The elegant man knows how to do subtraction on wearing, the simpler, the more advanced.

Every winter,

Men not only have the grace, but also the temperature.

Right now, are your men’s bottoming and cold clothing, are you ready?



On the cold, wearing it must not be separated from the sweater,

Warm, light, soft and delicate, texture.

Whether it is paired with coats, down jackets, or daily wear.



Recommend a men’s wool sweater, I recommend this that makes my husband lament to buy a few more–

Men’s men’s wool sweater.


Made by high luxury 100%pure wool, soft waxy and warm, soft feel near cashmere;

Use luxury grade royal process treatment, fluffy, delicate and breathable;


The design is close and bloated, the shape is straight, the age is reduced, and the temperament is reduced;

Classic colors, simple and simple, white skin, warm and warm.


There is no less wardrobe,

It belongs to the style that does not pick people, can cover the meat, and it is excellent to wear a base.

Half -high circle collar–

The exquisite littering neckline, classic versatile models, is excellent in inside.

High -quality lapel–

The unique and playful high lapel, the neckline is folded at will, warm around the neck, retro fashion.

Exquisite cardigan-

The cardigan style is casual and versatile, with a shirt inside, and the simple button embellishment, which is more business style.

The color selection is also the Morandi color system, and the texture of the soft and waxy wool

Foreign Minister,

It is very suitable for Asian skin tones, gentle and elegant, white skin, and not picking people.

The general sweater worsen in one or two seasons.

But today I recommend these wool sweaters. Even if you take it out of the closet in the coming winter, it is still soft, delicate, and warm.


It will make you fall in love with it once, and it is better to be thin and warm.

Those who have bought them all commented:

“The weight is very light, but it is very warm to wear, and it will not feel heavy and bloated.”

“Give people fresh and beautiful visual experience, wear very mentally, and be thin and bloated.”

“I feel very comfortable, my father said it is warm.”

“My husband looks good in clothes, bought a round neck, and bought another high -necked one.”

Gao luxury Australian wool

Soft, glutinous, light, high -level texture


The warmth of hair is an important reason why everyone chooses in autumn and winter. But wool is also divided into level.



The wool for horses is really

A “fairy” fabric:

It is as delicate and smooth as cream, as light as a cloud, soft and bone, as if you can breathe.

“Persepping” is softly sticking to the skin, like a touch of hugging by the clouds.

The high -quality Meru Nu wool (also known as the beautiful Nuo wool) of Australia is used.

Ordinary wool fiber is thinner, so


In addition to keeping warm, the touch is softer and delicate.

Meru Nu

Wool fiber,

High oil content, white color after washing, with silver or pearly elegant luster.

The fabrics formed by it are naturally more shiny and elegant than ordinary wool.

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Merimu Sheep


Mao fiber, with

It is not easy to get gray, not easy to stick to sweat, and not easy to soak.


Its fiber structure is hollow, very soft, and naturally has a certain degree of curling and elasticity.


The fabric is fluffy and abundant, and a large space is formed between the hair, which can store the heat and air of the human body and separate the cold air.

This kind of exquisite wool has a limited annual output,

It is a fabric for many high -end brands.

Luxury grade royal process processing

Loose and delicate as clouds, good breathability

The reason why the woolen sweater series can be softened close to cashmere, in addition to good fabrics, the production process is also a key.

it makes

Use a name

Basulan’s craftsmanship

, Make wool fiber


The surface becomes more fluffy and smooth, soft and delicate.


Note: Basulan is a high -level process for processing wool. Using special agents to make the scale layer of the surface layer of the wool more smooth and softer.


The wool fiber tissue treated with Basulan craftsmanship is obviously more delicate and smooth on the surface.



Sulan craftsmanship can

The natural characteristics of Meru Nu wool are retained to the greatest extent, such as breathability and bright color.

After trying it out, the touch is soft and delicate, delicate and soft.

It is like falling into the clouds, warm and comfortable.

Note: The sensitivity of the skin varies from person to person. The above is only a personal trial experience. Choose cautious people who are sensitive to wool and cashmere products.

Three styles


Men’s wardrobe cannot be missing


The texture of the wool sweater is good enough, and it only needs a simple and classic design to show its beauty.

In addition to the material, comfortable wearing, it is very good -looking.


Semi -high collar




Half -high round neck, which is very suitable for the shoulder and neck ratio of Asians,


Height is just right, nor loose.

The neckline is the woven of vertical barbaria, which is elastic

, Can fully fit the body lines.


When wearing it in this jacket, the neckline is not easy to crooked and comfortable.

The hem also uses vertical strips to finish, making the overall thin and covering the temperament, showing your unique sense of taste.

The round neck is not easy to make mistakes, and it is free.

Style two

High collar

It is a very popular “high lapel” this year. It is fashionable, loose, business style, and leisure style.

Ordinary tall collars are generally close to their necks, and it is easy to have a feeling of Le, and it is easy to seem to have no neck.



High lavles are loose and folding stacked styles, forming natural and beautiful lines, and can also modify the shoulder and neck lines.

The loose neckline is more comfortable. If you do n’t, you can feel the soft and warm care from the wool.

It’s also good -looking with clothes, not dull. The cuffs and hems are designed with vertical stripe tattoos, which are naturally generous.

Style three

Woolen sweaters

Courtes can be worn

There are many styles,

The chic street wind and fresh literary style, what you want can be easily created ~


The finishing touch lies in the buttons, a serious deduction, and the material with wool, colliding with a magical effect. Gathering retro and leisure!


Make simple silhouettes more “business”, this fashionable and not too casual machine is particularly suitable for office workers.


They are classic plain, high -level texture, quiet and elegant, showing gentleman grace.

Deep blue:


Like the sky of the beginning of the rain, clean and transparent, combines leisure business and one! If you feel too deep, the elegant sky blue is also a good choice!

Ink green:

In my heart is a very high -level color, with a mature male charm. And this color has a white effect.


It has always been the classic of men! It can best highlight the elegance and quietness of men. There is such an inherent introverted, ethereal, pure and elegant, giving people a calm and solid comfort.



But the time is quite popular. Black can break dull and full of styling. Men’s must -have!

Earth color system (apricot, camel):

In fact, the skin color of most Chinese people is very suitable for this color, like a sweet latte, with a warm atmosphere.



It can be obtained at a price of less than 300, high cost -effective and highly luxurious wool sweater.

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¥ 339


Men’s men’s wool sweater.