In 2006, in “Crazy Stone”, Huang Bo’s phrase “brand, Benny Road” made everyone laugh;

In 2009, Chu Yuxun’s phrase “Duanmu, he took me to Metusbon Wei” in “Go to Watch Meteor Shower” still provoked a laughter.

Although he was ridiculed at this moment, before that, Benny Road was the first “luxury goods” to start with some 80s; and visiting Metus Bonway was also a symbol of trend!

“Old Han Shirt” after the 80s: Benny Road, Zandanu, and Zhenvis

Regarding Benny Road’s memory, the 80s programmer Liu Yi said: “That is the first luxury product in my life.”

When Liu Yi just went to college, the boys in the circle had a common “dream”: buy a Benny Road!

Of course, students with good conditions soon wore more than 400 yuan of Benny Road down jackets, and Liu Yi saved a long pocket money finally bought a pair of Benny Road … underwear.

According to the level of living expenses of college students at that time, Liu Yi admitted that this underwear should be a luxury level of consumption.

According to its official information, Benny Road is a native Italian clothing brand. It was later acquired by the Hong Kong listed company Deyongjia Group and officially introduced to the Mainland in 1996. It also ushered in the golden period of career in the subsequent 10 years.

During the period, the hot front -line stars such as “F4”, Andy Lau, and Faye Wong successively endorsed it, earned enough attention, and made enough money.

However, after the release of “Crazy Stone” in 2006, with the popularity of the lines, Benny Road gradually began to go downhill.

Since 2008, under the impact of “Fast Fashion” brands such as Uniqlo, ZARA, H & M, etc., Benny Road shops in the center of major cities have also evacuated to the city’s edge.

Immediately afterwards, Benny Road ushered in waves of closing shops -from more than 4,400 stores in the peak, and now there are only more than a thousand stores.

During the interview, several post -80s post -80s also mentioned that brands such as Zandanu and Zhenvis also embarked on the same way as Benny Road.

“I will definitely not buy these brands of clothes now. The current consumption level can be better to buy.” Liu Yi said, a Benny Road down jacket lying in the closet in 2005, it was worn once. The significance is probably a dream of a young.

That’s right, there are few generals on the fashion field, more of the lost people. In the past, there were Benny Road, Zhenvez, and Zandanu, and the Senma and Metusboni were later nicknamed the “old man shirt” and “killing Matt” by post -00s.

“Killing Matt” after the 90s: Metusbon Wei, Senma, Yichun

Compared with the perseverance of the post -80s, many post -90s dresses expressed “unbearable back” and “refusing memories”.

There is a long -circulating paragraph:

Some college students walked around the wall every day. One day the principal asked, “Why do you climb the wall every day and don’t go the door?” The principal said, “Metusbon Wei, do not go to ordinary roads.”

In the post -90s, in adolescence, they were brainwashed by a variety of slogan, such as “Hongxingrke, to Be No.1”, “Tsob, non -ordinary feeling”, all of which have become small smart men and girls.

Born in 1995, Metzbonwell started earlier than Benny Road, but it was after the decline of Benny Road.

“In junior high school, I only bought clothes twice a year, not to visit Hailan House, but to visit the United States. Discounts in the summer vacation and the winter vacation was discounted once …” Li Xinyi, after 90s, recalled that there was only one thing 10 years ago. Feeling: “I don’t want to remember, it’s too non -mainstream.”

As the terminal of the millennial generation, the post -90s generation was synonymous with rebellion and unruly. Li Xinyi said: “At that time, I only felt that the thick bangs, exaggerated wearing, and unique words were tide.”

There are many post -90s post -90s as Li Xinyi who also refused to recall “self -falling scum.” In the words of Li Xinyi, it is explained: Just like we vomit the TV series “Let’s Watch Meteor Shower together”, in fact, not only just dislikes the earth -flavored idol drama, but also the native ourselves that year.

In “Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower”, the heroine Chu Yuxun has such a line: “Duanmu, he took me to Meetsbonway! When looking in the mirror, I don’t know who the girl in the mirror is!”

This sentence can be translated into a barrage: After three or five years, I went to see myself in Metstonway, and I was unwilling to admit that it was myself.

With the sound of vomiting, the development rhythm of Metusbon Wei gradually slowed down. Like Metus Bonway, when facing the “fast fashion” brands with richer categories and more styles, brands such as pure and Senma can only make the market in order to give up the market.

Public data shows that in 2014, Meitsbonwei belonged to the net profit of shareholders of listed companies of 145 million yuan, but a year -on -year decrease of 64%; after 2015, the performance was even less good. Stepping up.

After 00 “chase big names”: Supreme, AJ, Armani

When chatting with some post -00 parents, the post -00s in their mouths are like this: “Dressing is very picky”, “like big names”, “strange weird” …

Marco, who is in high school, is constantly mentioning Supreme, AJ, Armani and other big names during the chat.

He released a circle of friends last week: “You can save enough money on AJ right away, but the limited edition has been sold out.” And with a row of crying emoticons.

“The most important thing for clothes is that you like it, provided that the clothes you buy are not cottage and plagiarism.” 16 -year -old Yao Yao said that buying clothes usually pays more attention to style and quality.

“We have passed the age of wearing children’s clothing. It is 2018. The first batch of 00 is 18 years old.” Yixin, who is also post -00s.

When it comes to brands such as Benny Road and Meibang, Yixin said: “Fashion also needs progress.”

The times are changing, the aesthetics of the public are also changing, and the brand that cannot keep up with the times will eventually be thrown behind.

Guo Yan, a professor at Beijing School of clothing, said: “In fact, this phenomenon has been obvious in the past few years. If the design team and concept of an enterprise can not keep up with the needs of the new era.”

After 00, Guo Yan believes that they are still young and have not yet qualitatively recognized the brand and aesthetics.

In other words, when everyone was a child, the history of the dresses full of earthy smell, I am afraid that no one can avoid it.

Maybe, after a few years, the most fashionable and fashionable 00s after a few years, there is also an unbearable yesterday.