Everlane’s clothes and bags are very good, many young people like their backpacks. Let’s tell you below

Where is the EVERLANE backpack?

? What is the price of Everlane backpack?

Everlane has no Chinese official website, you can purchase above Everlane’s US official website, and then transs it to China.

Everlane as a US apparel startup brand, there is a lot of innovation in production, sales and operation mode, is it possible to become a fashion brand that can be used in the future with H & M, GAP? You may have an answer after reading this article . This article comes from racked, the original title is “Can Everlane Really Become nextj.crew?”, Tiger Snoring Compilation. Everlane has always adhered to a strategy from the founding day, which launched a classic product with very slow speed. This “slow classic” rather than “fast fashion” has resonated with many consumers.

Everlane backpack price

Everlane’s bag has a high cost performance. Her bags are generally between two or three to five or six hundred, which is cheap and durable, and the price is very high. It is worth recommending.

How is EVERLANE backpack?

Everlane shoulder bag, simple is beautiful. Although Everlane is called a high-level semi-weapon, the quality is really a spiked gain several streets. The price transparency is fair, and it is the preferred brand of buying high cost-effective fundamentals. Last week, the global shipping, just put the horse and the small partner, the website looks flat, getting the skills and unexpected, this bag is very good, don’t put things will not be soft The weight is also very light ~ full.

everlane双肩包在哪买 美国官网购买价格在几百元

Xiao Hong Book is really my ultimate plant, since I met Everlane’s brand is a hairpin. I want to buy a shoulder bag for a long time, but I have not found a size style, my girl … you know. I didn’t expect it to give me the best answer. Not only the style I like, but also feel good but not soft, the gray is very good, the key is the size of the size is absolutely OK, suitable for my tall. In short, Everlane is my true love.

Everlane’s new brown backpack, this backpack is really cheap, 38 knives, quality is still very good. However, there is less interlayer. I bought it on the first day, just in the back shoulder bag who watched the lightweight, mainly, sometimes a person took the baby to go to the farm. A good package is a bit distressed. Too little bag, the West is easy to lose the baby, scare me. So I decided to make a cheap resistant backpack, this small school bag is still very harmonious! # P # 副 标 # e #

How to pick back shoulder bag

Shoulder strap

I can feel it with your hands. The good bag of the shoulder strap fills is quite flexible, and the advantage that the advantage is of course durable, the weight is good. Good shoulder strap plus the backpack of the backpack and the durable fabric will make the entire bag too much, it will be like a fight vest, you will go to it.


This thing can’t look at it, the color and function of the package of the package is to give others, but the package is used back, the carrying design is good, only your own back know! If it is the purchase criterion, I am It is not recommended to use the breathable mesh that is often used in the bicycle package. The reason is that it is unable to load, and then the design that is far from the body is very good, but the capacity of the package is also necessary. small!


In addition to the three seasons outside the winter, we will usually go to the mountains and casual camping opportunities. Sometimes there is no too much, so some things, water, drinks, cashmere sleep bags can be put in the package, then Tent and moisture-proof pads are hanging, and there are not many, they are afraid that it is not unreasonable.


Most consumers still buy a cheap package, but the carrying comfort and shape, color matching, functionality, etc. are almost, where is it to buy or buy low? I think this In terms of benevolence, the benevolent is seeing the benevolence, the wise is witness, knowing that “details decided to success or fail”, in most cases, good bags are called “good bag”, it is absolutely spent on materials, design, and work.

Where is the EVERLANE backpack?