Some people are destined to come together after thousands of mountains and rivers, but they may not be able to go to the end together. It is fate, and it is also destined to make people sad.

In the morning on December 18th, the well -known Chinese plant -based actual controller resolved a straight heart -related disease, and suddenly passed away! The other identity of the 61 -year -old financial giant is the husband of Mao Amin, the “big sister of the song,” Mao Amin.

In the announcement issued by the China Style Enterprise Group, we can see the figures of many entertainment industry. In addition to Mao Amin, Yu Dong, Chen Kaige, Chen Hong, etc. are also among them.

In the past years, we have been involved in the entertainment industry in the entertainment industry in the middle of the years. They have invested in a number of blockbusters such as “Chinese Captain” and “Climbers”. The eldest daughter Xie Jialong starred in the daughter of Dr. Ting, Dr. Ting of “Chinese Doctor” at the age of 17, and his face value was very outstanding.


With the death of Xie Zhiqian, there are already media questions: Will this trillion empire be taken over by Mao Amin?

But let’s return the story to 2002, just experienced the tax storm, fell from the peak to the bottom of the valley, and then experienced the big star Mao Amin who returned to China. Life was still warm and cold.

The storm has not been completely dispersed, and the cold wind of life is still not coming. At the moment of the bright and dark life, she sang on the Spring Forest Festival’s singing stage, which deeply attracted a corporate leader who was in the sea of ​​Shangshanghai. He was nearly 40 unclean crickets at the time. The two officially met, from this time.

The subsequent story is unexpected from Mao Amin’s self -report in the show. She said that she had pursued the straight half a year before catching up.

Both of them met at the age of nearly 40. After recognizing that each other, they would no longer waste time. In 2003, they officially entered the marriage to form a family. Later, the children under her knees continued to go smoothly, while Mao Amin returned to the song, but the singing scene was still full of her legend.

In recent years, Mao Amin has always maintained a low -key and mysterious state for his marriage. For this wealthy husband’s husband, she never mentioned it. She was trying to protect her family, just as Jiezhi was also taking care of her.


But the stories of the two ended in the winter of 2021.


In 1988, Mao Amin appeared on the Spring Festival Gala and sang the classic “Miss”, and sang in the song: Where do you come from, my friend, like a butterfly, flew into my window. I don’t know if we can stay for a few days, we have been separated for too long and too long.

Now that I heard it, it seemed like a prediction about her beautiful love story about her life.

In 1983, temporary worker Mao Amin

In 1963, Mao Amin was born in an ordinary family in Shanghai. His father Mao Jinfu and his mother Xu Chengdi were ordinary workers, and there were two brothers.


At that time, their family was squeezed in a tube building with less than 20 square meters. The life was not rich, but Mao Amin, who had a good voice, liked to sing from an early age.

At that time, the bathroom and the kitchen in Shanghai were public. Only the bathroom was a closed space, so it became a natural recording studio of Xiao Mao Amin. In order to be afraid of disturbing her neighbors, she often locked herself in it to practice songs.

In 1981, after graduating from high school, Mao Amin did not go to college, and his father Mao Jinfu ran around to find her.

Finally, in 1983, she entered the factory as a temporary dye.


However, some birds’ calls cannot be covered, and it will fly to the sky one day.

At that time, Mao Amin was already the backbone of the factory, and often had the opportunity to participate in various literary performances. Once performed in the Wan Sports Museum in Shanghai.

At that time, Mao Amin’s voice had not been carved, but it had been wide and powerful, but they could be gentle and elegant, but also vicissitudes.

After the performance, a cross talk actor who came from Beijing found him.

Mao Amin recognizes Hou Yaowen at a glance.


Hou Yaowen told Mao Amin seriously that you should sing professional.

From then on, there are opportunities for performances, Hou Yaowen will recommend this newcomer to all parties.

Hou Yaowen has helped a lot of people in this life, but never trying anything, gang is helping, so that this person is not allowed to bury it. Guo Degang is the case, and Mao Amin is not different.


With the help of the first noble man in his life, Mao Amin’s growth is smoother.

In 1985, with the foundation of Hou Yaowen and publishers and audiovisual publishing houses, Mao Amin, who was 22 years old, had released the first album “Hot Coffee”. Take a step, every step is count.

With excellent singing skills and albums, in the spring of 1985, Mao Amin was recruited to the front line of the Nanjing Military Region.

Because of the recommendation of the song and dance troupe, she participated in a singing competition of CCTV that year. The full name of the song competition is “CCTV Young Singer TV Grand Prix”. People are more familiar with its abbreviation -Qing Ge competition.

The competition is divided into Meisheng and popular groups. The popular group is divided into professional and amateur groups. Many popular singers in the 1990s have entered the audience for the first time from this competition.

The Qing Ge competition is indeed strong like a cloud, and Mao Amin finally got the third place in the popular professional group.

The second place was Wei Wei, who later sang “Asian Style”.


And when he was sitting on the stage and seriously looking for the next singer superstar from these young seedlings, it was Mao Amin’s most important teacher and Bole -Gu Jianfen, which opened the “Gu Jianfen Vocal Center”.


At the first place in the first place, Gu Jianfen didn’t fancy, but when he heard Mao Amin’s singing, Gu Jianfen’s eyes lighted up.

Mao Amin won the best reward of this game in this game -the proud student under Gu Jianfen’s door.

Asked why I look at Mao Amin? Gu Jianfen didn’t think of singing skills, but that she felt that she was only on the stage.

Gu Jianfen used his life to dig new blood for the Chinese music scene, and he was also the leader of a generation of young singers. She was like a torch, and she was very accurate to the characteristics of the singer. This commented on Mao Amin, a sister in the future, was also unique.

Gu Jianfen then only asked for giving, and did not ask for returns. Not only did she not collect student tuition, but even subsidized them.

In Mao Amin and others, Gu Jianfen is both a teacher and a mother.

It was in that era that Mao Amin, a tiger -headed tiger, had a chance to board all the way. In the internal entertainment of the era of traffic, the door of fate may not be opened for her.

At that time, Gu Jianfen was never secretly eccentric to Mao Amin. She came clearly.

Many years later, Na Ying also said that he complained to the master: “Why do good songs record samples by themselves and finally sing to Mao Amin?”


However, Na Ying is straight. Even if Gu Jianfen prefers Mao Amin, it does not affect her feelings. Later, Mao Amin became her showing off capital. As long as she played with her sister, she showed off with people everywhere: my sister took me out to play again. Ah, Mao Amin doesn’t know? Are you soil?

Who would have thought that Mao Amin returned twice after many years and participated in the award party or sang a famous song with Xiaoyi Na Ying.


Life, this moment.

But at that time, Mao Amin was definitely like a fish.

In 1987, she took a song “The Love of Green Leaf to Roots” by the teacher to participate in the International Music Festival held in Yugoslavia. She won the third prize and made her the first singer in China in the International Pop.

Mao Amin sang, “Don’t ask me where to go, my heart is relying on you; don’t ask me where to go, my love holds you.”

Although she was in Yugoslavia, it seemed that Gu Jianfen stood in front of her. This song was like the best gift of a student to the teacher.

But Gu Jianfen wrote to Mao Amin’s hottest song, waiting until one year.


This year, Mao Amin wore clothes bought from the stalls dozens of yuan, and two large shoulder that he modified, and stepped on the Spring Festival Gala stage with the model. “Missing Missing” in the north and south of the river overnight.


Among the fascinating audiences in front of the TV, there may be her future husband -at this time an ordinary worker in Wuying District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, unclean.

After this night, Mao Amin’s dozens of clothes bought the year of the year, and even her walking posture was imitated by countless people.

In 1989, 26 -year -old Mao Amin was the queen of the singing scene in the north and south of the river. At that time, she performed a performance, with a income of 60,000 yuan in 5 days. At that time, it was definitely a sky -high price.


But the young reaching the top is also the beginning of Mao Amin’s rugged life.

In the next few years, she will have a lot of loss to taste.

And bringing her life from the peak to the trough is the first public boyfriend in her life, and the man who had disappeared suddenly a few years later.

In 1989, “Tax Clouds” and the disappeared man


On the day of autumn wind rolls, a guitarist named Zhang Yong found Mao Amin.


In a army’s hostel, the two young people talked very speculative. In the memories of Zhang Yong’s future published books, Mao Amin’s glorious makeup is even out of place with the environment in which he is in.

And Zhang Yong is not named.

At that time, the person in charge of an audiovisual publishing house found Zhang Yong, asked him to find a singer and cover up some songs.


Under the recommendation of a friend, he found Mao Amin with the address.

At that time, Mao Amin hadn’t boarded the Spring Festival Gala. A newcomer who just debuted was the most convenient path.


Although the cover is the song of Teresa Teng, Mao Amin sometimes deliberately imitates idol Su Rui.

Zhang Yong reminded her not to imitate it blindly, and should gradually build a style that suits you.

The hearts of the two young people are getting closer.

She moved into Zhang Yong’s residence in Beijing, and the two were in love with each other.

Zhang Yong used to be generous and bought tens of thousands of yuan for her.

With Mao Amin’s popularity, there are more and more business performances in various places. Mao Amin once told Zhang Yong that he was singing, and directly talked to the performers about the price and felt that his face could not be passed.

So Zhang Yong went to talk to her.

To some extent, he has become Mao Amin’s actual agent.

During this period, some people in the circle carefully reminded Mao Amin, saying that Zhang Yong often set the price high every performance, and was independent of financial management.

However, Mao Amin, who was in love, obviously did not hear the sound of others.


Until 1989, Mao Amin, who was in the middle of the day, was suddenly knocked down by the staff of the Beijing tax authorities to investigate the tax evasion of her tax evasion.

This is the first “tax storm” of the famous Mao Amin.

Because of this storm, Mao Amin was remembered by the Song and Dance Troupe, and he was fined more than 600,000 yuan.

At that time, the original committee of the incident could be described as the altar.

Some people say that after the incident, Zhang Yong had paid all taxes with 240,000 cash.

Others said that Zhang Yong swept all Mao Amin’s property and ran to Australia to avoid the blast.

Right and wrong, outsiders are difficult to see clearly, but in December of that year, Zhang Yong did get Australian visas.

Mao Amin was attacked by various media groups that did not know the truth. Her acting career was also interrupted and could not be performed on stage for a long time.

Later, Zhang Yong, who was far away from Australia, wrote a book, saying that he and Mao Amin had no economic disputes, and the relationship between feelings was very direct.

The past was unbearable. Later, Mao Amin did not talk about the past.

It is also rare to know that in August 1989, a night of storms, she once took out a hundred stable films that was quietly collected, and planned to have a hundred.

But at this moment, the most important man in her first half of her life appeared in front of her door -father Mao Jinfu.

My father heard something wrong from the phone. He rushed over and the fire came over. Before entering the house, he saw the stable film on the coffee table. Just go like this, can my parents live?

Then the father and daughter cried.

After this incident, his father simply not left, and he stayed with his daughter with his daughter.

In the evening Mao Amin’s bed, his father was on the ground.

At this time, another most important man in Mao Amin’s life was still in Heilongjiang, his hometown, and facing the tide of reform and opening up, various business, and strive to get the first bucket of gold. step.

One day, the man would go to her to cover her in the second half of her life.

In 1991, “Desire”, Dongshan resurrected

Destiny always leaves the back door for luck.

After that storm, Mao Amin was transferred by the General Political Song and Dance Troupe, continued to sing, worked hard, and used her own words to clean up the debt desperately.

At that time, Zhang Yong had to leave Mao Amin not only a critical strike in his career, but also the extremely realistic tax arrears of more than 200,000 taxes. The more than 200,000 in that era was definitely an astronomical figure.

Fortunately, Mao Amin began the life of the Queen of Golden Songs. First, “The same song”, and then in 1991, a TV drama that Zhao Baogang participated in directed needed a theme song singer. Mao Amin sang the theme song of the same name.

When the TV series was officially aired, for a whole year, her singing sounded by the streets and alleys- “Youyou years want to say that it was so confused and really bother with the sorrow and joy.

“Desire” is a real 10,000 -person lane. Wanren empty alleys are not adjectives here, but accurate descriptions. As soon as the TV series was broadcast, there was no one in the entire street.

This song made Mao Amin return to its peak overnight, even more popular than before, and the sales volume of the single broke through the 3 million mark in the country.

Even the TVB gangster Shao Yifu invited her directly on the TVB stage. In that year, it belonged to the stage of the four heavenly kings, Leslie Cheung, and Mei Yanfang.

Mao Amin even successfully signed Huaxing Records and posted an album into the Hong Kong music scene in China.

At this time, Mao Amin was already the leader of the mainland singing scene.


But she did not look higher than the top, but gave many new people a chance.

She heard that a female singer who debuted her debut was limited and had the opportunity to always provide her with the opportunity. This female singer was Han Hong.

Later, Han Hong invited Mao Amin almost every time he started a concert, and once the performance almost gave Mao Amin’s gift.


But Mao Amin, who had been singing all the way, had encountered another storm in his career in 1996, the second tax storm.

According to Mao Amin at the time, she did not deliberately evade taxes, but was deceived by the performer.

Later, accompanied by his father, Mao Amin turned back to find the former performance unit, hoping that the other party would provide proof and pay taxes.

However, due to the push of various performance units, Mao Amin not only paid more than 800,000 taxes, but also paid even more than 500,000 taxes.

The money was made up, but the reputation that was lost is not so easy to recover.

The big sister of the singing scene fell from the peak to the bottom of the valley again.

2011, go home

In the following four years, Mao Amin farewell to the stage.

When I can’t think of it, my father told her that if you really can’t think of it, let me go with you.

Mao Amin thought of escaping that year, to Britain, and Canada.


But just a few days after she went out, her father was worried day and night and couldn’t afford to bed, and then cried blindly.


Until 2000, the parents who felt that the body was getting healed finally told her the truth: Daughter, come back soon, and never come back, I am afraid that we will not see us.

37 -year -old Mao Amin decided not to escape and returned to China.


On the day Mao Amin returned, Shanghai was under heavy snow. With the help of his mother, his father was more than two hours during the snow and snow outside the door.

When Mao Amin saw his father again, his father could not see it.

Mao Amin, who returned this time, has become more low -key, and the domestic singing scene has passed the peak period. She began to sing songs of various film and television dramas. The hottest is the “Acacia” in “Journey to the West”.

At that time, the sister Na Ying had later lived and became the new eldest sister in the music scene.


For Mao Amin, the peak has been reached through the trough, and finally returning to the world at this time, the peak scenery is not important.

In 2010, she sang a “Smile” on the Spring Festival Gala.

The audience across the country did not know that this song was sang to her father.

The man who determined the happiness in her half of her life finally appeared.

In 2002, I encountered Xie Zhiqian


When Mao Amin returned to China, Xie Zhiqian had become a man in the financial industry. From an ordinary worker in the early years, he seized the opportunities of repeated trends such as restructuring and mergers. He successfully transformed and fought in the sea, becoming a big man in the industry.

In 2002, he went to a event in Yichun, Heilongjiang, and Mao Amin was invited to perform.

In the end of the performance, Xie Zhi, the sponsor of that event, came to the background and told Mao Amin that she was her enthusiastic fans.

After the story, all the media did not record. Whether it was Mao Amin, who took the initiative to pursue, or Mao Amin’s own statement, she chased the man for half a year to succeed, and outsiders could not know.

The only certainty was that in 2003, after a year of relationship between the two, they entered the palace of marriage together in Shanghai. At that time, Mao Amin told the people around him that he would not disclose his husband’s identity to the outside world.

After marriage, Mao Amin began to put most of his energy on his family and husband.


Half a year after marriage, Mao Amin, 40, finally became pregnant.

In 2004, the eldest daughter was born. Two years later, she gave birth to another boy.


When she interviewed the program, she talked about her experience of having a child over forty years old, saying that they were all born, “the second child was nearly 44 years old.”

I also said that I wanted to give birth later, “My assistant told me, do it, stop, stop, accept it, and what are you born.”

As the children grew up, their family settled in Beijing again.

Mao Amin has no other female celebrities to marry the high -profile high -profile high -profile, but it is increasingly low -key and peaceful.

Their family bought eight acres of land in the suburbs of Beijing and lived their own rural life. Planting vegetables by yourself, picking all kinds of fruits and fruits by yourself, and recruiting guests with your own food and vegetables and fruits.

The past grievances of the rivers and lakes have gone with the wind.


Only the taste of the aroma in the sky was her own.

Her pair of children inherited Mao Amin’s style. On the first day of the release of “Doctor Chinese”, some people were curious online: Which beautiful woman played by Dr. Wen Ting played by Yuan Quan? As a result, she found that her real name was Xie Fengming. Xie Jiatong was her stage name, and she was Mao Amin’s daughter.

Xie Jiatong once worked as public welfare with her mother Mao Amin, and the scene was very warm.

With the family’s financial resources and Mao Amin’s connections, plus her face value, it is not difficult to have a storm in the entertainment industry, but she seems to be as dull as her mother, without competing the hot search.

Those hot search and the turmoil of the clouds are left to other homes.

In 2021, maybe will you take over the hundreds of millions of empires?

Mao Amin has also participated in “Flowers and Teenagers” of Hunan Satellite TV. In the show, her studio lists a list of Mao Amin’s clothing: shoes: ¥ 35 (free shipping on the same city) Socks: ¥ 6 (free shipping) pants : $ 50 (a certain Outlets) box: $ 500 (for five years) Sweatshin ¥ 900 (purchasing) schoolbag: before going out, the assistant borrowed.

In that season, there was Xu Qing and another top actress. The whole show was solemnly flying. Every time the show couldn’t get it, Mao Amin was Mao Amin who could stabilize the field.

However, Mao Amin is obviously not this hot -seated figure, nor does it care about the rules of the game long ago: the one who is engaged in the wind and rain in the show is the hot search king.

Mao Amin, who was not in the field of vision in those years, sometimes went to KTV to sing a song.

Then the people in the next room were not right to listen, saying how to sing like Mao Amin next door. Are you singing the original?

Come and see, it really is.

However, Mao Amin was actually in the music scene. Before, she sang the theme song “We Are Not afraid” with Zheng Yunlong. On the evening party, he would sing with a new generation of singers like Liu Yuning.


The eldest sister of the singing world is not playing the game in the entertainment industry, and the status of the music scene is still there.

She just chose to appear less and less in the public vision.

However, when the movie platform that needs to be starred in her daughter, Mao Amin, who sang the theme song affectionately, seemed to be in the years of the year.

What does Ding Lianshan say in “A Grand Master”? What river to take off.

Different circumstances, making different choices is true clever.


Over the years, the career has been successful. How much is his wealth? The outside world can’t be considered at all. The information that can be retrieved is that in 2018, on the Hurun Rich List, the names of Zhizhi and Mao Amin were listed.

It seems that life is extremely smooth. Until the accident occurred on the morning of December 18th, when Xiezhi was exercising to make Prapi, people were relatively normal. As a result, they suddenly had physical discomfort. When they were sent to the hospital for rescue, they were too late.

The loss in life is always caught off guard.

Eighteen years with each other, laughter is far more than sighing. But no matter how good the lover, it is necessary to separate.

What will Mao Amin’s life? After so many storms, there is nothing to knock her down.


Haruki Murakami said: The lost person is lost, and the people who meet will meet again.

They will meet again, but they are no longer in this life.


Although the lover dies, the road always goes forward. In the second half of her life, the gentleness can reach the long time.

The melody of many people who had moved many people that year, and must have moved the straightforward “Desire” as if it was still floating in the air. Say.”

Then leave the true feelings, say from the beginning.