We know that when the baby starts to add supplementary food, the first choice is iron -rich foods, and the rice noodles for strengthening iron are often added as the first type of supplementary food. However, can the “iron enhancement” say on the packaging bag, will it definitely meet the needs of the baby iron? In addition, you may also find that rice noodles have a variety of flavors, vegetables, fruits, meat flavors, etc. Some of them are added with DHA and probiotics. Which one should I choose? Hurry up and see Duda’s content today.

The content of iron in rice noodles is critical!

The reason why the rice noodles are to buy “strengthen iron” are to supplement the baby to prevent iron deficiency anemia. However, according to the “National Safety Standards for Infant Food Assistant Food” (GB10769-2010), the iron content is 0.25-0.5mg/100kJ, which is equivalent to every 100g of rice noodles, which contains about 3-7mg of iron, although different brands of rice noodles The iron content will be slightly different, but basically change in this range, otherwise it will not be sold in China at all.

Look at this rice noodle:

It can be seen that only 6.25mg of iron per 100g rice noodles, but it fully meets national standards. Can such rice noodles really achieve the effect of iron supplementation?

Let’s take a look at how much iron needs every day. According to the “2013 Edition Chinese Resident Dietary Nutrition Reference Institute”,

6-12 months Baby daily iron recommendation intake is 10mg; 1-3-year-old baby’s daily iron recommendation intake is 9mg

Essence 99%of the source of infant iron comes from supplementary food. Then, if you want to meet the needs of your baby’s iron every day, you must consume 10mg of iron per day.

However, when the baby just started to add supplementary food for 4-6 months, the amount of rice noodles was 1-2 spoons each time, about 15-30g. According to the amount of 30g rice noodles per day, the intake of the iron is:

30*6.25/100 = 1.9mg

That is, choosing this “high -speed rail rice noodles”, the baby’s iron intake daily is only about 2mg. Obviously, the daily recommended intake (10mg) is much worse, and it cannot meet the baby’s growth needs.

Let’s look at a beautiful version of high -speed rail rice noodles:

The amount of iron contained in each 14g rice noodles can meet the body’s needs of 45%, about 5mg (the recommended intake of the US 0-1 year old iron is 11mg). If the baby still takes 30g of rice noodles every day, you can get 10mg iron, which is enough to meet the body’s needs.

From this point of view, you must choose a very high iron -containing rice noodles like the United States? The answer is not absolute, but also specific analysis.

First of all, for babies with pure breastfeeding, because the iron content in breast milk is very small, when the baby is 4-6 months, the reserves of iron in the body are almost exhausted. From 4 months, 1mg/kg iron is added every day (up to 15mg). But in our country, there are not many execution. Unless the baby has been detected by iron deficiency anemia, iron supplements are given.


Therefore, the breastfeeding baby that has not yet supplemented the iron, it is recommended to choose a high -iron -containing rice noodles to meet the needs of the iron. If you choose rice noodles with lower domestic iron content, the risk of iron deficiency anemia will be relatively high. For breastfeeding babies that have been supplemented on time, choosing domestic rice noodles is enough. If you choose a high -iron rice noodle with higher iron, it may cause excessive iron.

Secondly, for babies feeding by formula milk, because the formula milk is strengthened, every 600ml formula milk can intake about 6mg of iron. Using ordinary domestic rice noodles can basically meet the needs. It is necessary to choose a high -iron -containing rice noodle.

Finally, as the baby’s supplementary food is added, the amount of rice noodles gradually increases, and other iron -rich foods, such as meat puree, liver puree, etc. At this time It will also cause the iron intake to exceed the standard, which will affect the absorption of other nutrients.

To sum up, according to the iron content to choose rice noodles, you need to comprehensively consider the source of the baby iron. If rice noodles are the only sources of iron, it is recommended to choose iron -rich rice noodles. , Formula milk, meat puree, liver mud, etc., then ordinary iron -enhanced rice noodles are enough.

Single flavored rice noodles & hybrid rice noodles

The rice noodles in the supermarket are really complicated and diverse. There are rice, Xiaomi, and some of them add vegetables, fruits, and even some meat. Is there more types of types, the better?

For babies who have just begun to add supplementary food, Du Mom recommends choosing rice noodles with a single ingredient, that is, only rice or millet:

This kind of rice noodles contain only rice;

This rice noodles are made from Xiaomi.

This kind of rice noodles are added with spinach powder. It should be given to the baby if the baby has eaten spinach mud and is not allergic.

This is a rice noodle made from oatmeal rice noodles mixed. It is also necessary to determine that each one is added, and it can be consumed before it can be eaten.

This rice noodles are even more complicated. What kind of yam, corn, lily, barley, rice, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, they really have to wait. When these foods have been eaten, they can not be sensitive.

To sum up, a single -flavored rice noodles are suitable for babies who have just added supplementary food, but they do not have to choose rice noodles. Although rice is not easy to allergic and is often added as the first type of complementary food, it is also possible to choose a single -flavored rice noodle such as Xiaomi and oats, but pay attention to observe whether an allergic reaction has occurred.

Mixed -flavored rice noodles are more suitable for babies who have added various ingredients, but there is no need to pursue this so -called multiple ingredients, because the amount of addition is relatively small, and it can not play any fundamental effect. It still eats fresh ingredients. better.

Do you want the special ingredients in rice noodles?

In the ingredients of rice noodles, in addition to various flavors of ingredients, some ingredients will be added, such as DHA, probiotics, sugar, vitamins, and minerals. Do you want to choose?

1. DHA, probiotics and probiotics

Regarding these three ingredients, how to choose formula milk in the previous formula has mentioned that although the merchants claim that these ingredients are very beneficial to the health of the baby, they still need more experimental research to confirm their true meaning.

And with the diversification of the baby’s supplementary food, these ingredients can be obtained from it. Fish contain more DHAs; breast milk and some botanical foods (such as potatoes, beans, and onions, etc.) contain probiotics; yogurt contains a certain amount of probiotics. Instead, if you consume too much probiotic element, it may cause your baby’s abdominal bloating. Therefore, when you choose rice noodles, there is no need to pursue these excessive pursuit.


The ingredients that may cause allergies

Some ingredients will add additional milk, milk powder or soy protein to the ingredients table to increase the taste and protein content of rice noodles.

However, these ingredients may cause the baby’s allergies. It is not recommended to choose when adding supplementary food for the first time. After determining that the baby has tried these products, you should eat it for your baby.

Nuts are also an ingredient that is easy to cause allergies. It is necessary to add it to the baby after confirming that you have eaten walnuts. Of course, if such a small baby eats nuts, it must be grinded into powder.


In addition, other rice noodles may also add egg yolk powder, meat powder, salmon powder and other ingredients. They must be determined after the baby is added, and then try to the baby.

3. Sugar

Although in the national standard of rice noodles, sugar is allowed to be added, but for babies of less than 12 months, they should not take extra sugar, because not only will not only increase the risk of dental caries and obesity, but also sugar will make rice noodles make rice noodles. The taste is sweeter and affects the baby’s taste, just like a baby who drinks sweet water does not like to drink boiled water. Duda does not recommend choosing rice noodles containing sugar for the baby.

It can be seen in this ingredients table that this rice noodle adds white sugar, and it is actually ranked second in the ingredient table. Before the Duda said, the more the position is, the higher the content. There are many white sugar content of rice noodles.

Don’t think that only white sugar is sugar. Many manufacturers are particularly cunning and will use various makeup techniques.

These rock sugar, glucose, water -free glucose, glucose, fructose, etc. are sugar. Be sure to open your eyes open.

Common rice noodles evaluation

Next, Du Ma made the 15 common rice noodles for evaluation and analysis. Although it could not include all types, after reading it, you should be able to know how to choose rice noodles that suits your baby.

Let’s look at a general picture first. After the specific analysis, you will be mentioned (click the picture to magnify).

1. Heinz baby rice noodles

Duda analysis:

The iron content of this rice noodle is 6.25mg/100g. For the baby of rice noodles is a single iron source, it cannot meet the needs of its growth and development. Moreover, the addition of white sugar is added, although the content is not marked, but the content will not be too small in the second position of the ingredient table, which may make the baby rely on the taste. In the end, although ingredients such as hypocrutiny and milk protein powder are added, the health significance of the baby is not very significant.

2. Jiabao (National Bank) Mi Fan

This rice noodle belongs to the National Bank version, so it must be produced in accordance with my country’s standards, so the iron content is only 6.5mg/100g. But the better thing is that it does not contain sugar.

3. Garbo (American version) rice noodles

This American version of rice noodles, the iron content is very high, contains 5mg of iron every 15g. For babies who have just added supplementary food, 30g can meet the needs every day. However, it also added sugar, with 1g/15g, about 6.7g/100g, and the amount is still quite considerable. If the baby is used to this sugar -containing rice noodles, it may affect the acceptance of other sugar -free rice noodles.

4. Xibao Eat Rice Powder (National Bank Edition)

This rice noodles contain two types of cereals and rice. It is not recommended to use it when adding supplementary food for the first time. It should be determined after both grains to eat. Because it contains oats, it contains dietary fiber, which has a certain effect on preventing baby constipation.

Among them, the iron content is 5.2mg/100g, which is more suitable for complementary foods to eat, and at the same time, other babies with rich foods are added. In addition, this is a rice noodle with organic certification. Although many people think that organic foods are better, there is no sufficient research at present. It is believed that organic foods are more nutritious and safer than ordinary food. So don’t worry too much.

5. Xibao Organic Rice Powder (German version)

This is the original German rice noodle, of which

Non -iron

Essence Yes, you read that right. This rice noodles are not iron. If you choose this rice noodles for your baby, you must supplement your baby iron through other channels, otherwise the risk of iron deficiency anemia will be relatively high. In addition, this rice noodle is claimed to be desensitized rice noodles and believes that the baby is not easy to be allergic. In fact, all rice noodles made by rice are not easy to cause allergies.

6. Xibao Fapani Rice Fan (German version)

This rice noodle contains five kinds of grains, which can be eaten after each baby is tried alone. Of course, this rice noodles also



7. American Earth’s Best Mi Fan

This rice noodle is also rich in iron. Every 14G contains 5mg of iron, and it does not contain sugar. It is more suitable for babies who have just added supplementary food.

8. Australian Bella Mi Mi Fan

The iron content of this rice noodles contains 1.4mg of iron per 6.67g (a small amount). If you consume 30g of rice noodles a day, you will shoot 6.3mg of iron. Among them, the content of sugar is relatively low, and only 0.3g of sugar per 100g.

9. Xibi Mi Fan (National Bank Edition)

When some mothers bought this rice noodle, they thought they had been properly, because the iron content was not as high as the legend, only 6.27mg/100g. Because it is necessary to know that this is the National Bank’s version of Xibei Mi Fan, which must meet my country’s standards.

10. Xibi Mi Fan (US version)

This is the American version of Xibei. The iron content of the iron is very high. Each 14G contains 8.8mg of iron. It is enough to eat a spoon every day. But


If you eat 30g every day, then the iron intake exceeds the standard

Essence Duda suggested to eat the baby with the National Bank version, otherwise excessive iron intake affects the absorption of other nutrients.


11. Littlefreddie small leather rice noodles

This rice noodle and iron content is also relatively low, only 5.35mg, but does not contain sugar.

12. Guai Ai Xiaomi Mi Fan

This is a Xiaomi rice noodle, but it is also added with pink powder, and it is necessary to determine that the baby can choose after eating. In addition, white sugar and malt paste will increase the sweetness of rice noodles, which will affect the baby’s taste.

13. Nestlé rice noodles

This rice noodle is added with DHA, probiotic and probiotics. Although its significance needs to be further verified, it is proven to be safe. If the mother wants to choose, it is also possible. This rice noodle and iron content is 6.5mg/100g. No sugar.


14. British fruity rice noodles


This rice noodles are added with bananas, strawberries and other ingredients, and you need to choose after the baby eats alone. And it contains yogurt powder, whole milk powder, and soybean separation protein. It must be determined that it can only be added to this. Finally, among them

The components such as white sugar and rock sugar also ranks second and third of the ingredient table

It is even in front of bananas and strawberries, and it cannot be ignored.

Duda is really too much, let’s come here today. If you have any questions about the choice of rice noodles, you can leave a message to Du Mom.


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