Last year, Hua Dad tested 9 spine schoolbags at different prices, click to understand the details:

“Nine children’s spine schoolbags: No troubles can be solved by a bag”

The test found that the “cabbage models” below 200 yuan may reduce the cost to control costs, such as: schoolbags do not add back panels, hard bottom plates, etc., the spine protection effect and workmanship details are generally poor.


The final recommended model is


Good, but really expensive.

In order to find the cost-effective choice, Hua Dad selected 7 spine schoolbags between 200-400 yuan for evaluation.

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According to the sales volume of e-commerce platforms and fans, Hua Dad chose 7 children’s schoolbags with spine design and price between 200-400 yuan.

Each schoolbag has grades 1-3 and 4-6. In order to evaluate the convenience, the 4-6 large school bag (130-160 cm tall) is uniformly selected.

Note: Price information comes from the e -commerce platform in July 2021

“Little Red Flower Evaluation” public account background reply to the keyword “spine schoolbag”, check the full sample information


2 card necks, 2 types of waist

Bagbags self -respect

According to the previous evaluation experience, good spine schoolbags will not be too light.

After all, the backplane, bottom plate, sponge block and other ridge devices should be added.

But Hua Dad still weighed their self -respect, and the results were for your reference only.

The lighter the better ~

Line in line and wait for weight ~


Spine design

The lack of a reasonable spine design in the schoolbag is easy to put the weight all on the shoulders. Children will unconsciously bend the humpback. In the long run, in addition to affecting the spine and body, it will also affect growth and development.

The spine schoolbag, by setting up chest straps, shoulder straps, back three -dimensional sponge and other ridge design, the pressure of the schoolbag can be dispersed to the back and waist.


A good spine schoolbag should satisfy the following points:

1. The shoulder bandwidth and thickness, the length can be adjusted.

The widest and thicker of the shoulder straps of the cattle j big X


2. The schoolbag has a three -dimensional sponge, and the back panel and the bottom have enough support.

The back panels of 7 schoolbags have a certain support force

3. High fit with the body.

The left is He Dle, and the right is C*MS, you can’t fit the body well

The spine design of 7 schoolbags is summarized as follows:

Actual feeling


In addition to the reasonable ridge design, the comfort of the back is also important.


Hua Dad prepared a thick book of 5kg, and then tried the petite evaluator (151 cm tall) one by one.

The actual experience is as follows:


1. Nuo H’s spine design is the most reasonable and perfect.

5 thick sponges of different hardness are high with the body.


In particular, the white sponge has high hardness, which has a certain support for the waist to help disperse the pressure of the shoulders.

The sky blue sponge corresponds to the sides of the waist, which is relatively soft and there will be no feeling.



Nuo H

It is the most comfortable and not tired to carry.

2. The “suspended design” of C*MS and He Dle is not obvious.

C*MS, He Der

Elastic rope is set at the bottom of the shoulder strap.

But after the actual experience, this “suspended design” is not obvious for decompression.

Instead, because the elastic rope is not adjusted, the shoulder strap is too long and does not fit the body enough.

When walking, the schoolbag will follow the movement of people with the movement of people.

I can see more clearly for everyone.

3. Wo S Lu has a sense of fashion, but it is the heaviest.


Wo S Lu

The whole body is PU leather, full of fashion, and will not deform because the book is too heavy.

But when he carried it, he not only pressed his shoulders, but also stunned his waist.


Although the shoulder strap has a certain rotation angle, the measured measurement is useless.

4. The connected shoulder strap is easy to stuck the neck.

The picture shows Little E Mo

Storage design

The capacity of the schoolbag is large enough, which is important.

There are many mezzanines, and you can put different textbooks and stationery in different categories.

Schoolbag capacity

Hua Dad searched all the books in the office and stuffed each schoolbag ~

29cm × width 21cm × height 19cm

The actual capacity of each schoolbag is as follows:

Schoolbag storage

Apart from

Other schoolbags have both sides of water cup positions, 1 to 2 front bags, 1 main bag, and the main bag also has a mezzanine.



The largest capacity, the most expansion.


The smallest capacity, there is no mezzanine in the main bag.

Workmanship details

There are no lines in the seven schoolbags, and the zipper is smooth.

Other details are as follows:

1. Wo S Lu must open the schoolbag from the bottom.

Press it to lock it automatically, and it’s a bit cool ~

2. There are non -slip pads at the bottom of the four models, which is not easy to get dirty.


From left to right: Niu J Big X, Little E Mo, Kind*RKR*FT, Nuo H

3. Four of them have names and curriculum cards.


4. Kind*RKR*FT, Herm Der’s buckle design can prevent the zipper from being too large.

In general, the workmanship of 7 schoolbags is better, which is worthy of its own price.

Waterproof performance

The whole body PU leather will not be wet by rain at all.

Nuo H, Kind*RKR*FT, He Der, Niu J Big X

On the front, there are large -scale plastic and leather shells, and it is not easy to be wet by rain.

C*ms, Little e demon

The fabric also has a certain waterproof effect, but after the water is encountered, it is necessary to dry it as soon as possible.

The picture shows Nuo H, Kind*RKR*FT, He Der, Niu J’s large X large plastic plastic or PU leather, which can be waterproof.

Reflector design


7 schoolbags have reflective strips.

Overall, except

In addition to the small capacity, the storage design and workmanship details of other bookbags are very good.


Through the above evaluation, the comprehensive evaluation of the 7 spine schoolbags is as follows:

Safety detection

After comprehensive evaluation,

The spinal protection function is the most reasonable and perfect, and the workmanship details are good.

Hua Dad will send it to QB/T 2858 “Student Book Bag”, and send it to the inspection

Friction color fastness

As well as




Migrant elements

(Lead, chromium, arsenic, arsenic, 锑, 钡, selenium, cadmium, mercury).

After testing, all three projects were qualified and excellent safety performance.

“Little Red Flower Evaluation” public account background reply to the keyword “spine schoolbag”, get a complete test report

Nuo H price: 389 yuan


Recommended reason:

1. Reasonable ridge design and complete functions;

2. The effect of the spine is the best effect;

3. Large capacity, wireless head, smooth zipper, non -slip and dirt at the bottom of the schoolbag;

4. Waterproof and reflective.

1. Look at the shoulder strap

Bid -wide, thick enough, length adjustable, so as to better disperse the pressure.

2. Look at the back sponge

The sponge should be thick, so that you can better fit the body;

It is best to distribute points, otherwise it is easy to heat dissipation.

3. Look at the chest belt, belt

The chest and belt should be able to adjust the length and make the schoolbags fit the back as much as possible.

4. Look at the back and bottom

There should be a certain hardness on the back and bottom of the schoolbag, so as to have enough support.

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Recommended Products:

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