when the mother was extremely sad, Gwan Yong’s sister -in -law took the initiative to take the initiative to assume the responsibility of helping and taking care of her brother.


In her sister’s opinion, no matter how much Gwan Yong can return to her life, she will do my best to help her brother and teach her brother to live independently as much as possible.

At the beginning of the small, my sister became an example, and taught my brother to learn to eat, dress, bath, bathing.


Gwan Yong learned very slowly, but he remembered that he had never forgotten what his sister taught.

Once, my sister said a word, and Gwan Yong remembered his life. The sister said:


Keep clean and tidy before people!


This sentence has become Gwan Yong’s lifelong action criteria. Since then, he has always paid attention to his clothes and never stains. In the place where the family was dirty, he always sorted out and cleaned the first time.


Gwan Yong grew up with her sister’s careful teaching and companionship. Although his intellectual development has always been slow, it has been tidy before people, and it is always a clean and decent image.

He gradually learned a lot of life skills. In this process, Gwan Yong also discovered what he was best at:


Clean and organize …


As long as he is at home, he will stack everything neatly, and the invisible places will be cleaned clean.

Every time I do it, I can receive my sister’s praise. At this moment, Gwan Yong is extremely happy.

One day nine years ago, my sister took GWAN Yong to go shopping in the supermarket. When I arrived at the supermarket, Gwan Yong not only put the buying things neatly, but also obliged to organize the things on the shelves. People are refreshing.

Since then, Gwan Yong has become fascinated by the supermarket, and as soon as he is free, he will go to the supermarket to “play”.

The sister couldn’t hold him, and took Gwan Yong to ask the doctor at the Child Development Center. The doctor must be:

To do a fixed place every day to do fixed activities, it can allow a person to have an experience of integrating the society, to make GWAN Yong feel happiness and maintain emotional stability.

In this way, my sister and mother decided to let GWAN Yong go to the supermarket to “voluntarily work” every day. Although there is no remuneration, Gwan Yong can feel happiness and happiness.


As a result, GWAN Yong has tied its roots in the supermarket, and it is nine years.


In nine years, he focused on organizing the shelves in the supermarket for a day, cleaned up, and cleaned up the entire supermarket.


This is not only his best activity, but also gives him the opportunity to communicate with the staff, get into the society, and realize his own value.


At the same time, he still has the opportunity to practice the words that sister teach every day:


Keep them clean and tidy before people.


For Gwan Yong, this supermarket belongs to his perfect world …



Gwan yong

In addition to “work” every day, he also has his own hobbies. He likes to go to the supermarket to get aquarium to feed fish after “get off work”. This work originally had a fixed employee to do it, and then gave it to Gwan Yong.


In nine years, Gwan Yong became the supermarket in Huacheng. He is the “mysterious agent” in the eyes of the foreigners, and the warm -hearted boy in the eyes of the old employee.

He always loves cleanliness and cleanliness, never reward, and happily serve others in exchange for daily pleasing mood and his family appreciation.

Perhaps Gwan Yong can only understand the words of my sister in this life, and only good at cleaning and finishing.

However, the simplest things he learned is enough to make him deeply feel the love of strangers, sisters, and mother every day. For him, happiness is simple and enough …