Jimu Journalist Shenwai


Recently, a video of “women wearing white coats and black stockings on the playground” attracted the attention of netizens. The video also wrote that “our school medical teacher is too beautiful.” However, the above videos have caused many netizens to question. Some netizens left a message saying, “How can school doctors be worn like this?” And some netizens said that the women in the video suspected to wear other clothing and shoot videos at the door of a kindergarten.

Jimu reporters noticed that on November 11, netizens “Zhang Yi who loved shooting” released the above video. The video shows that a young woman wearing a white coat and a pill box stood by the playground, and from time to time, someone looked back at the woman from time to time. In the video, the white coat wearing a woman is open, revealing black stockings and high heels.

In this regard, some netizens questioned, “In the school, a school doctor is really awkward.” “Put on a white coat to wear clothes.” “Medical workers feel insulted.”


Some netizens have found a short video account of the suspected video of the hostess, which has 275,000 fans. Jimu Journalists saw that in a video released in this account, the appearance of the women’s dress as “playground video” was the same. Several running boys appearing in the video also suspected of the above video, and the environment was almost as the above videos almost almost as the above video. Consistent. The account released a video of a number of women wearing a white coat and bandaging wounds for others, and it was accompanied by “the school doctor ceiling in the sports meeting”.

The above video positioning information shows that Zhejiang Media Institute. However, some netizens said that the scene in the video is the playground of the Binjiang Campus of Hangzhou Medical College. The reporter found the map software and found that the playground of the Binjiang Campus of Hangzhou Medical College is really similar to the scene in the video.

On the afternoon of the 17th, a staff member of the Propaganda Department of Zhejiang Media Institute told Jimu Journalists that he had not heard of it. Subsequently, the reporter dialed multiple office calls from Hangzhou Medical College, none of them answered.

Jimu reporters noticed that some netizens posted that the high -heeled shoes wearing the woman were similar to the women’s shoes of a woman who had previously taken in front of a kindergarten door in Hangzhou, guessing that the same person was done.

According to Jimu News, on October 12, when Hangzhou citizen Ms. Zhu (Hua surname) took the child in kindergarten, he found that four or five people were shooting a woman. It looks like it is swinging.

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