The United States had done an interesting survey. They used a recorder to record a conversation between 52 boys and girls and their father. As a result, they found that the father spent more than 5 times the son chatting and singing with his daughter. It took 3 times to educate or criticize his son.


It can be seen that there is a phenomenon of “daughter slave” in the world. Why do dads love their daughters more and more? We seem to see what netizens say:


@儿: My daughter has been cute and cute since she was a child, but she is not as naughty as his brother. The daughter can play toys quietly and help her mother to sweep the floor and wipe the table. In addition to turmoil, my brother wants to hit him.

@茄: Poor children, wealthy women, have loved her daughter since childhood, don’t want her to be wronged, the son is different, and goes to the room to unveil the tile without playing.

@: The boy can’t be too fond of him, not the same as his daughter. The boy should be independent, brave, and responsible. I do n’t have so many requirements for daughter, as long as you are healthy and safe.

After listening to netizens answered, do you feel worried? Let’s take a look at what psychologists say?

1. Unconscious love for daughter:

In his parents’ consciousness, boys should bear more responsibilities and cultivate his brave and tenacious character. Therefore, he is more criticized for the boy, and his father will unconsciously tolerate his daughter and give his daughter more love.


2. The daughter is more intimate:


The daughter is not only the little cotton jacket of her mother, but also the little lover of her father. Gender genes determine that her emotions are more delicate, love laughter, and know how to be considerate, so parents also love their daughter more.

3. Poor children, rich girls:

Many dads will say, “I want to have a daughter, what I want, what I want to buy her.” The tone was full of spoils. But if it is a son, I am afraid that it will not be so good. Most parents are influenced by “poverty and rich daughter”, and they will be more willing to express their emotions on their daughters.


In fact, no matter how much Dad loves his daughter, don’t let your son feel too eccentric. If you have jealousy, it is even worse. Boys and girls also need emotional care. Even the dad of “daughter slave” should pay more attention to her son.

Dear dads hurt their daughters, and don’t ignore the feelings of my son. There are other questions, so I might as well comment on us.