“Ultraman” is a transliteration. English is called Ultraman. The Japanese pronunciation “Ulitraman”, literally translated, is “Superman”.

Hong Kong translated into “salted egg Superman”, because Ultraman’s eyes are round and large and yellow like a salted egg yolk. In the nonsense movie “The King of Destruction” by Xingye in 1994, he has spoofed the salted egg Superman style. Essence

The translation of Taiwan is even more exaggerated, called “Super Human Overlord”.

In terms of type, the Ultraman series of film and television works are not cartoons, nor are they conventional live TV series, but a very special category born in Japan -special film, which means that before digital synthesis technology has been born, it is used before it was born.

Movies made of special technology.

The reason why special films will be born in Japan after World War II, which has a profound historical background.

After the defeat, Japan was not only lifted to armed forces, but also underwent political and economic sanctions. At the same time, in order to transform Japan ’s fighting nationality, even in publishing cultural video works, even war scenes could not appear, but Japanese audiences still have spiritual and cultural needs in this regard , So you can only shoot some overhead war stories to meet the market.

The first -recognized special film was the movie “Godzilla” made by Dongbao in 1954. In fact, it was a war between the nations with the war between humans and overhead monsters.

As the originator of monster, Godzilla often landed on the big screen today. Young people are very familiar because this “Godzilla” 65 years ago shocked the world. It first adopted

Micro -shrinking city model+real people put on the road to play monsters

The special shooting method was much more advanced than the Western film industry at that time, affecting generations of European and American audiences.

The theme of the monster was just a branch of a special film. Later, disaster themes, horror themes, science fiction themes, and war themes appeared. Anyway, it was difficult to achieve conventional film shooting techniques at that time.

However, with the advancement of technology, the special films of other themes have gradually been replaced. Only the monster theme of “Godzilla” began -more accurate, it is a real person to play a superman, monster, robot, cosmic man Waiting for various strange forms to fight each other, it is still prevalent.

This type of special film has also appeared in many popular works, such as “Kamen Rider”, “Super Team”, “Iron Giant”, “Superman Balom”, “Dinosaur Special Urcene” Native

“Kamen Rider”

Anyone who has watched “Crayon Crayon” knows that Xiaoxin likes “Dynamic Superman” on TV very much. Its prototype is “Kamen Knight”, which was particularly popular in the past. Do you immediately think of Xiaoxin’s cheap expression?

~~~ biubiubiu ~~~

Later, the special film came out of Japan. A lot of the “Dinosaur Team” series of “Dinosaur Team”, which is a lot of copyright remakes in the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and even our mainland regions. In the 1990s, it was all the rage.

We also have scholarship in our homeland. We have taken a lot of crude films. Among them, the most sophisticated and well -known production is the most well -known. I should be regarded as “Armor Warriors”.

The historical status of three works stands at the peak of the industry. It is known as the “Special Royal Royal Family”, that is, the Kamen Rider series, the super combat series, and the most successful Ultraman series in the Chinese market.


The pioneer of Ultraman’s story, Yuangu, is known as the “God of Special Photography”, similar to the contemporary “God of Comics” Tezuka.

“Special Photograph” Yuangu Yingji

The first “Godzla” in 1954 came from his hands.

In 1963, Yuangu Yingji resumed freedom, and established the Yuangu Co., Ltd. with the support of Dongbao, and launched the first work, “Otter Q” 3 years later.

Although there is no setting of the “Light Giant” Ultraman, there are many huge monsters and cosmic people like Godzilla in the work, among which Jerton, Baltan Star, Gobmes, Zhenzhen Popular players such as Beast Ploves repeatedly appeared in subsequent Ultraman’s works.

But fighting between humans and monsters or monsters always feels less.

Since the monster is set to a huge form of tens of meters high, the tail can push the tall building gently. Why can’t we create a humanoid hero with the same body shape as the monster to replace humans to compete with it?

After the update of “Out Q” in 1966, “Ultraman” immediately appeared, triggering an unprecedented viewing frenzy.

Today, it seems that due to technical reasons, the original Ultraman’s picture is very rough, especially when the first generation first debuted, the face was uneven, and was later nicknamed “sulfuric acid”.

The first generation of Ultraman “sulfuric sulfuric sulfur”

But the basic worldview of the Ultraman series was laid in this work.

In 1967, Yuangu Company launched the second part of the Ultraman series, “Cevin Altman”.

の ル ト ラ セブ の 莳 ト ト ト ト ト ト ト ウ ウ ウ ル ト ラ マ ン シ リ ー ズ 40th anniversary memories

However, at the beginning of the “Cevin Ultraman” plan, it was not simply set as a sequel to “Ultraman”, and there was no inheritance of the world view of “Ultraman”. Each work is the first one in human history, with strong experimentality and difficulty in success or failure.

Although both “Alt Q” and “Ultraman” have achieved huge commercial success, because the setting is relatively simple, the audience age is low, and Yuiya Ishi hopes that special films can carry more ideological connotations, Attract more adult audiences to drift the Ultraman’s style from the child supply.

Therefore, the script of “Saifen Altman” is more solid, the plot is more realistic, and the character is more profound.

In fact, from the setting of the first “Coses”, it can be seen that the strong anti -war consciousness of Yuangu Yingji can be seen.

Godzilla was originally set as an ancient giant beast. Because of the nuclear test of human beings, it was resurrected and eaten with nuclear fuel. This is the Pandora Box that opens the atomic energy of humans in itself. Warning.

As the representative of nature, Godzilla can also be regarded as a retribution of human destruction of nature.

This kind of environmental protection theme is more vividly reflected in “Cyvin Altman”. The destruction of monsters and the challenges of aliens. Humans are not simply victims. Many crises are caused by human ignorance and greedy.

And in order to attract adult audiences, the shooting technique of “Cevvy Ultraman” is also more violent. In today’s words, it is full of “violent aesthetics”. Monsters are divided into corpses, and even Ultraman is resolved. It is also very exciting, with the smell of hormones splashing.

The first generation of “Ultraman” produced in 1966 was not first introduced to mainland China until 1993. I remember the first TV station to play was the Shanghai Oriental TV Station established by Pudong. Go to the second grade of elementary school. In the past few years, the entire Showa Outman, including “Edie Ultraman”, has been broadcast on Mainland TV stations. Only “Cyvin Altman” has never been broadcast. Many years later, I learned from the Internet.

However, this exploration attempt, too many private goods, children who do n’t understand, even a little children should not be appropriate, adults do n’t feel deep enough. In addition, some of the successful settings in the previous work have been canceled, resulting in the market do not buy it.

For example, in terms of shape, the relatively round and smooth shape of the first generation became sharp and corners, and the eyes became a hexagon that looked very fierce. There was a horns (head dart) on the head. Silver fine -grained armor, don’t know dense phobia?

In addition, the dazzling transformation of the first generation has also been changed. Ultraman’s settings that cannot be transformed on the earth that cannot be more than 3 minutes have also been canceled. As a result, the indicator light of Saiwen’s chest as a timer is gone, and the audience is extremely dissatisfied!

In the end, it can only be resumed, but the image of Saiwen cannot be changed again. It can only be replaced with the green indicator on the top of the head. Therefore, Saiwen became the only one in the Ultraman family.

The reason why the first generation of Ultraman planned a settings that turned into a transformation of no more than 3 minutes was that the urban micro -shrinking model and the production of leather case were very expensive, especially the model. In order not to look so false, you had to smash money.

Each episode of the fight between Ultraman and the monster will destroy a large number of models, and the next episode must be re -made. The time to play is too long, the cost is really HOLD. At that time, the production cost of Ultraman’s production was as high as 6-8 million yen, but it was 50 years ago ~

In the Showa period, the TV series profit model was relatively single, that is, to pay for the TV station, and the income from the TV station comes from advertising. The high or low advertising revenue depends on the ratings. Once the audience does not buy it, the ratings of the ratings will be difficult.

For the first time, Cyvar Altman suffered a great vitality in Yuangu Company, and then tried to return to the kind of no huge hero’s help like “Out Q”, or resolved the crisis by human beings. This is “Strange Battle”.

Unfortunately, this criminal thriller style with adults is still not paying for the market.

The ratings of “Strange Battle” are bleak, which directly leads to a television station who is willing to send an invitation to Yuangu Company. Naturally, there is no money to make money. After the company’s company, the first reform of the company’s framework, many veterans left one after another. Under this crisis, “the first emperor’s entrepreneurial entrepreneurial collapse” -Duangu Ying Er, 69 -year -old, The accumulation of illness, died suddenly.

Before the death of Yuan Geya, the Ultraman series that he created will become the most successful special film IP in the world after 50 years.


In 1966, the IP of Ultraman’s IP in Yuangu, the American, Walter Disney, who was born in the same year, left the world step by step.

Before his death, he couldn’t think of it. After 50 years, the Disney company he founded would become the most scary entertainment empire on the planet.

The two couldn’t think of it. Fifty years later, Ultraman’s IP would be with Disney’s IP to carry out drama business cooperation. Of course, this is all later.


After the death of the old president, as a family company, the eldest son Yuangu was the second president.

After planting two times in a row, Yuangu Company was clearly understood:

The setting of giants without light is not good, there are giants of light, but the ideological and cultural connotation of the work is too good. Only the setting of the “Ultraman’s Little Monster” set by the ease of entertainment is the most likely to succeed in success. Essence

Therefore, in 1971, when Yuangu decided to restart the Ultraman series, he did not dare to step on his self -innovation and subvert, but returned to the successful routine of the original “Ultraman” honestly.

This new version of Ultraman is not only exactly the same as the original Ultraman’s appearance. Even the name dare not enable new ones, it was first called “The Return to Ultraman”.

Later, the company’s internal setting of Ultraman was the first -generation replacement vest back to fight again, or a brand new Ultraman, which also had differences.

The previous settings were afraid that the audience felt unspoken, and the latter settings were afraid of the audience without buying it. , And also called “New Man” (the new generation of Ultraman), it was not until later the concept of the “Alt brothers” was completely formed. In order to distinguish with other Ultraman, it was finally named “Jack Ultraman”.

Although I dare not do subversive innovation anymore, the new works cannot be innovative, and they repeat themselves. The audience does not pay for it.

In Jack Altman’s innovation, there are two most purchased markets in the market.

The first is to unify the world view of the first generation and Saiwen. When Jack was difficult to support, the two seniors came forward and helped to help. The IP of Teman has really become a series of works.


The second is that Saiwen gave Jack a Otter bracelet. The bracelets could become a variety of strange weapons. Since then, Jack’s combat effectiveness opens up and is known as the “weapon king”. The audience is also enjoying it.

Jack’s ratings were very miserable at first. It was not until the middle of the middle competition to send bracelets. Although the average of 36.8%of “Ultraman” and the peak of 42.8%were a lot worse But in general, Jack’s test was successful.

In the second year, Yuangu Company continued to work hard, and quickly launched the fourth work- “Ais Ultraman”.

With Jack’s unity of Ultraman’s World View, what Ace is doing is much simpler. On the premise of the unchanged direction of the big worldview framework and the direction of the child, try to make more micro -innovation to attract the audience.

In terms of appearance, Ace’s head is inspired by the helmet of the ancient Roman soldiers, and inherited the setting light setting of the first and Jack’s salted egg yolk eyes and the beam lamp on the forehead.

In terms of ability, Ais Ultraman played to the extreme in the setting of light capacity. It is known as the “Light King”. It can be dazzled by the audience, especially the skills of the “Otter’s Broken Hermore”.

In terms of transformation, Ais Ultraman not only restored the setting of transforming props (Jack transformed alone by thoughts), but also made a fellow transformation in the sky -Esl Altman’s human body has the body. Two, Beidou Hoshi and Nanxizi represent the North and Antarctic, the sun and the moon, respectively. Once the north and the south are united, the sun and the moon are the same, the men and women XX, and Ace was born …

However, this requires two people to turn around face to face in the air. It is too difficult to transform in the air. Children cannot imitate it. They are not popular. Later, they could only be changed to “Moon Man” Nanxizi to return to their hometown and leave Beidou to transform alone. In order to highlight the stronger combat effectiveness of Escoh in the first few Ultraman, the setting of the monster also adopted the concept of transforming the weapon “Super Beast” for the first time, but you Ace played “Super Beast”, and the new appearance later appeared in the future. Ultraman is better than you. What is it? Called “Super Beast”?

This novel setting is unsustainable, and then Ultraman returns to the name of “monster”. Compared with other different innovations, Ais Ultraman’s most talked about being talked about by future generations is formally proposed the concept of “Alt brothers”. With brothers, there is a father, so the “Father of Alt” also appeared on the scene. For the first time in the Ultraman’s world view, there was a concept of concept.

In the setting of the script, in addition to the style of continuing easy entertainment, Ais Altman also interspersed with some more realistic plots in the middle, portraying the dark side of human nature, but it is not as obvious as Saiwen, so the overall as a whole is the whole. On the market, I still pay for it.

Immediately after 1973, Yuangu Company launched a new work- “Tyro Altman”.


At this time, there were 6 out of Ultraman -the first generation, Sophie, Saiwen, Jack, Ace, and the father of Otto. Only Saiwen was an innovative attempt to fail, and the image was incompatible with the other 5 places- —The other Ultraman is the red lines of the silver base+round eyes. Saiwen is a red -bottom silver line silver armor+hexagonal eye.

If you continue to take the first -generation modeling route, the existence of Saiwen will become more and more embarrassing, and Ultraman’s worldview system will become more and more difficult to explain.

Therefore, Tyro’s first innovation is to return to the basic shape setting of the red -bottom silver line silver armor+hexagonal eyes.

Considering the setting of the Father of Otto, Tyro simply followed, and the father and mother were also worked as a father. Crown Prince, the second generation of officials.

The head shape of the Father of Otter was the two big horns on the basis of the initial generation. This gene was passed to Tyro, which was distinguished from the image of Saiwen.

In terms of capabilities, Ultraman can of course only be better than the first generation. Tyro’s light skills have also been innovative. Jack’s popular bracelet settings have also returned (Crown Bracelet).


In the plot settings, Tyro has become more admitted. There are many funny scenes in the play. More close to the people, even a little bit of Dang Lang -this is another attempt of Yuangu to completely move towards a brainless route that is easy to entertain.

However, in 1973, special films have become strong in Japan, and there are many competing products, especially Ultraman’s largest competitors “Kamen Rider” in the Showa era, and even Yuangu himself was in the same period in Alt In addition to the Man series, other special films have been produced. The first generation of “Ultraman” 40%of the viewing rate cannot be reproduced. It can have 15%+ratings even more popular works.

In the face of such a market environment, Terro Altman’s average ratings are still as high as 17%, which is still successful in business.

If you have money, continue to shoot. In 1974, the new work of Tyro -“Leo Ultraman” appeared.

In terms of styling, although Tayro Station is on the sidelines, so that the shape of the Saiwen series is no longer alone, but if the two styles can be mixed into one, the unified Ultraman world view setting will be more Persuasion.

Therefore, Leo’s body is still the same as the Saiwen department. The red -bottomed silver lines, but the eyes are from the multilateral irregular form between the eyes and the six sides. The tall nose is like Ace. It is like a low -profile version of Otter’s father.

In terms of ability, Leo strengthened his fist kung fu and proposed the “cosmic boxing method” setting. It does not require light skills. You can kick the monster KO by flying kick, so Leo is called “Fighter King”.

These settings are innovative. The market is originally bought. However, in the plot setting, Yuangu wants to take the old road of Saiwen and attract adult audiences …

So Leo’s background was set on the hometown of Ultraman- “The Country of Light” M78 M78 LD L77 Nebula, and his hometown was destroyed, his father died, his brothers were arrested, and Leo was stunned as soon as Leo appeared. With a resentment, the fire of revenge was bear.

However, Leo’s ability is not good. At the beginning, even the light skills were wooden, and they were constantly abused by monsters. They could only continue to receive the level of Evan Devil’s training and improvement.

Later, the Earth Defense Force was destroyed, and the heroine hung up, and even the players were cut off (in fact, because the ratings were too miserable, they could only rely on the actor in advance to support the shooting) … In this way The opposite of Tyro is a particularly strong setting of sadness and realistic style.

This innovation step is too big, especially with the recent success of Jack, Ace, and Tayro who had successfully succeeded. The children did not buy it. Although in the later period, they also tried Tyro’s funny routes in order to save the ratings.

Leo’s bleak ratings announced the end of the second spring of the Ultraman series.

However, so many people in Yuangu Company will continue to rice, so in the following years, Yuangu continued to explore various innovative shooting methods and themes.

For example, affected by the popularity of the American science fiction film “Human Planet” (the later “The Rise of the Gorilla Ball” trilogy is its prequel), Yuangu also engaged in a “Ape of the Legion”. There are also the two expression forms of special photography and animation, “Dinosaur Special Ketse” and “Star of Professional Fighting”.


In the mid -to -late 1970s in the Ultraman series, the series of word of mouth effects formed by the six Ultraman works in the previous 6 Ultraman works continued to ferment in the child market. Essence

In 1979, Yuangu Company finally decided to restart the Ultraman series.

However, in the past ten years, the level of animation technology in Japan has flying hugely. At this time, the Japanese animation market has not only “Tong Tongmu” and “Doraemon”, but also the epoch -making epoch -making “Gundam 0079”. With great works, cartoons have been able to carry more impactful pictures and deeper themes. In fact, after entering the 1980s, Japanese anime has indeed opened up the golden age that has continued to this day, laughing.

Gundam 0079

Considering the strong development momentum of cartoons and high production costs of special films, the first cartoon of the Ultraman series, “Jonias Altman”, was born.

However, it is difficult for cartoons to show the realistic feeling of “Ultraman’s Monster” to the flesh, which makes the play’s ratings flat.

However, because of the low production cost, Yuangu Company still made money, so in 1980, the new Ultraman series camera -“Eddman” was launched.

At this time, 14 years have passed since the beginning of “Ultraman”, Japan has risen again from the ruins of World War II, returned to the ranks of developed countries, and opened China’s 100,000 miles. The nation’s self -confidence of the Japanese began to return, and the popular culture also changed.

Therefore, the setting of “Eddieman” has also been adjusted accordingly to weaken sci -fi color, and instead joined the most popular campus drama element at the time -Eddman’s human body was set as a middle school teacher.

However, the absenteeism, early love and other plots added in the play have caused negative impacts among teenagers, causing parents and educational dissatisfaction. Later, they had to remove the school scene and teachers’ settings and return to the traditional routine, but the ratings fell down.

In fact, Edi’s settings were very unprepared from the beginning.


In terms of image setting, returning to the first generation of the first generation is almost unique, and it is particularly short. Standing in a sloppy Ultraman, living like a passerby, Xingye’s spoof was Eddie. In terms of capabilities, it is known as the “Almighty King” and has never lost in the TV version. In fact, it is unique, and the audience can’t remember anything. Besides, who is the all -around learning bully with 100 points in the door of the door?

Although the style of the later work was adjusted, it was still unaware of it. In the end, the ratings were worse than that of Leo, which was called Waterloo.

Edie means Eighty. Originally, it carried the ambitious dream of Yuantu Company’s ambitious opening in the 1980s. As a result, he did not settle down.

This strong frustration has led to the rejuvenation of Ultraman IP in the 21st century, Yuangu has always been snowing, and there is almost no chance to play soy sauce.

To make matters worse, Edie’s failure once again wandered Yuangu Company on the edge of bankruptcy.

In order to be able to survive, like the later Marvel, Yuangu can only choose to sell copyrights, and then take some other theme works, as well as some lower -cut works related to Ultraman.

Among them, there is a theatrical version of “Zofeterman: Outle Warrior VS Big Monster Legion”, which is the classic battle scene from “Alt Q” to “Eddman” with Sophie. Edit, take out another round of IQ tax …

By the late 1990s and early 1990s, Yuangu Company began to turn its attention to overseas markets. It has established subsidiaries in the United States, Australia and even mainland China to cooperate with overseas companies. Twita, Pavat Altman and other works.

Parvat Altman, which will change the eyes

These Ultraman are the products of multinational cooperation, which are “mixed -race”, and insufficient innovation and market response. Therefore, after Ultraman’s IP Renaissance, both the official round valley or the Ao Fan group, all these Ultraments were all these Ultraments. Man was used as a soy sauce character that could not be on the table, and it diluted deliberately.

By the way, in the early days, there was a magical drama called “Harxan and Seven Ultraman”. In order to open up overseas markets, Yuantu Company co -produced with a Thai company in order to open up overseas markets.

I … I am speechless …

The ghost knew that the Thais had a poisonous brain circuit, and the films shot were extremely strange. Yuangu Company was completely unacceptable, and later sued to delete the film. So I do n’t have a drama. If you are interested, you can find relevant resources on your own.

At this point, the Yuangu Company and the Ultraman series have gone through three or three settlements, twice on the verge of bankruptcy …

The above is all the black history of the “Showa system” accompanied by my childhood. From the first generation to Edi, except for Saiwen, I have read it between the age of 8-12 and belongs to my personal “memory” category.


The Ultraman IP was brought back to the peak and opened the third spring of the Ultraman series.

The following is that after my son has been addicted to Altman in the past two years, in order to interact with him, the history of my “Pingcheng is Ultraman”, for me, it belongs to only the category of “knowledge”. Teman, can’t talk about any deep feelings, but for my son, he will become his “feelings” when he grows up.

Today, in the huge Ultraman family, Diga’s historical status is almost comparable to the initial generation. Later, the basic “heavy light form” of the “debt king” Obultman chose to integrate the initial generation and Diga, which was to pay tribute to these two most important seniors.

If the Showa is the collective memory of the post -80s boy, which was introduced in the 1990s, then Diga was the common idol of the post -90s and post -00 boys (Diga was broadcast in Mainland China in 2003. Unfortunately, I was already in college at that time. Ri Chaou “Gundam Seed”

) Diga is the first Ultraman with the theme song of Chinese version. To this day, Diga’s popularity in China is still the highest in Altman.

There are many reasons why Diga can achieve such a great success.

First of all, given by technological progress.

The birth of special films is because human imagination of images has surpassed the development level of film and television technology at that time.

After the development of technology until the 1990s, CG technology gradually matured, and it was possible to create many exquisite pictures of the sky, such as “Jurassic AD” and “Titanic”.

Therefore, “Diga Altman” also follows the trend of the times. For the first time, a large number of CG technology is used, and it also costs blood in the model building, which makes the picture exquisite. In addition, the script production is also solid. It’s more delicate. The post -10 posts today will look back, and they will also look interesting.

This work has also become the first TV special film in Japanese history to win the science fiction “Nebula Award” (Nebula Award).

Secondly, Diga made an unprecedented breakthrough in appearance and ability.

Children are superficial appearances. Eddie is not popular. First of all, because of short and ugly, Diga’s shape breaks through the tone of silver and red in the past, adding dazzling purple and gold, refreshing ears, very handsome.

More importantly, Diga introduced the concept of “form” for the first time. In addition to the basic composite form, it emphasizes the balance of speed, strength and other abilities. The more powerful strength form, as well as the sparkling form of the basic power enhanced version. As the form changes, the shape and color will also change. Later, the more complex dark form, tornado form, and explosion form were derived.

In this way, the children’s cola was broken.

I said during the online wealth management lecture that when I was a kid, I saw Ultraman, and I like to watch the Alt brothers teaming the monster beasts. I grew up and watch superhero movies. The richer the arrangement combination, the more exciting it is to play.

The Otto brothers could not go to the evening team all day, but Diga’s continuous innovation in the form can rely on his own power to continue to bring new surprises to the audience.

Another benefit of multiple forms is that in the past, a new Ultraman was launched. Children only need to buy a toy, but a Ultraman has multiple mentality, and the children have to buy n toys … so Diga is sold around Diga. good.

However, in the mid -to -late 1990s, Japanese anime has entered its heyday. In addition, the video game industry has flourished, and the position of special films in the entertainment industry is no longer back that year, so Diga’s ratings are still applauding.

In fact, in the past 20 years, the market influence of the entire special film industry has continued to decline, which is the inevitable of history.

Although the production cost is high and the income is not as good as expected, the Yuangu is still in a loss, but the good reputation still allows Yuangu to decide at the expense of blood, and then sequel.


This is the 1997 “Daena Ultraman” and “Gaia Altman” in 1998.

The former entertainment attributes are stronger (to be meals), and the latter is more sci -fi attributes. Re -emphasizing the theme of environmental protection (at a glance, there are rice, and pursuing art), but they continue to flip the patterns in the form. Still very handsome, in order to pursue exquisite production, I still do not count the money to burn money …

These three conscience works are called “Pingcheng Trilogy”. These three Ultraman are known as “Pingcheng Sanjie” and are very popular.

From left to right: Dai Na, Diga, Gaia

After entering the new millennium, Yuangu launched the retro “Naos Altman”. The appearance and skills have returned to the Showa Department. They mainly conceive the old cards, but the worldview is independent, but the market response is average.

However, “Gauss Altman”, who appeared in 2001, did not like fighting and killing, but was more willing to domesticate the harmonious setting of monsters, and was welcomed by young children and parents.

Because Gauss was too popular, he took 65 episodes in one breath, and the serious overrun of the shooting cost again appeared. In addition to the deficit of the previous Pingcheng Trilogy, Yuangu was caught in the crisis of bombs. Later, I had to apply for a short -term financing from the famous ACG industry leader, before they fled.

In 2004, Yuangu proposed a set of ambitious strategic solutions -Ultra N Project.

This plan is planned to link between a series of different types of works, completely abandon the historical burden of the Showa Department of Altman, and build a new worldview. Based on multimedia methods such as magazines, radio, television, movies, exhibitions, and performances, I hope to get rid of the company’s long -term embarrassing situation in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately, the ambitious round valley repeated the mistakes of Leo and Eddie.

The Nexter Nacus Noah Ultraman launched in 2004 proposed the first time that a single Ultraman itself could continue to evolve into a new Ultraman, which was one step further than the simple form change. But because the expression is too obscure, even occasionally horrible and thrilling pictures will occur, and then Waterloo.

Nexus Altman

So “Max Altman” launched in 2005 can only abandon the subversive route and return to the original point of the setting of “Giant of Light”, focusing on the “fastest and strongest” Ultraman concept of “ultra -light speed”.

At the same time, many classic monsters in the Showa era made their debut, and they also recalled a large number of old actors in Showa era. Although the handsome guys of that year have become old handsome guys, adult audiences are willing to pay for this feeling ~

In this way, not only attracted children, but also attracted their parents or adults who grew up watching Ultraman more than 30 years ago, and the ratings have improved significantly. The success of “Max Altman” once again rescued the dying round valley …


The distinctive success or failure of Nexus and Max made Yuangu discover the only development path that can survive:

For the 40 -year -old Ultraman IP, only under the premise of continuing to focus on the orientation, vigorously open up the old cards and continue to innovate in nostalgia, can they attract children and adults at the same time!

The 2006 “Mengbius Altman” completely implemented this route.

As the 40th anniversary of Ultraman’s birth, Monbison set the sequel to Eddman in 1980. The worldview and timeline are all connected with the Showa Ultraman. Classic silver base red line.

In the play, there are constant guests of the Otto brothers, helping Mengbi You Monster to upgrade, Tyro is directly becoming Teacher Mengbius (similar to the relationship between Saiwen and Leo). Among the Pingcheng Department of Ultraman, the only official officially was eligible to join the “Ott Brothers”.

Of course, in addition to retro, the concept of Pingcheng’s most successful morphological change was also integrated into it. Coupled with the TV version of the play, a well -known theatrical version of the theater version of “Monbieys Altman and Altman Brothers” was released.

In 2007, “Saiwen X”, which was “innovated in nostalgic”, was born. As the 40th anniversary of the Sevin Altman, the concept of parallel cosmic universe in science fiction films at that time was first proposed.

In the same year, “Super Galaxy Big Monster Fight” is also nostalgic with innovation. The first generation and Saiwen became hidden mentors behind the scenes. As a handle, other monsters and cosmic people who fight against evil.

The protagonist Lei relies on the presence of a combatometer with a sense of existence to summon and control the monster battle. The CG scene of the summoning monster has also been very cool. Since then, the Ultraman series has begun to sell for more and more complicated transformation props.

Unfortunately, in this year, the long -term deficit operating Yuangu Company finally couldn’t support it.

Forced to be helpless, Yuangu Company finally sold the company’s control to third parties for only 80 million yen cheap prices, and was eventually acquired by Bandai.

After Bandai became the owner of Yuangu Company, the first thing was to kick out all members of the Yuangu family out of the company. The Yuangu family has been operating for more than 40 years before and after the Yuangu family.


Although they were born in the Pingcheng era, in order to distinguish the Pingcheng Ultraman with the independent world view, the Ultraman launched after Bandai took over, it was also known as the “new generation Ultraman”.

The biggest feature of the freshman Altman is how to make money …


The nostalgic card continues to fight desperately, and the shape continues to change. How can the weapon armor be awesome? The transformation props are exaggerated than one, one is more complicated than one, and the other is more eye -catching.

The production cost of special films is high, and the theater version and the TV version will not be too much.

After Bandai took over in 2008, he first pushed the theater version of the theater- “Decisive Battle! “Super Out 8 Brothers”, connecting the four major popularity of the Showa Department, Ultraman and the “Three Jays of Pingcheng” and Monbie Youz, and appeared together as the protagonist. The box office is not bad.

In 2009, the first new generation of Ultraman -Cyro Altman was set up as the son of Saiwen, the apprentice of Leo, and the “savior king”.

The reason why it is called “the King of Salvation” is that as the leader of the new generation of Ultraman, in order to save money, the Dynasties did not even have a TV version of his own protagonist. Mowing


However, relying on the bright performance in the Nat. version and the successful business operation of Wan Dai, the popularity of Siro has continued to rise.

In 2011, the first Ultraman TV version launched after Bandai took over, and it was actually the “Biography of the Ultraman” that re -edited the past Ultraman lens, and it didn’t take much money anyway. The set, it took 2 years to complete, the IQ tax was soft …

But to be honest, Bandai’s business operation capabilities are indeed much stronger than the Yuangu family.


In 2013, Yuangu launched the three brothers of Galaxy, Victor, and Ex. The shape was extremely exaggerated. The post -00s children liked it, but the post -80s old man talked as “LED Ultraman” and introduced it. The concept of armor, then selling various surroundings, not open for three years, and opening for three years.

In 2016, as the 50th anniversary of the birth of Ultraman, the even more exaggerated Obultman was born …

In order to better sell toys, cards, transformation props, weapons, and video games and stage plays, the setting of Oub’s setting can be described as a talented business idea -Obu can borrow all Out Man’s ability, which is not the same as the previous Siro, Galaxy, and Dai Nakin, and Saijia, no matter how he blends other Ultraman, it is still Oben Bu.

That is, all the most popular settings were blended together: the concept of the “Out Brothers” created by Ace, the concept of “form” created by Diga, the concept of “evolution” created by Nacus, Max created The concept of “old belt”, the “fitting concept” created by Siro, the concept of the “weapon” created by the Galaxy, and the concept of “element attributes” of its original “element attribute”, all of them are blended into a pot of porridge!

Moreover, Obu not only integrates with one Ultraman each time, but is combined with two or even 3 Ultraman. Mathematical speaking, thousands of combinations can be formed, that is, Obu can theoretically have thousands of shapes. In fact, the official also gave dozens of forms …

The following are different forms of Obu–

Where is the dazzling temptation of children? Today, Obu is still the most popular in the new generation of Ultraman.

My understanding of the relevant knowledge of the new generation of Ultraman also starts from Obu. The dart spear used in the form of a wind.

In other words, the Ultraman IP Renaissance Plan, which died in the 2004 Valley Company in 2004. After 12 years, under the continuous operation of Bandai, it finally became a reality after the birth of Obultman. The hottest super big IP.

Because almost all of the new generations of Altman made money, after several years of operation, Bandai’s debt owed to Laoyuan Valley had to be almost the same, and began to restart the pace of a new TV work in the year.

2017 was the son of Evil Utman Belia “Geddman”, and it was also a lot of various forms.


2018 is the “Water Fire Brothers” “Rob Altman”.

2019 is the son of Tyro, the three generations of the emperor and the official “Tajia Altman”. It is estimated that he wants to copy the success of Siro 10 years ago.

Last month, I took my son to see a Ultraman exhibition. The shopping mall atrium was crowded. Visually, more than 80 % of them were 3-12 years old boys. Waiting for a look at Obu to appear, and the largest Ultraman model on the stage It is the main Taka.

Listening said that now my son’s kindergarten teacher has explicitly banned children from bringing Ultraman toys or books into the park, because as long as this product appears, the boys will squeeze a bunch of discussions like a demon …

Ultraman has revived to having such a powerful market appeal, so that Marvel has announced that he will cooperate with Yuantu next year to launch a new version of “Ultraman”, and even the official poster is disclosed-

We know that Marvel was acquired by Disney earlier in the early years. Seeing this scene, if there is a knowledge of the spring, I do n’t know how to think about the two peers, the two peers of Yuangu, and Disney?


If you can read the above more than 10,000 words above, I believe me, it is by no means good for Li Ge Wen, but that you are attracted by Ultraman’s twists and turns.

To be honest, when I learned about Ultraman’s ups and downs for more than 50 years, as an entrepreneur, and also an entrepreneur of the cultural content industry, I have a sense of intersection.

The history of the rise and falling of Ciruya Corporation can give us a lot of inspiration.


Revelation 1: The balance between commercial and artistic (moral value) is an eternal problem.

Maybe in the eyes of some people, the pediatrics such as Ultraman are simply not a artwork. Yuangu Yingji is also not an artist, then I will change the word: craftsman.

Yuangu Ying has been in the film industry for the second life -more accurately is the special photography technology field, constantly study, and excellence. Is it okay?

The spirit of the craftsman is to be a worker. The most concerned is how to make things the best, not always thinking about how to make the most money.

Yuangu Yingji started to start a business at the age of 63. What did he draw? As a well -known director, is he so much pension money?

He just wants to do something he likes, valuable things.

As the father of special films, before he, there was no concept of “Ultraman” or “huge universe superman”, and Ultraman was not born to see it for young children -why can’t you be in Olympic Austrian Austria? Tehman adds suspense and even dark and horrible adult elements? Why can’t you add and criticize the ugly noodles of human nature? Why can’t we add it today’s seemingly correct environmental protection thoughts? Why is it the same as the superhero IP? The Avengers can give it to the people of all ages. Isn’t Ultraman?

In fact, this year’s global online drama “Mobile Ultraman”, which premiered on the world on Netflix, is a youth cartoon. After inheriting the 1966 “Ultraman” world view framework, the story has made disruptive innovations. The market reputation is excellent. Station B scored 9.5 high points, and I also see it myself.

But why start with “Cevvy Altman”, in 40 years, the Yuan Gulf family’s efforts to change the Ultraman series to all ages have ended with failure?

The key is the issue of balance.

The director wants to pursue the artistic nature of the work. The craftsman wants to pursue the perfection of the work, which is not only incomparable, but also worthy of praise.

However, living in a business society, in business talks, must not consider the balance of revenue and expenditure in order to be long and long.

Regardless of cost investment, although it can create “conscience works” for a while, it may also toss himself to death, and “conscience” becomes a must -have.

The 40 -year toss of Yuangu Company, summarized in one sentence: the child’s orientation is rich, and the adult direction becomes poor when you have money. Money toss again …

This kind of company -dominated company operations have very high natural risks and extremely uncertainty.

Just like a farmer, although it is very hard every year, only the wind is smooth this year, and God will not be hungry to eat.

This small agricultural economic model with extremely weak risk capabilities has nothing to do in Europe in the era of great sailing. This has born joint -stock companies with risk sharing, sharing of interests, and responsibilities. It was developed a little bit.

Saiwen, Leo, Eddie, Nexus, every new work encounters Waterloo, will cause Yuangu Company to fall into a crisis of survival, even if the market has made the market more Diga, Da Na, Gauss, Max, and Mengbi You Si, because the cost was out of control, could not be eased, and finally could not be continued. He could only give the three generations of family business to Consortium B.

Therefore, a truly great enterprise, a company that can really make conscience for a long time, must not only be the spirit of craftsmanship, but also have business people’s thinking.

Although the words “commercialization” always give people a less positive perception, there is a sense of vision of “you only have money in your eyes”.

But you think about making more money all day long, and feel that money is more important than anything, but you have to make money for others to make a disgust and disgust, and logically can’t say.

It is precisely because companies and employees have the motivation to make money that they are more willing to drive their brains and work well. They are more willing to make products and services well, so that society will continue to improve, wealth will accumulate more and more, and life will become better and better. Essence

Take Ultraman as an example. After the acquisition of Wancai, Yuangu Company looked at the money and was widely criticized.

I saw a lot of parents on the Internet and said: Now Ultraman has changed, and I know that selling toys to make money is still simple when we were young.

Dear, when you were a kid, it was called “Bai Ji” … OK …

During the Showa period, the Yuangu Company of the small farmer model was also followed by the small farm model. The copyright fee given is the only KPI.

Entering the Pingcheng era, the social entertainment methods are diversified, and the market influence of special films is constantly declining. In this case, it becomes more and more important by selling surroundings to make money.

Especially after the acquisition of Bandai, Bandai’s powerful IP peripheral production, publicity and sales capabilities can make peripheral products income more than the copyright fee given by TV stations or video platforms. In order to survive, when shooting, they deliberately strengthened the appearance rates such as these transformers. They were fancy, all kinds of cool, stimulating children to buy, which is logical.

Especially in the Chinese market, everyone had no copyright consciousness in the early days, and the street pirated disc. Besides, the Chinese were poor at that time. The Ultraman I played when I was a kid was all rough and nothing.

I played Ultraman when I was a kid

But today is different. Although pirated toys are still popular in many small and medium cities, in large cities, more and more people only buy genuine surroundings. One is that the genuine production is more refined. The other is that the copyright awareness has risen. Of course, the most important thing is that there are more rich people in China today.

China’s population is 11 times that of Japan, and today Ultraman’s income in the Chinese market has exceeded the Japanese market.

However, Altman in the Showa period was almost born in our period G period. Not to mention selling surroundings, Ultraman could not be introduced to China at all …

They are all heroes.

The history of Ultraman’s evolution is very similar to another masterpiece in the history of Japanese anime- “Gundam” series.

Ultraman in the Showa period always can’t forget the pursuit of artistic nature. It is very similar to the most orthodox UC system in the same period. So far, there are quite a few Gundam fans that Gundam after the UC series are all commercial products and all garbage.

Forced to be helpless, artistic began to compromise with commerciality, but it can still maintain a better balanced “Pingcheng Sanjie”, similar to the Gundam G/W/X of the same period.

The expression of too obscure Nacusus is comparable to Turn A Gundam at the same time, and has failed in business.

When Max and Monbieces arrived, it was very similar to the Gundam SEED/00 in the same period. It began to fall into commercialization completely. It was loved by a wider public, but was scolded miserable in the loyal fan circle.


Many people say that “there is no Gundam after the eggs.” From the new work of the past 10 years, I recognized it. Later, Gundam has completely become a sincere tool for circle of money.

Therefore, today’s China, Japan today, the world today is not too much of the craftsmanship, the businessman’s thinking is too little, but the spirit of the craftsman is getting scarce, and the streets are full of business thinking.

For example, today’s Apple Company, where can I see the spirit of the craftsmanship of “Dead and benefiting users” in the Jobs era? There is only money in the eyes, and Apple’s sales in China continue to fall, it deserves it ~

After all, it is still because of the financial crisis in the past 30 years, especially after the 2008 financial crisis.


Pursuing the pursuit of craftsmanship like Lao Yuangu, although respectable, survival is difficult.

It is easy to make money as a businessman like Bandai, but it is easy to make money, but the price is broken …

Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way. The reason is simple, but it is not easy to do it. In this era, the streets are full of businessmen’s thinking, but rarely see the spirit of craftsmen. This road is off.

This is why in recent years, it has been greatly advocating the “craftsman’s spirit.”

The wealth management industry I have engaged in the media industry is also the same as other industries in China. It has all kinds of hidden dirt and routines. Who has been called “since ancient times, it can’t be kept, only the routine is the heart” ~

But I have always worked hard to maintain a balance between business and artistic -more accurate, that is, both meals and bottom lines.

This sentence is also given to friends from all walks of life. It is indeed important, but it must also have a minimum professional ethics and the bottom line.


Revelation 2: The balance between innovation and stability is an eternal problem.


It is a problem to apply Hamlet to the words of Hamlet.

Because this era changes too fast, I am worried that because of the old age, Xiao Zhi Cao Sui, sooner or later, consuming himself.

However, innovation has never been known since ancient times. Originally followed by mature routines, it can be boiled for more than ten years. As soon as you innovate, you may have lost your family business in two years.

Think about Wang Sicong, and think about Zong Yili, who was desperately bombarded by the public opinion for the incident of Wang Lihong’s contract a few days ago.

The same was true in ancient times. After Liu Bang hit the world, he set a strategy to admire Huang Lao’s learning and Yu Min’s rest. Hui Wenjing’s three dynasties continued to implement, but after Emperor Wu’s throne, his ancestors set off a generous family business and began to toss. Before his death, the family business was almost burned. Later, Zhao Xuanzhi regained the Huns and relatives, and the Han Dynasty did not collapse.


There are many similar examples, but it is not convenient to say …

You can’t say that the innovation direction of Wang Sicong and Zong Yili must be wrong, nor can you say that the Hanwu Emperor is meaningless to Mobei, but this world is cruel. It is often the hero with the final success or failure. You can’t make money. Can’t live, no matter how great innovation is used.


Shared bicycles are the most lively cases. At that time, many people thought that Mobike’s two -point world situation was set, and other rising drafts would become cannon fodder.

The results of it?

As a result, one who insisted on not selling, now died, one who missed the best time to sell, is now also lame.

Burning money to the end, the father behind him was more hard.

Now on the road, the HELLO bicycles of Ali, the green orange bicycles of Didi and the recently rising Meituan bicycles, Mobike in the Meituan Department, after the historical task of constantly transfusion of the number of customers to Meituan APP, eventually It will also gradually marginalize.

After entering the venue and burning money, it turns out that shared bicycles can still make money.

But if you look at the wrong direction, what is the use of death at this time?

someone said:

Not innovation is waiting for death, innovation is to find death.

I really worked hard in the mall, and I knew that behind this was all lessons and tears.

After the initial “Ultraman” has opened the door, Yuangu Company has been embarrassed on innovation issues.

If you want to expand the audience from young children to adolescents and even adults, they also hope that the audience is wider, and the ratings can be mentioned higher and more money.

However, children’s money is always better than adult’s money.

In particular, the subject of science fiction+blood fighting in Ultraman is much more attractive to men than women. However, the overall consumption power of adult men is definitely not as good as women, because men must bear more money to make money to buy a house to get married and support their families. It is good to have a little pocket money to buy tobacco and alcohol. It’s too difficult.

But it is too easy for parents to pay their children.

But even for children, it also needs to be continuously innovated.

In fact, from “Alt Q” to “Ultraman” is itself a very successful large span innovation.

Since the second part of “Sevin Altman”, Yuangu Company has been thinking about trying to innovate so that the audience will not feel aesthetic fatigue, but the copywriting is good, and the market does not necessarily buy it, so some innovation is popular. Some are not treated.

And innovation is not limited to the content creation level. In the historical span for half a century, the technical level of film technology, mass entertainment, and social wealth have undergone tremendous changes. Strive to keep up with the changes in the times, but it is still in an innovation trap similar to shared bicycles again-

Behind the “small farmers’ economy” behind no dad can bear the blow of a single innovation failure. Whether it was the failure of Edi Ultraman in 1980, it directly caused Ultraman’s IP to stagnate for 16 years, or in 2004 Ultra N Project only failed because of the test water of a Nacisus’s work, which caused a full plan to overturn. In the final analysis, this is the reason.

Only with the big tree, through the large number of effects, let those successful and innovative income coverage failed to innovate the cost of innovation. land.

Today, the Internet leaders around the world are playing like this, and Musk also played like this. After Bandai acquired Yuangu, it was also like this.

The principles of all things in the world are connected. Our personal financial management and business enterprises, the core is also balanced.

Our asset allocation requires a part of the defense of the assets, emphasizing stability and certainty. Although the potential returns are not high, they are not very good at money and my heart;

Some assets also need to be responsible for offense. Focusing on the future, positive and optimistic, enterprising and innovation. Although the risks will also be improved, through scientific allocation, it can still optimize the risk income ratio, that is, the potential income is higher than the potential risk.

In our life path that accumulates wealth, too conservative or too aggressive operations will let us plan.

However, between innovation and stability, aggressive and conservative, how to grasp this “degree”, everyone has different answers in their hearts. In the final analysis, it is still an eternal problem ~


Revelation 3: I prefer the latter between the sum of the sum of the peace.

Ultraman’s IP can get great rejuvenation today, not only from “Monbisyst Ultraman” 12 years ago, Yuangu found a routine of how to make children pay for (soft rubber dolls, transformers, weapons, weapons , Card, capsule, crystal, mask, game, clothing, stage drama …), also found how to make adults pay.

In the early days, Ultraman couldn’t open the adult market, but when he watched these 70-80-90 boys who grew up in Ultraman, he gradually became a greasy middle-aged man who moved back to the hairline, but he was willing to pay for it.

Because two words:


Parents and teachers’ doubts about Ultraman are mainly the word “violence”.

When the child watched the TV screen of Ultraman and the monster fight, it was easy to boil. I unconsciously imitated this “fighting” with my classmates in school. Crying is pretty light, what if you do what problems do you do?

To be honest, when I heard this argument, my first reaction was: I often mimic Ultraman with my classmates after class or after school or after school. I can play a monster … I never heard of who made a big disaster because of this play?

Some people may say that the times are different. Li Ge, you were released when you were a child. Now the children are more expensive, and they are desperate for chicken blood. The school also puts the first place in the school. What do you want, who can afford responsibility?

So the key to the problem has become: In the face of risks, do we choose to ban or guide?

Obviously, our country has always liked the former, because it saves trouble ~

ah? Is anyone swimming drowning on this beach? Then block it, no one allows the water …

ah? So many people are crooked on the Internet to discuss the rhythm of the country? Then the whole mouth, no one is allowed to speak …

School education is also the same idea, simple and rude, with significant effects.

But as a parent, I will choose the latter.

Fighting for strong fighting is the instinct engraved in our genes. Especially for male animals with stronger strength, it must be responsible for continuous fighting in a harsh natural environment for millions of years to find food and defend families.

The child likes to watch Altman who played all day, first because the battle itself and the thrill brought by the victory satisfied the instincts in their hearts.

Don’t talk about children, how many adults are obsessed with golden games, starting a puppet, holding the Dragon Dragon Sword and killing monsters to upgrade, invincible in the world … is it the same?

Today, there are so many adults like giant babies in China today, and there is no self -control force. A few years of old farts can fully control their emotions and be full of self -control?


It is too demanding.

This rational self -control that is relatively resistant to human nature requires long -term cultivation and exercise.

It is forbidden for children to watch film and television works with violent pictures, and they cannot exercise their self -control. Their violent instincts in their hearts are forced to temporarily suppress their parents and schools.

Once you grow up, your emotions reach a certain zero -bound point, and you may burst completely.

Think about how many students have been born in the past years? Think about why “You of You” resonate with so many adults? How many young people who have received higher education like Ma Jiajue will be emotionally out of control to commit unforgivable crimes?

“You of You”

Have you ever thought about why?

Because our long -standing school education, we only emphasize intellectual education, and others have passed.

This is also the point I mentioned many times in the article I talked about education:

I see the cultivation of children’s ability to resist frustration.

This kind of powerful heart requires long -term training in real life, rather than eliminating the possibility that everything might be possible to hit and hurt him.


Nietzsche said: When you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares at you.

But if we look at the abyss from a young age, we will not give the child at a glance. When the child grows up (even in the process of growing up), we will meet the abyss sooner or later. At this time, he may not be able to go through the test. It was swallowed by the abyss …

What’s more, Ultraman is not just fighting and killing, not just to say that the early works that are mixed with private goods in Yuangu (Ultraman in the last 10 years has been confessing, and you can never see it again). The main tone of the Man series has always been to defend the peace and peace of the earth, emphasize that justice will eventually defeat evil, emphasize love and fetters.

You can understand the lines of Ultramani, and you understand.

Ais Altman: “The enthusiasm will never be annihilated. Those who are weak and help each other, and people in which country can become friends. Don’t lose that feelings, even though this relationship has been betrayed.”

Saiwen Altman: “The most important thing is that you can’t give up until the end. No matter what kind of dilemma he encounters, I believe that the firm belief in the future can turn impossible. Essence

Mengbius Altman: “Fighting life to fight is to smile again with a smile.”

In fact, these times seem to be a messy three views. Many youths are also available in Japanese anime. “Gong Gong”, “Transformers Police Polly”, “Super Flying Man”, “Small Underwater Column”, etc., are also particularly suitable for young children to watch cartoons.

But none of these cool image settings of Ultraman, and they can’t satisfy the child’s instinct for fighting and victory. This is why my son also likes other cartoons, but just like it, and every time I play with me, I played me. Ultraman played, and I found his eyes and was shining.

It can be seen that how to guide children is the key.

Interest is the best teacher. Once the child is interested in a thing, the enthusiasm of learning will be greatly improved, and the learning efficiency will be more efficient, which is more effective than you learn more.

So through my child’s interest in Ultraman, I will give him a lot of “private goods”.

For example, the names of different Ultraman itself are very knowledgeable.

Saiwen means “7”, Siro is “0”, Ace is “ace”, Tyro is Japanese “Taro”, Edie is “80”, Pavad is “power”, Gray is “great” Victori is “victory”, Monbis is “infinite”, evil Utman Belia is the “demon” in the Judaism-Christian mythology system. Obu is a gem ball on the medieval crown, symbolizing power … Mowing

I will also extend from ACE to teach him to know playing cards. From Leo’s meaning of lion, to the knowledge of the twelve constellations, I will also tell him the similarities and differences between Leo and Lion’s two words. From Gaia is the meaning of “the mother of the earth” in Greek mythology, and Cosmo means “universe” in Greece. Myth.

I also carefully studied the different colors of Outmancan in Obulman. Blue, green, red, yellow, purple, white, and black all have different meanings. Zhang, the whole body is full of strength, so it represents the strength type, and the green and the wind, the representative is fast … When Obu fuses the transformation, the color of the transformer will also be fused. These optical concepts are in the trend.


It is also the hottest Ob. From the switching of the four attributes of the soil wind of the sanctuary of the Sword of Obu, I also said the truth of the five elements of each other. When you dig sand by the beach, you always like to dig pits and water, so Tukshui … These seemingly abstract concepts, combined with things that children can contact daily, I only say it, the child will remember immediately, and it is particularly special, and especially A sense of accomplishment.

I also bought him the Ben Ultraman archives. There was the basic information of Altman in it, and I taught him the concept of height (meter), weight (meal), and speed (Mach). I said Ultraman Generally, only 50-60 meters, but the center we have been there is 632 meters, which is equivalent to 11 Altman as high, so Ultraman is not so big …

Then take the opportunity to have a wave of world high -rise buildings. Now he sees the appearance map of the high -rise building. Even if it is only a silhouette, he can basically recognize the top ten high -rise buildings in the world. There are exactly these high -rise silhouettes on the outer wall, I will recognize him one by one).

Of course, walking in the evening is mainly to recognize the car. Now the little guy Lian Weilai, Aubao, and MG and other niche car brands have also met.

Even out of interest, I also checked the first -generation Ultraman’s killing technique “Specium Ray” (Specium Ray “(Specium Ray), and found that it was a combination of Special and Ium. By the way, combined with Ultraman’s enlarged tricks, he also generally understood the meaning of “particle”. Of course, it takes many years to let him understand the quantum science.

I also told him that when you go back to the kindergarten, you will ask who and who (his dead party). Do you know what the first generation of Speymum light means? They must not know, you can tell them, how powerful.

Because of Ultraman’s relationship, my son now has a good opinion of Japan. He is going to travel to Japan with noise. He can tell him a lot of knowledge about Japanese culture.

In addition, Liyi felt too violent. He never watched Ultraman TV for his son, and his son dug it. He always took my mobile phone to listen to the theme songs of various Ultraman, because it was Japanese (a little English was sandwiched in the middle). I Just explain the meaning of Japanese lyrics.

For example, Ace’s theme song lyrics are written like this:

Flashing night sky stars in the distance

When I heard our request

Thousands of miles cross the Galaxy Peak

You come with light together

I think this lyrics are very literary, so I took the opportunity to make various explanations for the children, what is “thousands of miles”, what kind of rhetoric technique of “Galaxy”, and how to find Beidou Qixing and Southern Cross……

To be honest, I know that I can pull, but from Ultraman to tear so far, I am also quite surprised …