The temperature of the temperature makes girls more cautious when choosing shoes. Shoes with large scope of skin will naturally be stored properly, and the frequency of small white shoes is gradually decreasing. The three shoes below the autumn and winter are on fire. Their design is more warm, high and versatile.


1. Thick bottom shoes


The existence of shoes is not only to keep the feet warm, but it can also balance the whole set of wear, and even become the icing on the icing on the shape.

The right shoe type can achieve a thin and thin effect. When the short girl cares about her body is not slim and tall, they can use shoes in thick bottoms to naturally extend their height. For example, this thick bottom shoes, its entire bottom thickness is maintained within a reasonable range, it will not give people a rustic atmosphere, but also to create a simple but high effect.

The thick -soled shoes are mixed. If most people are not selected well, they will feel that this shoe type does not look fashionable enough, and also reveals a bulky breath. The choice of thick soles is quite simple. Its design should not be too complicated, focusing on the thickness of the soles.

The thickness must be controlled within the appropriate range, and it should not be too obvious, otherwise it will look too obtrusive, nor can it not be thick enough, otherwise it will not be able to achieve a better high role. This thick sole shoes are made of leather noodles. The shoe shape of the short boots makes it more modern. With the proper thickness of the sole, how to match it will be very high.

There is no fixed or traditional design on thick sole shoes. As long as its soles have obvious thickness, they can be referred to as “thick sole shoes”. The thick sole shoes used in daily wear do not need to be designed too gorgeous. Adopting a simple appearance can help the advantages of the shape.


This thick -soled shoe type is one of the casual models. The silver leather noodles give it a more unique charm, and it is more appropriate to cooperate with leisure costumes.

The shape of some thick soles of shoes is too obvious, but it will focus on the thick soles, which will highlight the thickness of the shape. With some stripe design on the soles, you can make up for the disadvantages of the existence of thick soles.


For example, this white thick soles of the soles will be spliced ​​with double -colored stitching on the soles of the shoe. The visually effective effect will be more natural, and it will not affect the appearance of fashion because of the thickness of the soles.

2. Knight boots

Cavaliers boots are quite popular after falling into autumn. Its entire boots have a lot of long -term boots than classic black short boots. The overall material is hard, and it will not be easily folded. It can also be obstructed for the fat of the calf due to the fixed version.

Black knight boots are neat and with obvious grades. It can be used to match a variety of black clothing, and the cooperation between a variety of black items is natural and natural.


Although the knight boots are one of the boots, compared with the type of over -the -knee, it is still slightly inferior to the length, but its advantage is that it will not restrict the activities of the legs and joints, and it is even lighter and free when walking.

This black knight boots has an extremely simple basic design, which is simpler and convenient to wear and take off. When girls want to keep their legs in autumn, they can use the large -skinned knight boots to resist the chills, keep warm, and also look very slender calves.


There are many ways to wear the knight boots. Among them, the combination of shorts can create a handsome and beautiful state. The sealing boots cover the entire calf position, the effect of cold resistance is better.

Just like this group of wearing, the suit shape is full of women in the workplace, and the addition of lace -type black knight boots adds a little bit of breath from it, so that this group of wear is not as monotonous as traditional professional dressing like traditional career dressing. Extremely serious.

3. Daddy shoes

The daily selected shoes are still comfortable. Although leather shoes look modern and fashionable, the upper foot experience of its shaping will still be worse than the retro trend.


The entire shoe type of Dad’s shoes has the design of the air cushion, so it also has a significant high effect. It does not have a boots cover, which can be used to match the knee -length skirt to be able to relax and elegant.


The entire shoes of Dad’s shoes are obviously sexy. Its soles can also make girls have a high effect, but not as straightforward as thick soles, but sticking to the appearance of the entire shoes. The existence will not be abrupt.

Daddy shoes can be matched with quite diverse clothing, and can create multiple sets of CP with different styles. Like this black daddy shoes combined with nine -point jeans, the randomness and street sense are much stronger.

The original shoe type of daddy shoes has a certain sense of weight. When choosing clothing with it, try to avoid large contours and obvious pants.


The more commonly used matching methods of daddy shoes are still combined with some small feet pants, and the style is extremely refreshing. With a slightly exposed ankle design with pants, it can also be visually increased.

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