In the hot summer, the skirt is the best product that can most highlight the charm of women, such as high -waist and half -body skirt. In addition to its own lightness, the skirt is also practical, versatile and gentle. Picking people and not picking age, as long as you choose the right half skirt style, master the matching skills and matching solutions, 40 -year -old middle -aged women can also be picturesque.

For middle -aged women who don’t know what to wear, the skirt is definitely the best choice in summer. This summer skirt is “wearing long and not short”. If you like half skirts, then please refer to this set of high -end and elegant half skirt with templates. It is too worthy of a 40 -year -old woman!

1. Wear long or not


The skirts and long skirts of the half body are both in the summer. They are very good at the skirt, but the short skirts are more and more profitable.


For a 40 -year -old middle -aged woman who takes the elegant temperament route, it is recommended to use a half -body long skirt to match. The high -waisted flute skirt near the calf belly is strongly tolerant of the leg shape, which can cover various legs of the legs. Whether it is thick legs, legs, or short legs, it can be played out.

Secondly, the long skirt is elegant and agile, which can further highlight the light beauty of a 40 -year -old woman. The body is elegant, and the romantic atmosphere between raising her hands is naturally revealed.

1. High -waist half -body umbrella skirt

Among all the skirt styles, the umbrella -shaped style is the lightest style, and the effect of covering the meat is also the best. Combined with the high -waisted design, it can also have the effect of optimizing the proportion. This also makes the umbrella skirt the existence of several people.


In order to show the noble and elegant side of a 40 -year -old woman, it is also recommended that everyone uses a strong gauze or a strong sense of pendant, which is graceful and dreamy.

2. High -waist suit half -body long skirt

Because the suit skirt uses a straight line tailoring and the material is flexible, it can play an excellent leg effects. Although it is not as agile and elegant as umbrella skirts and pleated skirts, it is a little more prosperous and decent.


Such as a camel suit, black, gray, or white suit skirt, which is very suitable for commuting scenes.


3. Poly wave dot pleated skirt

The beauty of the pure color dress is simple and generous, and the pleated skirt of the small wave dot, small floral or checkered elements is better than playful and fashionable, and these elements can further enrich the layers of dressing to avoid monotonous and old -fashioned styling.

TIPS: When using a small wave dot and a small floral skirt to create a summer look, the top is too exaggerated. The basic color of the solid color is the best.


Second, when wearing a long skirt, the details worth noting

The wider the scope of applications, the more you need to wear a good temperament that you want to wear, the more you need to make an article on the details.

1. Raise the waistline

The half -body long skirt has a lot of choices in the top, but whether it is equipped with shirts, T -shirts or sweater, 40 -year -old middle -aged women must remember to raise the waistline position.


With a high -waisted long skirt with a short top, or putting the top of the shirt into the skirt, you can create the effect of short up and down.

2. Simple color matching

Color matching is a key factor that affects the skirt. The simpler the color, the more coordinated, and the more look of the overall look.

Therefore, it is recommended that a 40 -year -old woman prioritizes some timely and gentle and high -end color schemes, such as black and white color, khaki+white, blue and white, red+black, or use the same color matching.

Third, a full formula for matching

Although the half -body long skirt is versatile, it is not high -level. If a 40 -year -old woman wants to be beautiful, you may use these three formulas.

1. Knit sweater+high -waist half -body long skirt

Knitting sweater is synonymous with gentleness and resistance. Women 40 -year -old women can create a gentle and fashionable temperament with a sweater and a half skirt.

In the hot summer, knitwear can be appropriate and thin, such as knitted short cardigan or short -sleeved sweater, matched with an umbrella skirt, which is elegant and romantic.

2. striped shirt+half skirt

The striped shirt is mainly casual, and it is matched with the skirt. It is easy to take care of elegance and age, such as black and white striped shirts, red and white striped shirts, or blue and white striped shirts.

It is used in summer to match with a high -waisted long skirt, which is more durable.

3. Shoulder shirt/suit vest+skirt

Whether it is a knitted sweater or a striped shirt, it is visually gentle. If you want to create a noble and capable commute look, it is recommended to use a shoulder shirt or a suit vest with a half -neck design. Relieving.

The above is a skirt that I shared this time. If a 40 -year -old woman does not know what to wear for the time being, then please refer to it and easily wear a good temperament!

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