I am always looking forward to pushing away the houses of the old Chinese medicine medicine.

These old Chinese medicine medicines have gone through the eight or ninety years of life, witnessing many old and sickness, and have a deep perception about life. With them, it is like reading a narrative poem softly in the morning light. Every section is reluctant. Each section is even more looking forward to the sequel.

Every time I get together with the old people, I will hurry up the camera and record it carefully, and I am not willing to miss a picture. If you miss it, maybe you will never miss it forever.

The following video is some non -theme records that I chat with old Chinese medicine Bai Mom. In the southern Fujian cavity, an old Chinese medicine medicine who loves singing and eating big fat without friends just walks in front of you.

The old man has her own truth. Listen carefully, you know how she thinks of most men who can’t live a woman, why do husbands and wives walk in hand, and why a good doctor like her has no good friends all her life …

Mother Bai’s hearing is worse than me, so she needs to “shout” when chatting with her, please understand.

Liner Vegetables Find Medical Bai Mom_Tencent Video

Bai’s mother in the lens in more soybeah, maybe you will like it:

Chinese medicine mother


Eighty Chinese Medicine will sing to you in the past

Bai Mom’s wild goat

Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Family (Middle) Dr. Bai

Three -plate dish

I heard the video and finally sang by Ms. Bai

“Tang Tou Song Jue”

Yet? It was the nursery rhymes of Chinese medicine people who have sang for more than 300 years. The book I read when I was a kid was like the word engraved on the stone, and I would never forget.