Why can others wear half -bodies? But you can only wear a skirt but can only be soil and village? The key to the problem may be on the choice of skirts.


The skirt is a big family, which has both the fresh and romantic floral skirt, the elegant and charming of the hip skirt, and the youthful beauty of the pleated skirt … but the real western skirt, it depends on the four types below ~

Choose the right skirt and stay away from Tuchan ugly!

The first, color: choose the versatile color of looking at

The color of the matching is like the first impression we leave people. After careful consideration, we must choose the color that suits you best. What color will not make an error no matter what people wear? That is the versatile color.


What is the wild color?


It mainly contains black and white colorless systems, gray, beige and blue -based denim colors

Essence These four colors are all cold winds, and they have a high sense of high -level items regardless of the color. Choose these four color -based skirts.


TOP1. Daily shopping: striped shirt+white skirt


When you go out to go shopping with your sisters, you need to have a sense of casualness in fashion. Black and white horizontal striped short sleeves comes with a sense of youth, put on it at least five years old!


Girls with long faces and chin are suitable for this square neckline, and short round faces and square faces are more suitable for V -neck.

With an elegant white skirt, you can get a wave of return on the road.

TOP2. Working and commuting: white shirt+blue skirt

When it comes to commuting at work, the classic white shirt is definitely indispensable.

Those who like the intellectual elegance can choose this soft chiffon or satin shirt. If you want to be capable, choose a cotton, linen or polyester shirt.

The soft chiffon material is matched with a pure orchid blue skirt, the gentle and intellectual temperament is overflowing. The shirt is injecting a hint of formal reliability into the overall, and it is beautiful to go to work ~

The second is the length: select the medium long model of the universal

Don’t worry about wearing it as a little man, it will be short; you don’t have to worry about it as a tall man. It will look awkward. Tall and short, thin girls and fat girls can wear medium -long skirts, you deserve it!

[Selection length]

Generally speaking,

The length of the middle half -body skirt should be below the knee and the calf belly.


This length can not only cover the leg flaws, but also cover the meat. The choice of high waist style is very high, and the body is very tolerant.

The middle -length skirt selected by a small man below 160,

The length should be within the range of 65 cm to 75 cm;

And tall men who are higher than 160 should choose


The length of 80 cm to 100 cm.

All in all, medium and long half -body skirts,


As long as you avoid your knees and the calf belly,

Both lengths can be foreign and high.

TOP1. Summer vacation: slim top+floral long skirt

In summer, there are not only bright sunshine, good -looking skirts, but also long holidays. The holidays must be going out to play, and the exquisite girls should not forget the beauty when they go out on vacation ~

Black suspender+floral skirt,


Sisters with thin upper body are suitable for wearing this.

The white bubble sleeve+light floral on the right side, the romantic color matching makes people look like in oil painting.

TOP2. Field picnic: Bubble sleeve short top+black umbrella skirt

Don’t forget to relax yourself properly, getting close to nature is the best way to relax. On the leisure weekend, you may wish to wear a sweet floral bubble shirt, and then with your favorite black skirt, like the elf shuttled in the forest.

The shallow and deep color matching, focusing on the upper body, can also achieve good and effective use.

It is said that “the disorderly flowers are getting fascinating eyes”. You who put on a beautiful skirt will lose your eyes without knowing it?


Third, design: Choose a skirt with a small design with a small design

[Belly with meat]

Solution: waist fold design

If the small belly is more prominent, then you can choose

With a skirt with local folds or pleated design in the abdomen.

This design can increase the folding of the abdomen and easily make the flesh achieve “stealth effect”.

Want to pursue a better lean effect,

Okay, wear a loose shirt or chiffon shirt, and then use the hem of the clothes to knot in the waist position.

It has the effect of covering meat.

But be sure to reveal the clavicle or shoulder and neck ~

[The upper body is strong]

Solution: split skirt


The upper body is full, and there is a typical shoulder width or trapezius muscle.

But sisters with slender legs can choose a skirt with a sloping of a slop.


The design with a split with a split can move the visual center of gravity from the upper body to the leg. Although it is a bit “careful”, the effect is very significant. The split design also has the effect of showing long legs and long legs ~

[Body without curve]

Solution: tough straight tube skirt

Whether it is a full fat H -shaped figure or a flat thin H shape, you can save your body through a tough and loose straight skirt.

Don’t choose soft -skinned fabrics


For example, knitting, this type of fabric is easy to expose body defects.

And cotton and linen, the straight skirt of denim fabric has a better sense of support,

It also has a sense of design.

You can also modify the proportion of high -waisted high -waisted methods.

TOP1. Go to the library to read: Shirt short sleeves+cotton and linen skirt

The youthful campus -full -to -campus shirt is a necessary item for the campus style, and it is the most suitable for interpreting the campus feeling with cotton and linen material with self -mixed retro casual temperament.

The cotton and linen skirt should be selected for loose A or umbrellas, and the color should be selected for the color. The solid color should be selected.


The white shirt on the left, short -sleeved with a black skirt, cute and cute, like a learning member in high school class. The playful ripple dot shirt on the right is short -sleeved with a khaki skirt. The color of the color of the personality is full of unruly, like the small art of the Banlian Tianma.

TOP2. Player activity: sports cardigan+straight skirt

I like to run freely, go to the playground to play at the playground, and feel the combination of athletic girls with the power of life.

The fresh sky blue sports cardigan is like a girl’s bright smile. It uses the same color matching method in the inside. The white T is matched with a beige straight skirt, which is full of high -level sense.


You must choose a loose style ~

The fourth type, the pattern: choose a clean skirt face picture

The versatile color -based solid color skirt will not make mistakes, but if you want to change more, occasionally choose a half skirt with a pattern to change the taste.

Choose a classic and simple design with a skirt with patterns, such as floral, ripples, plaids and stripes.

The floral skirt should be chosen as much as possible. The distribution of flowers must be irregular and there is a certain gap.

Choosing a low -saturated light -colored floral skirt in summer is more foreign.


The light -colored floral skirt should be paired with white, or a solid color top with the main color of the skirt.

The small one is suitable for choosing a vertical striped skirt that is not thick or fine, which is not suitable for horizontal stripes.

Don’t choose a checkered skirt with slightly fat legs. The wave dot skirt is enough to use two colors, and the area of ​​the wave point should not be too large.


After reading it, the above skirt is introduced, now you know why you are easy to wear in a half skirt ~

Watching the versatile solid color half skirt, not picking people’s middle and long skirt, a small design half skirt, but the classic classic pattern printing skirt, which kind of skirt is your dish?