The iPad1 in my hand has been for N years since the starting to the present. Even if I brushed streamlined fixedware, it often pops up into a mother -in -law’s special machine for the mother -in -law. Geali thoughts directly staring at the recently pushed Win8 board. Various*99 has wood

The result is the more greedy. The 8 -inch is a bit small .1G is not enough. As a result, I see this product a day

It is also good to think about it, the mainstream of the hardware, buy WIN8 and send it to Android. You can enjoy it in one board. Then … 3G has wood, and the dual system has a call. This is not a claw machine. Diaosi always wants to be dissatisfied. Of course, the price also raises from*99 to 1199 ~

After a long waiting …

The unpackings are similar, just go directly to the hard picture.

Android is like this

Win8 is like this

双系统非一般的感受 Teclast 台电 X98 Air 3G 9.7英寸平板电脑

Android running is like this

Win8 撸 撸 is like this

Please forgive me for the picture quality of the slag mobile phone …

双系统非一般的感受 Teclast 台电 X98 Air 3G 9.7英寸平板电脑

Screen 320dpi. Android novels, good comic reading experience. Win8 The screen feels generally an example of the notebook 14 -inch 1366*768, Taipower 9.7 -inch 2048*1536, notebook is no problem, Taipower individual icons, small fiber sawtooth strong. Know how to talk about it

There is no problem with the dual system in terms of video screens, and the experience is good. In addition to 3G, there are more GPS, and navigation under Android system is fine.

The game originally wanted to run the next LOL to see the result and found that after the result, I found that because of the dual system. The remaining space of the disk cannot be installed.

This … still, right?

双系统非一般的感受 Teclast 台电 X98 Air 3G 9.7英寸平板电脑

Open the QQ game lobby to enter the happy fighting landlord .. The game is fine. There is no obvious stutter but it feels not smooth enough. The gameplay under this board Win8 system is probably the same. Let’s get a lot better. The Android experience will be much better.

Focus on the touch feelings under the Win8 traditional desktop. The main problem is the problem of system optimization. For traditional desktop operations, please cooperate with key and mouse operations. Go to the traditional desktop for some basic EXE applications. If you do not use key mouse (missing one), you will be crazy … This item is for the reference for buying Win8 board users. .49 One.

双系统非一般的感受 Teclast 台电 X98 Air 3G 9.7英寸平板电脑

Power supply, use the original loader (2.5A) Win8 system to maintain the power without falling, slowly grow under the Android system. Playing while playing is 100%, it is expected to take a day.

双系统非一般的感受 Teclast 台电 X98 Air 3G 9.7英寸平板电脑

At present, I recommend purchasing for personal use. I ’m alone to buy Win8 board alone, just 2G, 32G is just enough. It is better to use the mainstream hardware in the coming year. Double system. It is by no means a gimmick. It can indeed improve the experience

双系统非一般的感受 Teclast 台电 X98 Air 3G 9.7英寸平板电脑

Last ~

双系统非一般的感受 Teclast 台电 X98 Air 3G 9.7英寸平板电脑

The first sunny order, thank you for everyone